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  1. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    hmm. That means the current model of the Demio is at the end of life. In about 8-9 months a new release! Worth the wait ...!? Since I am planing to use for long term. The CM didn't told anything about the new release.
  2. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    OK. Thanks. Eh.. 3Mil difference in two years..!!! Now they have the market no...
  3. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    The Carmart and the CM gave me different prices for the same product (or may be CM for the highest option and the Carmart for the basic model). But you all only talk about the CM. That means there is something with the Carmart. Another thing is the Carmat person told that the shipment will take place at the end of the year! (more than 5 months ....!!!!!) due to a new design of the Mazda 2 hatch!?
  4. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Thanks a lot for your valuable info. Any idea about ownership cost per anum? I guess the shock mount problem is common to Mazda as you all reply. May affecting the 2018 too. The CM is quoted 7.8Mil for the full option 2018 Mazda 2 hatch. It's from Japan. I also called Carmart and they quoted 7.2Mil for the 2018 Mazda 2 hatch. But its from Thailand or Thaiwan (Cant remember. also the options are not sure. Waiting for their quotation).
  5. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Anyone know a good website for side by side comparison. Couldn't find a one to compare 2018 Mazda 2 hatch and 2018 Ford Fiesta hatch . Got a 2017 one. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/reviews/mazda-2-vs-ford-fiesta/ar-BBChhq6
  6. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    When I asked the CM they told they are not providing such a warranty even for extra as you said. Also he told that it is needed to discuss with Japan company. One of my friends imported an Audi A3 very recently. He told me that the Audi dealer is giving warranty for third party imports for about Rs. 2.5 laks if I remember correctly. BTW I never heard Mazda recall for Sri Lanka. Is there any history? (I know future cannot be predicted for this kind of cases . but for information.
  7. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    Hmm.. The sales guy who was @ the Wattala branch told me that they previously bought the Mazda 3 hatch but no more due to less demand.!? Is it a good idea to import with a third party (they are giving 3 years warranty through Laughs) since there is a considerable price difference? Also I am willing to use it more than 6, 7 years.
  8. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    I like Mazda 3 hatch and I love Mazda CX-3. But probably a Mazda 2 Hatch due to my budget limitation .
  9. New car/crossover for permit

    When did you get the permit and what is the circular no and the date they mentioned? And what is the Extraordinary Gazette no and date on you permit? As per the new gazette 2058/34 of 15-02-2018 this USD limit is no more valid. Pls have a look on following link, which Autolanka member @ajm given. http://autolanka.com/forums/profile/47537-nirosha/?status=4996&type=status, Mazda CX 3 is a great looking SUV with great features but small in size and space also the Ford Ecosport 2018 is another SUV with lots of features but for lesser price. But it is assembled in India as per the agents.
  10. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    The Mazda 3 hatchback is no more imported by the CM. Is it a good idea to import a vehicle other than the dealer. I asked the CM and they told that they are not supporting for warranty cases for vehicles imported from 3rd parties.
  11. The All New Mazda 2 (2016/sedan)

    @car_lover2015 I am very interested in buying a Mazda 2 hatchback (probably a 2018 model). Can you share your experience with this car.
  12. Honda CR-V 2018

    Thanks. Never knew that there is a 7 seater CR-V. The Stafford Guy told me CR-V is 5 seater and the BR-V is 7 seater and the prices. I didn't go for details as I wasn't interested in it. Also since the BR-V is much cheaper it is way behind the CR-V for sure.
  13. Honda CR-V 2018

    Seating capacity for CR-V is 5 and the BR-V is the 7 seater model. Also BR-V is ~7M as per the Stafford Motors.
  14. Guys how does work the permit gazette 2058/34 of 15-02-2018 for car price and is there a validity period (expiry date) for the permit?

    1. ajm
    2. Nirosha


      Thank you. I went through this. But no one know how this permit works! Asked few dealers "Let you know after two weeks" their answer.. !  :(

    3. ibba


      I have had the same experience. They always say wait 2 weeks

  15. Best vehicle to buy post Nov 2017 budget

    @Supra_Natural Once I requested an importer about the Mazda 3 hatchback, he told that Mazda vehicles facing lot of sensor issues due to climate of the Sri Lanka. Is it true? Do you ever had such a problem with your Mazda?