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  1. X Terra

    Another Crash In Southern Highway

    Poor guys' hands and the extinguisher got white spots probably by the foam or powder spray!
  2. You can sue RDA for claiming 20% proffits. As per contract law, they could charge theirs overheads but not proffits in such cases! If they have mentioned OHP 20%, you can aske the breakdown and insurance will pay the overheads as it is part of cost and you would pay only the proffit. Do not keep quit just because you paid it! Write to insurance Ombudsman and fight for your rights.
  3. X Terra

    Express-Way Updates

    Luxurious coach service down to Leyland Viking Leyland Breakdown on E 01.
  4. X Terra

    Spontaneous Combustion - Tata Nano

    Agreed bro! my point was "its not a big deal to have a extinguisher on board" but as you correctly said whatever the vehicle it has to be safe enough to use! BTW who can afford if this got fire
  5. X Terra

    Spontaneous Combustion - Tata Nano

    Hear in GULF, all FORD, GMC, NISSAN, KIA B/N vehicles and luxury Toyota models are equipped with factory fitted fire extinguisher and its not a big deal to carry if its placed and fixed properly!
  6. X Terra

    Maruthi Gypsy

    OMG...No way! Go and buy 30years old Mitsubishi but not even BNew Gypsy. I had 1996 model used vehicle bought in 2001. Though it was in good shape, no comfort at all! My wife used to say " its made for Police to load robbers cause "meke giyaama hakka paninawane" It's under powered metal box which may good for Indians and Cops but, not for someone who's looking 4x4 experience.
  7. typo error..my mistake "don't go with Ford, Lincon or other Euro brands except good Range rover" You are a genius, I'm another newbie you wouldn't get B/New Ford SUV for 80000Dhs motari.ae Autotrader UAE autosouk you will enjoy your ride but pay arm and leg to maintain unless it's B/New with 5years service package, unlimited warranty etc. Euro car electronics fail often and heard many complaints on AC after couple of years, specially in BMs! yes they give you but, only major accidents! if you need a thorough check, their are garages that offer comprehensive body check for 200Dhs.
  8. 80K is enough to go with good SUV. You can try Toyota FJ, Fortuner, Mazda CX9, Nissan Pathfinder, X trail, Quashqai, GMC Trailblazer, Yukon but don't go with Ford, Lincon or other Euro brands except good Range rover as those are hard to maintain and no re sale value. Try to stick to Toyota or Nissan to avoid high maintenance cost Brand new is not a good choice in Gulf unless your employer will pay for it! If you will go for second hand, check the history with Police to make sure no accidents. Good luck!
  9. X Terra

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    GMC Monkey the original version
  10. X Terra

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    When roller going to overtake Landy Rolled roller 1 Rolled roller 2
  11. X Terra

    Where To Service Yamaha Ttr 250

    If you are close to Dehivala, there is guy in Hill Street. When you heading to Maharagama/ Boralasgamuwa from Galle road he's on your right at the top of the hill before the police station. I used to go to him with Suzuki DR (no kick start) and most of CBR in town comes there. For parts, specially cables etc. there was place at Rajagiriya on Kotte road next to church but cant remember the name!
  12. sorry mate, no idea of specs and options. I got it last Thursday via email propaganda and post here for public interest
  13. Ive got this by mail Audi 4 permits
  14. X Terra

    Meter Panel Symbol And Abs Symbol Operation

    It appears when key is at on position to show your bulb is not burned but should off when engine start. Key on position Engine start
  15. X Terra

    Colombo Building Costs

    Good to hear but hard to believe Though Arsenic is prohibited many cheep insecticides in SL are still using and how can we believe that cheap paints not contain non prohibited Lead (and use expensive titanium)? Lead paints survey in SL