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  1. both 121 and axio 1.5l versions have same NZ FE1 engine so power is same but in the auto versions the 121 has 4 speed auto and the axio has a CVT tranny. so axio should do better mileage and bit better performance but very small difference. but because of more weight the performance is same. interior quality wise. axio would be better i guess. but both have same features and stuff so thats also marginal.. fuel economy both are same for average driver and between 9-14kmpl i would suggest a 121 bcz u will be getting almost everything as axio except for the new shell... and this is not comparing with the export 121 LX or XLi. only JDM models bcz export models are bit heavier but more performance tuned with lower FE and most have no airbags but have 4 wheel disks which JDM versions doesnt have.
  2. used to use one. it was my cousins. it was a very used car..and he was afraid of running it past 60000km because we saw in lot of places the RENESIS wears out a lot and has to be replaced near 100000km so he sold it. thats scary O.o or maybe a RX-7 because that has a bigger passenger capacity..
  3. if you want i will compile them all in a excel sheet with all details and i will send it to you. but i cant today because im out of colombo for few days. after coming home ill make it. and i will make another general one for any person.
  4. respect. ok. i take the point that ive been a bit of a weirdo haha. from now on no more gratification of hybrids.
  5. exactly.. a person who buys a prius is usually a person who was going to buy a car like that. whats the difference between a prius and an allion?? barely nothing except allion looks a bit better but has lesser performance and options.. no one in their right mind would buy a prius if their budget was more than 6 million. so what about marutis?? those buying marutis are the worst. they can buy a used japanese car for less and it does better and looks better in every way... what about them? Ultimate [email protected]?
  6. If you think i think about brake pads wearing when im applying the brakes youve got to be kidding me.... thats got to be the weirdest thing ever... and by suicidal i didnt mean drivers. i meant those A$$es who cross the road like maniacs.
  7. dude. i never said you get a kick out of driving a prius and im not a hybrid lover far from it... so are you telling that driving an allion or camry or something is going to fulfill your manly needs?? (comparing to similar price cars bought by average drivers) .....i am going to buy a RX-8 next year after February (please tell me you dont think that too is not manly ). going to keep prius also coz its not a bad car.
  8. nice reply . so are you saying you dont care at all bout any of these? i dont know bout the futuristic stuff. maybe they apply to cali... i do care bout saving up.. not ashamed of that... and i dont think prius looks futuristic at all. i know merc users who have bigger problems like parts unavailable and stuff and cant even use the vehicles.. i dont have any of those problems ne. and thats stupid saying you have to worry bout brakes wearing when stopping.... the way i brake is how i like. i dont need to go and slam on the brake right behind the vehicle in front... if theirs no one behind me i coast to a stop.. it doesnt kill anyone and neither does it make me go from A to B faster and also reduces the time i have to wait while stopped... well and can you explain what you mean by enjoying the ride.. if i want to enjoy a ride ill drive a stick shift. and having fun with these suicide people on the road in the suburbs is not such a good idea i guess..
  9. well. im not cheap on the brakes if you can see. i just said that they last longer than in my earlier car... and for your information if i might say i am not a cheap a$$ i dont even have seat covers, steering wheel covers or any form of such things in my car and i am not a bit stingy to spend on the car. ive already spent several 100k on fixing the AV system and putting other mods and i dont keep my car at home and go in the bus like some people do to save fuel. if i can save fuel while doing my normal activities why do i need to be ashamed of that, anyone would prefer that. no one drives in a way so as to get lowest FE right? i drive the prius the way ive driven before i bought it and actually more aggressively too as the prius has more power THAN THE corolla (not a BMW) and am not saying the prius is the best car in the world.. far from it.. well hope it explains my point. and hope i havent made a further fool of myself..... thanks for the insight on my point btw.. i value that you know..
  10. heyy. im not saying im going to run them when they are worn out. i change the wheel positions every 2 weeks and check brake pads and rotors and all the mechanical parts. im not that stupid as yourll say. i just meant to say that they last longer than in the 121. in the 121 i had to run without the wear indicator because the brakes started squealing in the middle of the uva province and so the mechanic there removed it so that i could get back to colombo, right next day i replaced them. hmmm. i guess i made a fool of myself
  11. haha. very good point but still i think spending over 30k for tire is bit too much. its my fault i got them. but i dont regret one bit thats the part of the car i love the most, the 17" alloys never would have bought the prius otherwise. and these make FE lower too and the ride also bit uncomfortable than a regular prius. so not that stingy and thanks for the others for the suggestions. ill be sure to check them soon. i thought maxxis was a low quality tire.. should do some research but i am thinking of going for either Michelin or bridgestone even if i have to spend more because those are sure and give a good ride. ive not been getting good comfort from dunlop so far. and does anyone have a suggestion for air pressure for the 215/45/R17 tires? because their low profile i usually use high pressure to reduce damage to the rims. i have 32 front a 30 rear. is this good or bad?
  12. Hi, in my car ive got 215/45/R17 91W bridgestone turanze tires now. i am looking for replacements and all replacements are like over 25000 rupees O.o in the earlier car it was 10000 per tire for japanese bridgestones.... anyone have any suggestions for good replacements at reasonable price. i am not looking for low quality chinese tires. nor do i think i require racing grade tires
  13. well, i usually do the service every 10000km and thats double of what i run in the 121. book says to do every 8000 but even at 10000, the oil is just a dull brown. in the 121 after 5500 itll be black. ..and the oil filter is also not clogged. so i guess sometimes we can stick out of the rules in sri lanka we usually run a vehicle as much as we can without causing damaging, like i dont think anyone checks the drive train, suspension, joints , etc every 16000km like in the book
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