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  1. Try West End Motors down Ward Place. Close to Siedles.
  2. Not all clay bars can or should be used with water as it will damage the paint. However 'Bilt Hamber' claims their clay bars can be used with water. I still use soapy water just to be safe. It really does make a difference when you clay the surface prior to a polish n wax.
  3. I use Xerapol plastic polish. Got it off ebay. Pretty decent stuff
  4. g-unit

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    Hey guys! Anyone know why super markets aren't selling local beer? Cheers.
  5. Worth noting if this happned to the Maruti Swift. What crash rating the Alto 800 will be getting. http://www.worldcarfans.com/114110583846/datsun-go-and-maruti-suzuki-swift-get-shameful-zero-star
  6. fyi http://europe.autonews.com/article/20141023/COPY/310239965/honda-after-5th-fit-recall-appoints-first-quality-czar-top-execs
  7. g-unit

    Honda Vezel

    Dear DCL, All these questions need to be discussed and possibly answered over some 'DCSL' Regards.
  8. The Grey area of customs duty is the only thing that's holdng me back. If I were to get Autoglym or a similar product from here it won't be that much cheaper. According to some professional detailing sites and forums this brand comes highly recommended. Rated higher than Klasse products let alone Meguiars.
  9. Hi guys! I'm planning on getting 4 items of Zaino car care (Zaino AIO, Z2 Pro, Z5 Pro, and the Z8 final detailing spray) products from the U.K. The total cost with air freight comes to 91.62 pounds exactly and the shipping weight should be under 2 kg. The questions I have are 'will it be an issue for me to clear these items once they arrive over here?' & 'Will I be landed with an exorbitant amount in duty in the clearing process?'. Any thoughts and expertise from members who are experianced in getting stuff down through ebay, Amazon etc.. will be much appreciated. On a different note. This is the first time I'm trying these products out. Any of our members already used or is currently using this stuff? Any feedback on this too will be great. Thanks guys.
  10. I know of a 2010 Sorento with over 150,000 k.m on the clock. It's used as a company car for plantation visits by a tea brokering firm. They claim the vehicle is still in great shape and nothing has been done to it. Given the fact that company cars are driven by many and tend to be abused and in this case run on pretty bad roads is a good testament for it's reliability.
  11. According to a guy at Prestige it's brought down as a stock car. They're quoting a cool 160 mil.
  12. Almost all powerful SUVs have speed limiters on for safety reasons. If you have managed to find a way past the problem once again I ask you. Please show us some proof.
  13. You think only you have been on a Discovery 4? Anyway keeping that aside, we all hear would love to see some video evidence or a snapshot of a so called 200+ moment.
  14. Wonder how you managed that when it's top speed is limited to 112 MPH (180 KMPH)
  15. No it has the revised duties. Only 2600cc and over has gone up from 80% to 100% i.e 20% all the others have gone up by 10%.
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