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  1. Do you want me to drop a message if I have seem them in Sri Lanka? i can buy it for you and keep. Alp art is available on most stores. and Congo and Land of soviets was on a double book which i have.
  2. I bought a few of below editions which also has actual locations of the artwork etc. Also got most of the collection from my elder cousins passed on to me which has hard cover prints from 1970's published by Methuen. @Davy Tintin in Congo?
  3. What is the Tyre size? have you checked places from malay street?
  4. Are you in Colombo? Try to get a place where the stocks move and check the manufacture date. stay away from silverstone same banana tyre wall started cracking after about a year. if your on a budget try fedaral.
  5. Hello Everyone, One my friends are looking to change the color of his leather seats. any place which will use the dye and change the color? black to brown. most placed i called they do not change the color with dye. Regards
  6. wow that must be a headache! had the Amaron DIN55 on the previous Peugeot for 3+ years when selling. No issues though.
  7. Hi all,

    Can you please let me know where to buy some instrument cluster bulbs- the ones which twist and lock.

    B8 Socket.

    Pic here -




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    2. AVANTE



      Taiyo enterprises (Galle rd, Mt.Lavinia) - 0112738118

      AusGalazy Lanka (Negombo) - 0770282444

      Y&H auto - 0719667150

      Guardian Global (Canel bank rd, Kirulapone) - 0776789623

      Good luck!


    3. PerfMad


      If its not urgent, get em ordered from ebay or ali. I once bought 8 blubs from darley road to change my cluster bulbs to LED and it lasted only 1 day (800 lkr total).

      I had to remove my cluster again and switch to old bulb set. later ordered from ebay for far lesser price (less than 300 lkr) and its been closer to 1 year and still works like a charm

    4. pug306xsi


      To Update Darly road didnt have the above bulb -

      @□AVANTE□ will try the kirulapana place @PerfMad ali does not have the regular ones. all led. i want to normal one.


  8. Mine Runs 10 hours a day and the bill was up by 3000 only. pretty decent.
  9. Any local place to get Osram night breakers locally? Thanks

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    2. tiv


      Those are going to be hard to find locally

    3. pug306xsi


      Yes will get it from ebay then. Thanks

    4. pug306xsi


      got a couple for 8 quid. 

  10. Why do you need to use fully synthetic on this? on what basis are you advising ? @Peugeot119 15W40 is more than sufficient for yours. its probably a RFN or RFR engine. If there no history on the servicing of the AL4 gearbox. change the transmission oil as well as a preventive maintenance.
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