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  1. One of my friend using K10 in auto and i found leg space is not adequate and in slow speed specially when you try to reverse or park car is not very smooth (like a misfire) Only good thing about this car is good fuel consumption according to my friend.
  2. coolcar

    Aqua Fuel Efficency

    One of my friend using a 2014 Aqua and he travals from Rajagiriya to Kohuwala and it does around 14kmpl
  3. In Rajagirya near Buthgamuwa road Junction we used to have police officer who move the Traffic very efficiently.This guy is different from other cops as he moves here and there to control the traffic.Every day this man least save 10 minutes from my daily road time. Sadly from few month onward he was replaced with another...
  4. https://www.youtube.com/embed/dKef1JFpiCA"
  5. Today I came from Buthgamuwa road around 9.20 AM found huge traffic in vicinity of Rajagirya Junction. Usually by that time most roads are free from traffic. Anyone have any idea about the unusual amount traffic in the Rajagirya Junction.
  6. We had a old Alfa which looks very similar to racer but not the same quality only extirior looks
  7. I used a Dwewoo Racer which belongs to my brother in law. Fuel consumption is around 10-12 with no AC. Pros: Comfortable Good leg space Good pulling power Cons: Parts are expensive and available in few places Poor head lights Although it’s a full option car most things did not work properly Hard to recel(He waited almost 5 years) I had a really bad expriance with it as wiper stop working when i driving in a rainy night. During five more he used this car he spent lot of money on the car including engine overhaul.
  8. In what seemed to a paradigm shift in the import policy of the government, Deputy Minister of Finance, Dr. Sarath Amunugama, yesterday said that plans were afoot to cut down vehicle imports by 30 per cent in the near future and to assemble them locally. source Dailymirror http://www.dailymirror.lk/news/47414-govt-to-cut-vehicle-imports-by-30-per-cent.html
  9. One of my uncles using Swift for a few years.According to him its nice comfortable car and easy to drive.But he spend lots of money on suspension problems and other maintenance issues. Recently he replaced the engine after recurrent problems with engine.
  10. I agree with you, as you mention some of the information are not up to date in these forums.
  11. I went to this palace in Cotta road some time back.There I met some customer who complain about high fuel consumption after his tuneup.In my case I went this place before a emission test and this guy recommended to put a fuel injection cleaner. But my vehicle pass the emission without any injector cleaning in the same day .
  12. Motorcyclists in the Western Province are requested to travel with their headlights switched on even during daytime from tomorrow, police said. They said according to studies carried motorcycle accidents had been reduced in other countries by adopting this method. Police said it was being introduced here on an experimental basis. They said If successful, it would be legalised and introduced countrywide. Meanwhile the police said that from tomorrow the law on heavy vehicles having to use the lane on the left would be strictly implemented. The lane on the right should only be used when overtaking. Source: Daily Mirror
  13. In other similar site they have options like search by prize range and vehicle model.This site needs some updating....
  14. Not sure about the suspension .According to my knowledge its having same engine with some miner changes like electronic throttle control. When we looking for wagon few years back we found some of these are converted for LPG.So you need to watch out for these ones.
  15. In both AD and Wingroad both having same engines as FB15 and B15 .Hence there is plenty of spares and easy to maintain. In the Wingroad you get better seats with head rests so its more comfortable. Specially if you concern about the rear passengers comfort its better go for wingroad. In Y11 wingroad there is two models.New facelift model(2001 onward) more expensive compared to older 2000 model.
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