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    Audi A4

    Im looking for buy used a Audi A4 Automatic petrol car( year 2000-2002). .... I'd like to know Audi users experience about the common troubles, maintenance cost and fuel consumption. And what is the price range for Audi A4 Automatic petrol car( year 2000-2002).. Thank you..
  2. S Munasinghe

    Audi A4

    thank you for the infor..
  3. S Munasinghe

    Audi A4

    Actually im looking for some experienced mechanic to test the car ..
  4. S Munasinghe

    Audi A4

    Hi, Im looking for to buy Audi A4 1.8 car below 14 laks. I have found 2 cars and need to check the both cars by experienced mechanic.. IS there anyone here can give me any contact details of good mechanics/places around Colombo area?
  5. S Munasinghe

    Prius Badge

    hi,i need Toyota prius rear badge. where can i buy it?
  6. S Munasinghe

    Pajero Io

    what is the current market value of Pajero IO vehicle? year 2000/2001
  7. S Munasinghe

    Pajero Io

    thank for the reply.. What is the difference between non turbo model and turbo model? what is the best and what is the market price of the 2000 yr vehicle?
  8. S Munasinghe

    Pajero Io

    Hi Guys, Im willing to buy a Pajero IO Jeep.. I have heard it has Fuel sensor problems and Turbo version has some issues...i'd like to know about the pajero io.what are the main good and bad issues ??