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  1. invisibleuser

    Car Insurance 2019/2020

    1. SLIC 2. Full 3. 61k for 2.5 M 4/5 Don't have an idea since I'm not involving with the claiming process.
  2. Hand held device use to print fine sheets can check DMT database AFAIK. Otherwise how they are clearly print the ownership details on the fine paper?
  3. invisibleuser

    Repair Tyre Punch

    I think it was on the edge of the Tyre. 02 weeks before experienced same and the cost was rs. 1000.00.
  4. invisibleuser

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    185 x 70 x 14 Toyota vios 2003
  5. invisibleuser

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

  6. invisibleuser

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    Thanks all for the replies. I'm not comparing the prices. Even though it is Chinese/Korean there is not much difference regarding to the price. Based on the tire shop owner and workers, there is not much difference when it compares to the comfy and road noise between branded and others. May be they are saying so because of the profit margin :). That's why I've asked it here from experts. By the way it seems to be good to be with current brand (Dunlop) based on the replies I guess.
  7. invisibleuser

    Tyres - What Brand To Choose?

    Hi All, Since some time has gone, I would like to ask whether it is a good decision to move from branded one to China/Korean one. Because most of people saying that there is not much difference between branded ones and China/Korean ones now a days. Thanks & Cheers!!
  8. invisibleuser

    Toyota vios oil bulb on and off

    Hi All, Sorry for asking another question in the thread. I also having similar kind of problem. My one is vios 2003 model and since yesterday heat bulb blinking time to time. coolant level not reduced and radiator fan also working. What would be the problem? Thanks
  9. invisibleuser

    Parking meter... Forgot to pay ?

    If you didn't receive a parking violation ticket, simply forget it. I've visited their office few months back and they asked me to pay Rs. 1080 + 60 x no of hours for previous day. Something around 1600. Had a heavy argument with them and agreed to pay 60 x no of hours for previous day. In my case I've tried to pay the fine in same day, but machine didn't accept my notes. I've tried to contact one of their representative about the thing and Customer-care also didn't answer to my calls. Since I had the call log, they accepted to reduce the fine. But again I didn't see any system or manual update about my payment. Just put paid seal on the parking violation ticket.
  10. Hi everyone, Anyone know about the new parking law imposed by the Colombo municipal council and legal background of it? most of the people who are working near Galle road, used to park their vehicles in this connecting by roads and they are charged by a company called Tenaga with their parking meters. They are charging for the narrow roads which are not consist of parking meters nor parking slots as well. Is this legal? Daily users have to pay around 5000 LKR averagely per month (8.30 - 5.30) as a parking fee and without improving public transportation, is this a fair decision taken by the cmc ? http://www.sundaytimes.lk/180128/news/no-info-no-change-parking-meter-system-a-flop-278848.html Thanks.
  11. invisibleuser

    Toyota Ist - Intermittent Ignition Knocking Problem

    Thank you very much for your detailed comment Rumesh88. I'll try the ECU resetting thing first and let you know the results.
  12. invisibleuser

    Toyota Ist - Intermittent Ignition Knocking Problem

    Hi All, I'm also facing the same issue except the sound occurring situation. Mine is toyota vios and at cold start there is a ignition knocking. It only happens one time during the engine start. Garage person asked me to replace the timing chain. As far as I Know, timing chain is not needed to change (may be I'm wrong). Highly appreciate your comments.
  13. invisibleuser

    Frameless Wipers

    any one experienced this brand before??
  14. invisibleuser

    Wiper Blades

    Guys , Have a very nice morning. just saw a add in myd**l site. 40% OFF! Rain-X Fusion Wiper Blades from Rs.1,860 onwards! does it worth for that price? Anyone having the experience of Rain-X Fusion blades? Thanks.