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  1. Reckless

    Guess who bought a Lancer EX

    Wow nice ride machan congrats! Owning a Lancer was one of my dreams too.
  2. Reckless

    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Christmas every one and keep this in mind too
  3. Reckless

    Historic Images Of Old Ceylon - Automotive And Otherwise

    Some photos of old Kandy
  4. Reckless

    Car For Below Rs. 2 Mil

    I can vouch for the Carina. Spacious, comfortable and good handling. Si My road would have a good acceleration but would be less economical than the Ti. Try to expand your budget a bit and reach for a 1999/2000 Carina.
  5. How come a 2007 manufactured car have a H number plate?

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    2. Reckless
    3. terrabytetango


      Just saw it. That is VERY dodgy indeed. The E60 was released in 2003 I think, by which time the J series was well under way.

    4. sharma
  6. Reckless

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    I want to believe too, but I don't see its happening
  7. Reckless

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    All 3 wheels looks out of alignment to me..
  8. Reckless

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    lol love the way that guys scratching his head
  9. Reckless

    Autolanka Mega Movie Thread

    Watched few movies lately, Terminator Genisys, TomorrowLand and Poltergeist (2015), all which were not up to my expectations, specially Terminator. All 3 worth a watch though.
  10. Reckless

    Mitsubishi Lancer RalliArt

    Such a nice car, congratulations machan! btw I will be needing your car when I come to Aus
  11. Reckless

    Buying Mazda 3/axela For Permit.

    That's a awesome car, congratz! The only thing I don't like about is the fog light covers, the black cover just doesn't seems right.
  12. Reckless

    Suzuki Wagonr Hybrid

    ah that's more like it! wait what was this thread about?