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  1. Is it worth to buy a Japanese used double suspension mountain bike with gears (steel frame) for 15k than buying a brand new one for the same price? Please educate me!
  2. I think even I can buy one of those super car in 2030 since because here in SL their second hand market is so low, their prices will be depreciated so low, heh heh
  3. brw

    Sports Car

    How about Carina GT?
  4. brw

    Tata Nano

  5. OK. Didn't realize it was that serious but still love to see them. OK guys what to do නේද?
  6. Driving enthusiast Becoming a petrol head
  7. You are absolutely correct bro. I think it is mentioned in every car those are having airbags. But how many people who expend millions for Allions etc. etc. know this FACT?
  8. The attitude is the main problem. People feel shy to wear a seat belt sometimes. And also it is dangerous to keep children on an adults lap on front seat. Even if air bags are there, this is dangerous. Best thing is to keep them on rear seats.
  9. I am sorry. It is not a 'X'. Later I found it not to be a 'X'. Sorry bros.
  10. Saw Panamera S Hybrid on the road, it's here in SL

  11. Tire prices are available on their local websites. U can find the agent by using brand name & google and go to the local website. Don't have time to do it for u. sorry.
  12. want a head light for N16 2002

  13. Want a place for a exterior detailing around gampaha, Yakkala area

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