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  1. Hello friends, Anyone can explain about this report from TL? I'm specially interested in DTC clear run distance and Hybrid Battery condition. Thanks! obd.jpg

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    2. gayanath


       @Dee Jay's explanation is quite correct for this case in my opinion also. 

      Lower the "block voltage difference" (difference between lowest and highest)  is better but which has no particular threshold as I know. And the difference (difference between lowest and highest) also varying when car starts running (based on the power out from the battery). Sometimes both new and old batteries are giving same values at idle but differ while it runs. 


    3. Reckless


      Thanks @Dee Jay and @gayanath for your valuable inputs. So the best way is to run a load test?

    4. Dee Jay

      Dee Jay

      Yes, I think getting the voltages alone won't be sufficient to get an exact idea on the performance and capacity of the battery cells.

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