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    Toyota Carina At212 Teak Panels

    Any one have this Dehiwala guy's contact details
  2. sampa

    Fans Works In High Speed Continuously

    seems like I Got it fixed. It was a/c pressure switch. Thanks guys
  3. sampa

    Fans Works In High Speed Continuously

    yes there is a/c pressure switch (I guess this is the one on to the left side of the radiator). I thick Bosh center guy check this and this was re place during the AC repair I did. He short circuit the connector and during the short circuit process both fan stops and when release fans start working again.
  4. Hi guys, I have a TI Carina (212) 1500 CC . Some times both radiator fans works in High Speed continuously with out cutting off. As far as I know there is no way of these fans working in a cold start when the ignition switch is on. In my case it works This does not happen every day but on and off the fans runs on high speed with out stopping. During this time heat meter does not go to half way mark but it stays quarter level (Below the half way mark of the heat meter) I checked with a electrical guy in Bosh center and he said initially it it is some this wrong with the AC plug which is near the radiator (when he short circuit fans stops). This plug was re placed recently during a AC repair. any idea why these fans run on high speed with out cutting off Your expert thoughts are highly Appreciated Thanks in advance, Sampa
  5. sampa

    Speark Pulg Specification Toyota 5A-Fe Engine

    thanks for the update mate
  6. Hi All, What is the Speark Pulg Specification Toyota 5A-FE Engine (Carina AT 212 TI My Road) Thanks in advance for your valuable thoughts Sampa
  7. Hi, I think this link will be help full to me. Thanks a lot guys. I called the guy and it about 8 to 10K cheaper than fixing recon stuff. i have to go and see some samples that they have done. thanks, Sampa
  8. Hi All, Any idea where i can covert dash board panel and door panels to Teak. I heard that there are places that I can do this and will cost me less than buying a re-con parts. thanks in advance Sampa
  9. Thanks dude for the answers. What I want to know is do we have any way of identifying the Japaneses imports and the Singaporean imports cars from it's - registration book - from the engine or - from interior or exterior, Is it the Eximo and S touring is from Japanand all the others are from Singapore. Cheers, Sampa
  10. Hi All, I went through the discussion subjected "Nissan Cefiro Uncovered". it was really helpfull to me. I have 2 question regarding Nissan Cefiro A 33 (YOM - 2000) 01. how to i differentiate the Japaneses imports and the Singaporean imports cars of Cefiro A 33 (YOM - 2000) 02. How about the maintenance cost of of this car? Is it sky high or average compared with Nissan Blue Bird Sylphy or FB15 Thanks, Sampa
  11. sampa

    Nissan Cefiro Uncovered

    Hey Guys, I am in hunt for a Cefiro A33. Could you guys please enplane how to differentiate the Japaneses A33 and the Singaporean A33. Cheers,
  12. Hi Thanks for the thoughts, Fual filter was change recently. after the filter change I used only 95 octain petrol. Any idea can I clean the MAF sensor in a QG15de engine.
  13. Hi Dude, The GB was replace due to the gear shifting had an issue. It was suddenly getting in to Neutral while the Gear is in the Drive mode. I checked the fuel filter, it seems like it has replaced recently, I checked the pulgs as well. This issue was there for long time now. It can only re create when I go out of colombo only. I think I should check the MAF. Any idea whom I can go to check this out Thanks
  14. Hi All, Thanks for your valuable thoughts. Plugs was change about 700 KM ago and ATF is also at the same time. EFI Tune up was done about 3000KM ago. And the Gear box was replaced about 20000 KM ago. Before replacing the gear box this issue was there and after the replace it is still there. I also was thinking this might be due to MAF sensor. But not very sure. Thanks sampa
  15. Hi All, I have a Nissan car with QG15DE Engine. The issue Comes when I travel out of Colombo As my investigation this happen when the engine get heated up properly. Per my experience all auto transmission cars when they reach the speed limit about 65 - 70 KMPH the RPM will drop down to 1500 - 1600 and car will move forward smother with less weight on the engine. In my car when I travel out station i will get a Jerk when I reduce the gas and try to give gas again (Tate step off from the accelerator for few seconds and put back the step on accelerator) . This will happen during speed limits of 65 - 80 and the RPM is in 1500 to 1600. I don't think this is an issue with Gear box since it was change recently. Will this can be a problem wit MAF or TB Highly appreciate your comments Thanks, Sampa