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  1. Super restoration. I wished you used original wheels with XYL or even Dunlops. having a bigger tire can kill much wanted lower rpms. Did you use original cav injector pump or did it have something else. well done mate. Hope you never sell it.
  2. By the way sometimes they might have kept a front cut if this car met with an accident previously.
  3. Well done ishraq, Its nice to a see a Presenter who is backed with experiance and actual knowledge about cars. Previous program was a crime against petrol heads and most information relayed to the public was false to a great extent. Well done again ishraq.
  4. Velocity

    Express-Way Updates

    Thanks for that article. Trust me it works for Diesel engines.]
  5. Velocity

    Express-Way Updates

    On a Totally different note : I own a defender 110 built in 1986. Good Old 2.5 N/A . Max Speed is 120. But 100 is comfortable speed. I ran E01 Twice and i found that the bottom / medium end power of the engine has really improved. I constantly ran at 100. I also ran E01 in my 1.6 Kia. I once did 140-160 not constantly but here and there. I felt a performance increase in that too. So i guess running maximum out put of a vehicale for 5-10 min or constantly 60 min would make difference in performance. Any one felt this ?
  6. Velocity

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    mini do you see those tire marks on the road. not sure how they were made.
  7. Velocity

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    and i fishtailed 4 times at 50 on wet weather with T/C off ( Luckily T/C kicked in and saved me ) . fuc***** charlie. what a scary feeling.
  8. Velocity

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    Damn i hate rear wheel drives. either that jag did not have traction control or T/C or it was too late when T/C kicked in.
  9. http://www.dailymirr...l-remanded.html Also http://www.police.lk.../complaint-form [email protected]
  10. Have to say ashan drove a brilliant race, he deserves the win.
  11. Velocity

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  12. Event is big but no official site at all with information whatsoever. where the car parks are. race schedule where food stalls are. where to enter from based on tickets.
  13. Velocity

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    i see a bit of fundamental flaw. it seems it collects a bit of water on heavy downpours, rather than draining it.
  14. Velocity

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    Try a early morning drive. you will love it more.
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