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  1. Wow, this is gold, thanks a lot Sampath , this will come handy for next project im planning. Will create a separate DIY thread for it.
  2. Actually the hot glue is to fill those holes left out by the plug things the original glass had, the duct tape and mainly the frame is holding the glass sandwiched in place, so even the glue melts - it will not affect. cheers
  3. I doubt that mate, the plastic board barely bends on one axis , but with the support of the frame , it might can curve as you want given the curve is not that big. give it a try ?
  4. My old vanettes speedo glass has been faded , bubbled and cracked since I bought the vehicle and it kept getting worse and i've tried to find a suitable replacement for a while with no luck. Recently the glass cracked apart in two in middle and it looked terrible. Vanette C22 dashboards rare to find and one bugger asked 45K for a heavily warn out one. I could not spend that much for the glass and two air vents ( except those , the existing dashboard is fine) . So I decided to make a glass myself and it came out very nice. 25010M is the part I made. total cost : Rs 400/= ,only thing I bought was a piece of transparent plastic board from a number plate making place. here are few pics I took while doing it, only took about and hour for that whole job. I feel like an ass when I think about the time I wasted stopping at every breaker joint I see where ever I went. Sorry for the lack of extra details , but this is too easy for anyone to get wrong. If anyone needs more details please PM . 1. Removed front part of the cluster, and cracked glass is fixed with a piece of duct tape to take measurements for the new one. 2. Lay the glass on the plastic board and draw the outline with a pen 3. Cut the straight lines with a help of a steel ruler and a paper cutter. We dont need those small extrusions around the glass since we are going to duct tape it to the frame and hot glue it. Just cut straight. Cutting the plastic board is bit difficult using the paper cutter, put cuts on both sides before applying gentle pressure to break the glass - just like glass cutting, but put marks on both sides. 4. smooth out the edges with a angle grinder. 5. it has a small curve along two sides, use the angle grinder to grindout the plastic to get the previously marked shape 6. The original glass has a convex shape , no need to worry , we can use the frame around the dashboard to push the glass to the speedo cluster to get that shape, ( I tried to use the hot air gun to bend the plastic glass after warming it up and messed it up once - dont do it) 7. Drill out a small hole for the trip meter reset . 8. keep the glass on the meter frame and duct tape it. dont try to bend and close the gaps on the right and left sides. duct tape the top and bottom only. Use hot glue on places where the clip were before. Use it generously . 9. Fix it to the dashboard , tight in the screws well - and thats it! Looks just like new.
  5. Landrover accident that killed 4, :(

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. hrm


      Not a single media outlet said the Defender was at fault. Wonder what will happen if it was the bus.

    3. Magnum


      WTF! What did the bus drivers do? because of the Defender they had to get crash the buses, apart from that they didnt do anything.

    4. Ruslan


      Wasn't surprised after all all dead were cops. So trying to blame the others as usual..

  6. making the louvers out of fiberglass is not possible i think a , but that mirror cover can be made of fiberglass. Im going to give a try since I failed to find it in Delkanda area also.
  7. Yeah, looking for a complete dash board now. Thanks guys.
  8. Guys , I was wondering if anyone of you know a place where following items are likely to be available for sale ? I have tried many places but either the items are not in good condition or too expensive. One guy wants 11000 for the two vents I found the driver side 2 AC vents for 2500 in almost new condition but had no luck on finding above items. Appreciate your help. AC Vents - left & middle left side door mirror hole cover.
  9. Thanks mate, I have givenup on the vehicle after a close inspection and discussion with few people who used this model before, dealer says 1. it does 15 km per liter - runs when it smells diesel - ( yes - he actually told this ) , 2. no turbo ( he might thought this is a plus point ) , 3. original paint , I knew these 3 were lies as soon as he told me, so no point believing the rest of the story. the sales mucker might have seen me like a pony tailed Chinese since I inquired about the vehicle like some one doesn't know a thing about vehicles lol , luckily I knew few people who does and thanks iRage for the clarification on model numbers. thats important info. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the info iRage , I felt the suspension is very soft on the TJ31. That may be the change you mentioned in suspension setup. Any previous users ?
  11. Hi Guys, I came across a Suzuki Escudo/Vitara Turbo Diesel - Auto Gear part time 4WD SUV ( 65-6XXX) on a car sale and Im interested to purchase it. Main concerns are Safety , diesel , reliability and utility. The dealer is asking 1.9M . I currently drive a Nissan Vanette C22 DX. After sale value is not a concern. But reliability is a top priority. I did a bit of a research on this model and found exactly the same looking vehicle in AL for sale too. http://www.autolanka.com/ad.asp?ID=175478 The model number specified on the AL ad is TD31W. The specimen I came across has the model number TJ31W which I cant find enough information about it online. 1. Can any one shed some light on the difference in these two models 2. and common issues and points to check before purchase these type of vehicles. Appreciate your help a lot.
  12. 1. I said under moderate speeds , and it does not go zig zag too. Straight brake with even tire marks . 3. CEAT does good on 40 PSI for me, Check here https://forum.lowyat.net/topic/936898/all 4. I have KYB gas shocks too. .
  13. I drive a same model and I have no such issues on moderate speeds. Yes its does not have ABS or any other life saving luxuries, but it does not skid like that at all. Try braking in a gravel area and see if opposite side wheels leave even wheel marks on the ground. if not even , you will need to balance the brakes. Also check air pressure of the wheels, ( I set 40 PSI in the front and 35 PSI for rear for the vanette to be a bit easy for the passengers ( CEAT 8PR ) which seems to give no issues) Does the nose of the van dives too much on braking ? chances are the front shocks are worn out or the front leaf springs needs strengthening. if the nose dives too much, it will worsen the weight imbalance of the vanette further to the front thus making the rear loose the grip quicker.
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