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  1. nano31

    Cr42 Speed Issue

    Yes, very hard to find good condition CR42 these days, most of them were abused already. It has very high market these days! Nothing done on the injector pump
  2. nano31

    Cr42 Speed Issue

    No black smoke at all, even at high rev All filters replaced with originals Engine heat about half of the max
  3. nano31

    Cr42 Speed Issue

    I have recently got townace CR42 (original diesel, Auto, 3C EFI,NON turbo YOM 2006, milage 180k) got follwing issue. 1). I can not speed up above 100km/h I tried in express way but it kinda holding at 100km/h, no excessive engine noise/Revolution. Compaired with my good old CE110 auto, in which there is shifting to OD at 85km/h and can easily accelerate up to 140km/h but I can not feel the OD in my CR42 Apart from the apparent OD issue no other auto gear issue and gears are shifting smoothly. I have changed the ATF. Engine is not burning oil and in good condition 2.) Engine is not "racing" however much I pressed the paddle in the morning. Say if there is a uphill, van is very slowly moving with less engine acceleration inspite of the pressure on the accelerator but this soon fade after engine heatup.
  4. nano31

    Micro Jeeps Are Good Or Bad ?

    lol..I have easily passed them down (panda) with my 19yr old CE110 in E1
  5. nano31

    Auto Gear Issue

    ATF change would not completely cure the current problem you are experiencing yet will settle the symptoms! It will appear in few months time. Internal rubber oil seals are failing. But change the oil and watch full waiting is advised as it is cost effective at present and keep some money ready for near future GB repair.
  6. nano31

    Car Ac Refrigerant Keeps On Leaking After Many Repairs

    Just check around the compressor and see if there is any oil leaks (AC gas is mixed with oil and oil leak indicate a gas leak) around the compressor. Is it gradual slow leak or sudden leak?
  7. Internal o rings of the box might have gone. Better contact Chandana
  8. nano31

    Low Brake Power

    After all I wanted to replace vacuum pump as there is nothing to change except ABS unit and brake lines which seems ok. Gotta one Rs 4000/=. All Brake issues are gone I should have done it early...
  9. nano31

    Diy Horn Instalation/replacing

    Nice pair of horn...what is the brand? I use mitsuba alpha with the stock relay
  10. nano31

    Low Brake Power

    Does it have bleeding plug? What we did was reverse bleeding and vaccum bleeding
  11. nano31

    Low Brake Power

    Pistop doesnt have that tool anymore. Did vaccum bleeding and reverse bleeding, some amount of air bubbles came out. Brake power improved. Still seems the initial few inches of brake paddle movement produse very little brake but at the last few inches have good brake power.
  12. nano31

    Low Brake Power

    Thanks for advise , that is what I am going to do
  13. nano31

    Low Brake Power

    ABS unit was not emptied deleberately and each and every time the MC also bench blead. Need to try scan tool with vaccum method.
  14. nano31

    Low Brake Power

    Brake paddle is somewhat low still. Need to try vaccum method, it seems the vaccum pump used to bleed brake is a simple hand operated vaccum pump.
  15. nano31

    Low Brake Power

    Not only the MC but all four wheel cylinders have been replaced, brake oil is very clean.