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  1. Even i didnt know that the ES Civic VTi came with 1500cc motors. Thanks for the info. too, bro.
  2. By previous model, i simply mean the 6 Gen. Honda Civic. And i dont know how you are driving a 2000 ES8 Civic when the Model Years clearly mentioned everywhere for the 7 Gen. Civic are 2001–2005. By the way, i am referring to the PKDM Civic which was assembled in Pakistan. Specs. may differ from the version of Civic you're having (JDM Ferio one i presume).
  3. The 6 Gen Civic came with a CVT box. No 7 Generation Civic came with a CVT box. The Prosmatec Transmission is somewhat similar to CVT but its not completely CVT. 7 Gen Civic had 3 transmissions; Namely, 4-speed automatic, 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual.
  4. If anybody wants me to chop their car, i can do it too. But please remember that the picture should be of a good angle and it'll be even better if it's in High Resolution.
  5. Not really. 2001-2006 Civic VTi's were 1600cc and EXi's were 1500cc. No 2001-2006 Civic VTi's had 1500cc motors. The previous models' of Civic VTi (before 2001) had 1500cc motors in them. And as far as CVT transmission is concerned, that only came in the Hybrid variant of this model. And as i have mentioned earlier, Automatic Transmission is known as the Prosmatec Transmission from 2001 onward models of Honda Civic. Also, the Civic VTi and Civic VTi Oriel is equipped with ABS.
  6. First of all, there are two variants that came in the 2001-2006 Civic. Namely, VTi and EXi. VTi is 1600cc while as EXi is 1500cc. Apart from that, there are further two variants in both VTi and EXi. Namely, Manual Transmission and Prosmatec (Progressive Shift Management Technology) Transmission. Prosmatec Transmission is just a fancy name used by Honda for Automatec Transmission. Then comes the top of the line model in this Civic and that is the Civic Vti Oriel. It's 1600cc and with Sunroof, Drivers' Seat Height Adjustment option, Retractable Side mirrors etc. The VTEC engine is in the VTi varaint of this Civic. VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) is a technology developed by Honda which gives better fuel economy at lower rpms' and high power output at higher rpms'. But in the 2001-2006 Civics', the VTEC technology used is the VTEC-E head which is only to give a better fuel economy. I own an ES1 Civic VTi since the last year and i am pretty much satisfied with it. The car is overall spacious from inside and its interior is better than the Corolla XLi/GLi according to me. The Civic VTi has a D16w9 motor under its hood which pulls 127 horses while as the Civic Exi has a D15y8 motor under its hood which pulls around 110hp. It goes 0-100 in around 12secs. And believe me, the 2001-2006 Civic VTi Manual is the fastest car in the 1600cc category if comparing with Corolla 1.6, Lancer 1.6, Baleno 1.6. And as far as its mileage is concerned, it's something around 10-12kmpl. I hope this pretty much sums it up all for the 2001-2006 Civic. And the facelifted model was launched in 2003-2004. And dont go for a bodykit, a lipkit with a nice set of rims and a little drop will look dope.
  7. fady

    Great Crash Video

    This happend with Mark Webber at the 2010 Grand Prix Valencia:
  8. fady

    Great Crash Video

    This 700hp Supra crashed into the crowd killing 5 people:
  9. This kind of a chop takes 2x more time as compared to the time taken to add bodykits only:
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