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  1. I dont think so 😋 forgot the rules btw
  2. Agreed. Dealer quoted me near 1lak in lkr to diagnose and replace whole airbag system. I bought this car for less than 1lak lkr. I drive this car only single day per week and less than 30km per whole week. Probably will go to dismantling when inspection expires after few months. So I dont want to spend money on this. I know no matter 1km or 40km anything can be happened. But i dont trust the function of airbags at all even in new cars. specially from auctions.
  3. Finally I have managed to get my purpose done with the help of couple of nice guys from one of foreign forums. I'll post the progress if someone need same diy someday (not recommended for daily drive btw). Anyway my torx 50 is not hard enough to remove steering module. So managed to buy new tool for cheap (around 200lkr) from recycle shop. But the screws were too tight. i didnt want to mess up with those screws. I gave up removing module and moved to second option. Removed the dash and cluster unit by less than 5 mins. Then dissembled the cluster and put electrical tape on air bag lamp hole. plugged the unit and installed the dash. Everything works perfectly except that annoying light. No blinking lights anymore.
  4. Hi Guys, Recently bought 2006 nissan serena with blinking airbag light. When I get it to diagnostic mode by switching ignition on and off, light blinks one long and two short. After spending hours on internet figured out issue with driver side airbag (Not sure though). Does anyone know how to switch off the light by inserting resistor instead of airbag module. I only need to switch off the light. Don't care safety concerns. Hope you guys could help. Thanks and Regards
  5. Thanks Rumesh. As I said before I removed the lighter part from the socket. Now nothing connected to cigar power cables. But still fuse blowing suddenly ignition on. And I put another fuse. Again same result when ignition on. Btw the car is 2005 RX8.
  6. It will not help brother. Coz this will be 12 hours journey. 2 power banks won't do the job though.
  7. Thanks for your safety concerns Stig and Davy. But i don't have better electrical knowledge. So I'm afraid to play with the fuse box. And I noticed removing radio also a quiet big deal in this model. Let me know one thing. There is a light near the cigar lighter. Can I get 12V power from there? For safety i can run the voltage through 12V fuse. What you guys think?
  8. Thanks stig. I have ordered a multimeter but still on the way. Im living abroad so taking the car to a shop will be too expensive. Also probably dealer will be same. So i have to do this by myself. Is there anyway to get separate 12V socket? As Davy said before, this is not the correct way. But i'm planning to travel about 1000km end of March. So I need some way to charge my phone. Can I have a two wires (12V) from radio or one of lights? If so is it safe? Thanks
  9. Thanks Davy. I removed the front panel and removed the power cables from lighter socket.Which means nothing connected to the cables. But fuse keep blowing when suddenly ignition on. Radio, CD loader, lights working fine.
  10. But the other components like radio, hood lights are working fine even without this 15A fuse. So I guess these things has a separate fuse. I must sort this out coz im using my phone as GPS. Is there a way to have separate 12V socket from somewhere else like from one of interior lights?
  11. Hi All, Cigar lighter fuse of my car is keep blowing. I removed the front panel and removed the lighter from the socket. But still the fuse blows. Seems the circuit has a short somewhere. Other components are working fine without issues. Any reason for this? And are there any other components connected to the same fuse? Thanks and Regards
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