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  1. tx guys this replays helped me a lot.so the reason is disturbance of the frequency's. i was near British council when this happened. so the answer makes sense
  2. hy all, today when i tryed to start my toyota vitz it wasnt starting because the car didnt recognized keyless car remote. i thought maybe its because the remotes battery was gone. so i replaced it and tryd. still it was the same. then some guy in a shop came and pushed the start button with the remote and the car started. he told it happns with this key less remotes. so i want to knw what if this same problem happens ? what can i do ? is there a way to restart this remote ? and if i lose this remote isnt there any way i can start the car ????
  3. tx for ur replays and The Stig & Crosswind i tryed inserting a normal sim card but the sim card is too big to insert. the slot is small. so i tryed to insert a Micro SD memory card,it was too small. i felt like if i insert it it will fall inside. it was too small. so the slot size is between normal gsm sim card n micro sd card ( micro sd card < gsm sim ). i dont have a GARMIN data card to check. so i wanted to know is this data card's size is between micro sd card n gsm sim ??
  4. tx in advance. ill look in tp this more and share wt i get.
  5. ya its some thng like a memory card slot as u can see. from where can i buy a gps mem card for this ? can u pls provide me the info ? and how to see the model of this player ? "2-din 6.5 dvd player" only this is there in the interface
  6. wait ill upload some pics now
  7. hi, i recently bought a toyota vitz car and it has a 2-din 6.5" touch dvd player that has gps. there is a gps slot to insert a some thning like a sim. gps wont work with out it. can some one tell me how to get this gps sim/card. so my car gps system will work
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