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    Peugeot 306 Series... Hatchbacks of course!

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    18" M Parallel wheels

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  1. pug306xsi

    Spare wheel for Audi Q 2

    Obviously the owner has to check the measurements as i said and look for. I remember there was a shop which sells these tires on that stretch cant remember the exact place. i wouldn't go out of colombo with just a repair kit
  2. pug306xsi

    Spare wheel for Audi Q 2

    Agent for a spare wheel?or specialist really?? Check the for a space saver wheel according to the boot well height and buy a second hand one from a shop in delkanda area.
  3. pug306xsi

    The Ford Focus Thread

    Looks Good
  4. pug306xsi

    Happy Birthday Komisiripala

    HAppy Birthday Komi! Have a blast!?
  5. pug306xsi

    How is Peugeot 306?

    Just check for maintenance records and specially check the auto box have been properly cared for. get a technician who handles Peugeots and check the car.
  6. pug306xsi

    How is Peugeot 306?

    Which color is the car your looking at?
  7. pug306xsi

    How is Peugeot 306?

    if your question is about an actual hatch back instead of a wagon. there is only about 4 cars in Sri lanka. one is sedan converted to a hatch.
  8. pug306xsi

    Good DVD rental clubs to become a member of

    Video International near barefoot does rentals still.need to be a member.
  9. pug306xsi

    Project R - front end

  10. pug306xsi

    Defender 90/110

    As for the clutch being hard Red Booster is an option. Google and see.
  11. pug306xsi

    Project R - Redux - from 2014 to 2018: ENGINE

    This is true love I guess ?
  12. pug306xsi

    Project R - March 2018 - Katukurunda Drags

    well done Komi.....
  13. pug306xsi

    Chinese Stereo Headunits

    OT- where is Shiffer. Haven’t seen him here in ages...?
  14. pug306xsi

    Advice on BMW E46 & E36

    If you want to by what you desire go for it. Don’t buy someone else’s choice.Try to find a E46 with service history. This will come at a price though which you won’t regret. I am sure if you check the cooling system and change what is needed and maintain properly you won’t have any major headaches.
  15. pug306xsi

    Servicing A Honda Insight

    Just to update on my experience with Stafford motors.Had to service the Insight.was time to change the CVT as well. Oil change (10W30) +Oil Filter+CVT oil ( was about 8800/- 4 liters) + labour charges=17,600/= was done under 30 mins. i didnt want get it washed and cleaned inside since it was already done. This was done in Raththnapitiya Stafford. Was very quick. would recommend.