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  1. One of the factory fitted DRL's on my car does not work anymore. Not sure what exactly has happened. But I'm assuming one of the LED's in the light strip went out and in turn the circuit is now incomplete. I've heard this is a common cause for LED light strips to not work. I would buy a new one but it currently costs 90k to replace this tiny light strip and only the agents carry the part here, I've checked extensively in other places but they don't carry the part. Can anyone here recommend a place that does a good job repairing these LED light strips? Below is a working example of the part.
  2. YesinLegend

    Need Info on Getting Down Genuine Kia Spare Parts

    Thanks Rumesh. Is this a spare parts importer? If you could, please give me a bit more detail about the person?
  3. YesinLegend

    Need Info on Getting Down Genuine Kia Spare Parts

    I did find compatible model on Amazon but I've never imported a vehicle spare on my own. I saw that bringing down parts has been discussed quite frequently on AL, so going through them will take a while. I wouldn't mind importing by myself but I would like to know the exact duty tax percentages etc. and the gist of the precedure involved.
  4. I have been trying in vain for 3 months to find shock absorbers for my 2012 OptimaTF. A little background to my search I've tried getting a quote from the agents. Their prices seem to be going up every month. First time I called (April) they don't even have the parts in stock to begin with and quoted me 55k for both front shock absorbers and informed me that the waiting period is at least 4 weeks. I was quite angry that the agents don't even have vital parts in stock for their own models. Then after searching elsewhere unsuccessfully in June I checked on the agents again to see at least then if they had stocked up. As expected no. This time they are quoting me 70k for both front shock absorbers. Ridiculously expensive. In the meantime I called and went to Ajantha Motors several times to try and get them to bring down the parts but the old fellow there just takes down the part number each time and never follow up on it. Like this I went behind 2 individual importers who go to South Korea to bring down parts. My usual guy will not be going to Korea until late August while the other guy said that the Kia Motors Parent company doesn't allow 3rd party sellers to buy parts in bulk anymore because the agents here have complained to the parent company. The Kia agents here don't like competition. I went to TAAS as well. As helpful as they were, their KYB catalog didn't have a compatible shock absorber offering for my Optima TF. What I need Could someone please share any reliable business or importer that brings down genuine Kia parts? Update: I bit the bullet and placed the order to get the front shocks from the agents. Only when I went there to place the order they tell me that it can be brought down for much cheaper at 44k through sea freight in 2-5months, then they mention that the previous quote of 70k (2-5 weeks to deliver) for both front shocks are because of air freight charges. They couldn't mention this way back in freaking April when I asked them (repeatedly) if they can't be brought down for cheaper! Either those people working at Kia Motors SL are very incompetent or they are solely focused on ripping off their remaining customer base or both. I only put up with this nonsense because I love the Optima; it's very comfortable and hasn't given me any trouble. Only now I'm needing shocks due to a freak accident that involved the unlit section of marine drive and a very deep pothole (which has thankfully been covered up) at highway speed.
  5. YesinLegend

    Best suv for around 5-6 million

    For Kia the models that came after 2012; they are pretty reliable, but better think twice before buying any Kia here because the agents here are quite a greedy bunch. They are only focused on ripping off their existing customer base atm rather than competing with other agents here by selling new models and providing fairly priced after-sale service (includes spare parts). If you're buying a used Sportage with mileage over 60,000Km make sure the transmission service has been done as the agents charge 80k+ for it last I checked in late 2017.
  6. YesinLegend

    4Th Gtr In Sl

    That's cool!. But also, Is it true that there's a Ferrari 458 Italia here too?
  7. YesinLegend

    Hyundai Elantra 2012

    You're making a good choice. Nothing to worry about. It was chosen as the car of the year in some prestigious Automotive Magazines. http://money.cnn.com/2012/01/09/autos/elantra_car_of_the_year/index.htm I marvel at the Korean automakers.They have made huge bounds and leaps in a very short time. They plan to become to come under the top 5 rank for Quality & Reliability. The down side is that the Sri Lankan agents for Hyundai and Kia don't give good after sale service ( Especially the agent's at Kia). In 2011 May, decided not to buy the all new Sonata because they said it would take 10 months to deliver. Make sure you chose a color that accentuates the beautiful fluidic sculpture design. Spec your car properly. Have fun & Good Luck with the agents!
  8. YesinLegend

    Kia Sorento 2012

    No.They don't offer the Microsoft UVo system either.The Bastards But not to worry,but even without these features the Sorento is still worth buying.
  9. Enjoying Christmas,Hope u guys are too :)

  10. YesinLegend

    Range Rover Evoque In Sri Lanka

    BTW Thanks a lot for the update CyRaX.
  11. YesinLegend

    Range Rover Evoque In Sri Lanka

    This is great!! And a very nice choice of color too,My personal favorite is Mauritius Blue.Sadly they won't be offering this until early 2012.
  12. YesinLegend

    Permit Car Price List

    Yep.these models are offered for permit.All the cars r the latest iterations of the brand.You can get an almost fully loaded (excluding sunroof) A4 (Petrol,Diesel u have very few options to choose from) for 6mil. I'm pretty sure u can get a fully loaded Passat.But it's better if u ask Senok for VW prices & use the WWW next time mate
  13. YesinLegend

    Hyundai Genesis Coupe

    Genesis Coupe up for Mid Cycle refresh http://usnews.rankin...ions_Announced/ The Pics http://www.netcarshow.com/hyundai/2013-genesis_coupe/
  14. YesinLegend

    Music To Drive By

    Awesome songs u got there.
  15. YesinLegend

    Bmw M5 In Sl

    I find your sense of humor very funny!!