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  1. Yesterday I couldn’t start my car using keyless start option because the car remote battery was dead. Then I start the car using the car key. After that I put a new battery to car remote, but now I couldn’t start using the car using keyless start option. Always I need to use car key key to the car. Locking and unlocking using the remote works without a problem. I’m supposed what has happened after replacing the new battery. What shall I do to get back the keyless start option? Car : Suzuki Swift 2010
  2. Since this is an old thread and laugfs oils in the market for more than 10 years. Please share your experience using Laugfs oil.
  3. flashmark

    Use of used tyre?

    How much they normally pay for tyre?
  4. flashmark

    Use of used tyre?

    Are there any use of used tyres? Are there any places to buy used tyres from us? P.s. I don't want to buy used tyres. Today I replaced my car tyres with b/n tyres and I want to know are there any use of my old tyres
  5. I'm having the same question. Did anyone get any experience using Kumho tyres?
  6. Could you please recommend me a good tyre for Swift 185/60R15? Also, want to know the shops to buy tyres with warranty. Please pm me if your answer violating forum rules.
  7. I experienced steering wheel not returning issue after that accident repair which is done from A*W. But sneaking sound occurred after recent replacement of parts from another garage. I think your assumption(suspension geometry) is correct because of rotation differences to the right side and left side. It is this the case, do you have any idea of what I need to do to correct that problem? Any idea of repairing cost?
  8. Yes. Car has stock wheels. Faced with an accident in the expressway. Right-hand side of the vehicle hit on another car and left side hit on the fence, I can't remember all the parts I replaced(Repairing cost was 1.5M). But due to that accident right side wheel damaged heavily and Axle. After replacing underarm and rack I heard sneaking sound. Earlier there was no sound like that. I replaced with recon underarms. Yes. They changed the suspension. Not sure whether they used the correct one which specific to this car model.
  9. 185/60R15. I checked with the Agent and size is OK.(This is the original size which comes with this model)
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Because of repairing cost I had to wait several months for the repair. Today I went to another garage and they checked the vehicle. According to them, Problem is when trying to turn steering wheel fully, wheel touches the underarm. Because of that steering wheel is not returning. The turning angle of the wheel is different (I can turn the steering wheel 1 and 3/4 for one side but for other side, it is 1 and 1/4). Is this normal? (As I mentioned in the above, steering wheel is not returning to one side. ) Garage suspected that was the problem. But they don't know the solution to the problem. Do you have any idea about this problem?
  11. Garage has already replaced the steering wheel rack, lower arms, links, Shocks, Shock mounts. Also aligned wheels several times. Conditions is a bit better than the earlier, but still steering is not returning to the original position. Now It seems they still didn't identify the problem. Replacing all the items just assume the conditions. They still didn't charge for me because the problem is still not resolved. But I'm not too sure all those parts actually damaged. But I will have to pay for all the spare parts they replaced + labor cost.
  12. What does that mean? What does that mean? What I'm experiencing are as follows. 1. Engine running hard, Drive is not smooth and noisy than earlier 2. Fuel efficiency drop
  13. Hi, Earlier I was used Mo*il 10W-30 for my Suzuki Swift(Japanese beetle). But this time service station changed that oil to 15W-40. Mileage is around 55k now. Now I feel, car ride is not smooth as earlier (Not sure this because of engine oil or some other reason). So what is the recommend engine oil grade for my car? thanks
  14. Yes. Now rack also replaced still issue is not completely resolved. When turning to left side steering not returning fully (half circle). According to the garage now I've replace the shock as well :(. No. No off-roading or similar events.
  15. Hi, I observed that my Suzuki Swift (Beetle) steering wheel not returning to center after turning into left side. Also there was some noice when drive in gravel roads. So after inspecting in garage, they replaced lower arms and links and aligned the wheels. After two days, exactly same issue came again. Again I went to the same garage and they were suspected that sound came from rack and they replaced it with recondition rack.But still issue is there. Still steering wheel not returning after turning to left side and noice coming when drive in gravel road. What could be the issue is? regards, Flash
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