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  1. Minime

    Nick Names For Cars In Sl

    unbelievable, are we the only nation in the world who put his much of nick names to the vehicles...
  2. Minime

    Nick Names For Cars In Sl

    JR Moona delica
  3. Minime

    Cars Photoshopped By Me

  4. Minime

    Cops On The Streets!

    The best thing is not the money, theres no demerit system in sri lanka to suspend the licence, but paying cops and getaway with it is much more convenient than wasting time in police stations and post offices.
  5. Minime

    Peraduo Bezza

    the rear looks more like the Toyota Prius...the boot lid and the windscreen
  6. Minime

    Mini Spare Parts

    Thanks Crosswind for the information, Mine is a japanese Spec so it has A/C, there is no space to fix them on the dash. Yes I'll have to buy 13" sportspack wheels as mine are 12" Bumblebee's. The car is going through a major cosmetic change and will share the pics soon.
  7. Minime

    Mini Spare Parts

    Hi Guys, I recently imported a Rover Mini Mayfair from Japan (YOM- 2000) to Melbourne. I was wondering to buy some parts from Sri Lanka as I will be visiting the country by the mid of April, assuming the prices will be cheaper than Australia. Will you guys be able to recomed some places with the conatct details so I can do some shopping while I'm there. 1. Full set of Sports Pack Wheel Arches 2. DTM Twin exhaust 3. Smiths Guages. Thanks,