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  1. Thanks. Do I need 2 din player or single Din player?
  2. Hi, I want to fit new android multimedia player to my car since the model I'v is not supporting for video and usb. I'm going to buy it for ebay or aliexpress. Before buying one I need to confirm the below things 1. The existing player screen size is around 7.3 inch. But it seems (not sure 100%) 7.5 inch player will fit to the existing slot. So is that OK to buy 7.5 inch player? (Please see attached image) 2. As you can see in the attached picture, there is a large panel (Around 9 inch - top side and 8.7 inch bottom) also available. Can I remove it to fit large player? Thanks
  3. Hi, I didn't use my car for about 6 weeks and when I opened the doors noticed that some mold (fungus) growth in car seats. Anyone know how do I remove these? (I have vacuum cleaner but it doesn't support for wet vacuuming) thanks
  4. Hi, Yesterday I noticed that there is a mango tree sap in my car bonnet. I tried to remove it using car wash and then using compound. But those options failed. What shall I do? thanks
  5. Dashboard lights flickering when AC is turn ON

    Thank you for your assistance. After cleaning the battery terminal, that issue got disappeared
  6. Hi, I observed that my car(Suzuki Swift 2010) dashboard lights flickering when turn on the AC. Also heat meter goes to danger(red) level when it turn on. Also that flickering comes when the fuel level go down to the "E" level. Seems like when some indicator light is turn On (when AC is turn on or fuel level) in dashboard these flickering occurs. Where should we need to check? Thanks p.s : I'm rarely using the car. Last time I drove it after 3 weeks.
  7. Hi, In my annex I don't have a proper indoor location to park my car. Due to rain season car is always wet. Even the sun comes car doesn't get dry because of trees around in my parking location. I saw some tiny rust in inside the door edge. Do you know any options to prevent from rust or dry car? thanks
  8. Hi, During this weekend I need to service My Suzuki Swift (71S - Japanese). Seems need to replace AC Filter and Air filter. Anyone know exact models I need to buy? Beacuse the prices of both filters too high in the service station.Also please send me a messag regarding the places to buy Thanks
  9. Car accident repair workshop - Mount Lavinia / Dehiwala

    Anyone know about Anoj motors- Dehiwala?
  10. Hi, Anyone know good accident repair workshop around Mt.lavinia, dehiwala or Rathmalana? Thanks, Flashmark
  11. Suzuki Swift (Japanese) Tyre Pressure ?

    If Vitz max loading capacity is 275kg, then Its a big problem. 4 people avg weight is 280kg (without any extra weights - bags).
  12. Suzuki Swift (Japanese) Tyre Pressure ?

    Max. Loading Weight 460kg