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  1. Anyone know a place where i could buy a pair of Wiper blades for a Merc W204 other than D*MO?

  2. Schiffer

    Nissan Leaf

    God that looks so much better than the previous Leaf.
  3. Mitsubishi MPV (Think its called XM) Looks a lot like a Honda in the Rear and sides
  4. FB14s love to mark there territory. expect oil leaks, from the sump, from the rocker cover (Tappet Cover), it will somehow find a way to leak oil.
  5. That. When the clutch starts to west out it starts to struggle a bit when you go uphill, you start noticing a drop in the response. That's your indication to check the clutch pack
  6. DCT issues are not only down to maintaince. 1. it's down to the heat, these vehicles are Japanese domestic models. There are build to work in a different moatly colder temperature, thats why they hardly ever use the DCT boxes for there export models. I've read about cases in Pakistan where they used to fix Fans underneath the gearbox to cool it down. 2. In any dual clutch transmission its adviced not to crawl in traffic. It's adviced to keep a gap between the vehicles and then move forward. Which is something you cannot do in Sri lanka with our threewheelers and bikes creeping in between the space. When you crawl in traffic it puts a lot of heat on the dry clutches which cause for early wear. Anyways this could be a problem for kandy, since unlike Colombo it's always traffic any given time. Consult 'mechanics' in your area and find out and the cost of replacing clutches if they wear out. And whether it is a common issue. In kandy though I have come across many (mostly vezels) with DCT and electronic handbrake issues.
  7. Thel Higanno "Jeep" Edition.
  8. Damn ive been searching for one of these for sometime a 2017 Fielder WxB but most of the cars i found here were G grade converts.
  9. To drive honda's always feel better but, i have been a backseat passenger on both these cars on route to Nuwaraeliya and let me tell you the Axio is far more better for the rear passengers. The Grace felt like sitting in a roller-coaster that i wasnt feeling well after i got back down to Kandy. Different Drivers though, so it might be down to that too, but i found the rear ride on the Axio much more pleasing. To drive though. Grace is a bit better than the Axio. although they aren't miles apart. and i agree with you on the Axio's steering feedback, you have to know your car well to throw it hard into corners. For everyday use. i would go for the Axio, Would go for the WxB option if possible.
  10. Axio, For one reason. A lot of Dual Clutch Honda cars in SL have gearbox Heating issues due to our Sri Lankan climates. which result in slow pulling power and quick wear-out of the clutches. A set of clutches is around 400K. Other than that i have heard no complains about the grace. i have got the warning on a mates Honda Vezel driving in Rush hour traffic, the message literally said: Transmission High Temperature, Please stop in a Safe Place.
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