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  1. Thanks a lot. If you can pls share the links. Map SD for USD 60 is dirty cheap. Is it an original one? My stock SD not working at all. It keep restarting the head unit in every few minutes. After the removal it works fine. Also pls share the firmware upgrading process.
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply. I am hunting for a good cam these days. I also prefer an OEM cam. Thanks a lot for your support and offer. I also configured all the warnings and alerts and it is working great in traffic. I have changed the language to English. But in HUD unit some warnings displayed in Japanese. Also on the Dash below the temperature a Japanese word is there. I am looking for a good dash cam. Best I found is at the moment is Viofo A119C. But sadly no wifi. BTW I found that floor mats are very cheap (23 pounds) in Mazda UK site (CM asked me Rs. 25,000/-). Thinking of importing the same.
  3. Well CM says it is possible to use SL maps with the JDM cars. Only thing is the price. Its 85K. I have a reverse cam from a friend of me. But did not fixed yet. Cz I don't like to cut original wiring and drill the car to fix the cam. And had no time to look after it. BTW how much did they charge for the cam fixing? I am thinking of 360 cam than the reverse cam (and fix to the original player. And S*n L*nk* is unable to fix it to the original player.). Cz you know these bikes and 3wheelers are giving enough headache. My imported told me that he is going to bring down fog lights for a Mazda Axela. Is that for you? ?
  4. Yup. I went through these websites. But sadly the firmware version is 59.00.502 ?. Also tried Smart MZD player. But it also did not worked.
  5. Too bad. I called S*n L*nk* too. They can't do it to stock player. @CM it is Rs. 85,000/-.
  6. @Quiet I tried to contact this number. But I was unable to contact. Any information pls.
  7. Thanks a lot. I'll go to the agents as you said.
  8. CM told me that if the car is imported with a company better to do a full service since they do change the odometer for sure. But if it is a private import its ok to do the initial inspection if I trust the odometer. And they quoted Rs. 4500/- for the initials service while Mazna recommended the basic service which they quoted less than Rs. 10000/-. So which one to select? Also Mazna offers two service intervals. 5000km per and 10000km per service I guess this is bcs of the engine oil they used.
  9. Yes the inspection at the 1000km. Actually I was planing to do the 1st service at ~1500km on the odometer. But missed it due to unavoidable +700km journey. Therefor I was thinking to do the initial service (normally doing at 1000km - the Inspection you told). Or should I do a full service right away since I missed it? Or anything else?
  10. I asked the agents. For the initial service they only wash the car, read the computer etc for Rs. 4500 and Rs. 18000 - 22000 for full service. They are changing oil in every 5000km only. Not even in the initials service. The Mazna told basic service would be less than Rs. 10000. Checking the shocks and few other things, which I cant recall now. They did not gave much details. I sent a sms requesting the details. But no reply yet since last Thursday. They offer two service intervals in every 5000km or in every 10000km. Now my mileage is ~2200km. Which one should I select? Do you have any experience with both of them?
  11. Thanks guys for the i-stop issue. I am going to turn it off when driven in traffic. Another thing now how should I service it? Now its driven 1050 kms. Service intervals and other thing should I consider? Anyone have a manual in English (2017 Mazda Axela)?
  12. Thanks a lot. The car is fun to drive. Acceleration and the handling is good. But still cannot compare with the manual transmission I feel. Nothing to do with the left arm and the leg ? Auction bought price = 1,595,000 JPY Shipping, insurance, inspection charges = 220,000 JPy Total CIF for the car = 1,815,000 JPY In LKR = ~ 2,649,900 (1,815,000 x ~ 1.46) Costumes and clearing = 46,522 Import charges = 50,000 Total = ~ 2,746,422 (Imported with the 5 Mil tax wived off permit)
  13. Thank IRage. Did against all the friends and family members Toyota advice . These are from the dealer when at their yard. Will post more when arrived.
  14. Guys, Thanks a lot for your great support. But sadly i decided not to go for the Mazda 2. I thought it is useless to spend such money with the agents after reading your comments. Therefore I tried to find a good importer to bring down one from the Japan. Sadly I did not found a good one Including *ndra *raders, *shara *traders and lot more. Even two of people who I know gave me 7.8 Mil quote for Mazda 3 hatch with +15,000 KM mileage. And they did not gave me a proper breakdown for that price either. Finally I found a person through my friend with very good comment. He gave me all the details and procedure on how to import one. Also gave me the price breakdown, which is very reasonable. I found a good car (2017 Mazda Axela Sports. rating 5) with 15km mileage, 360 camera etc. I made an offer of JPY 1.625 Mil but the owner did not sell for that price (the same car was in one price websites for JPY 1.7 Mil). But my importer was able to negotiate with him for JPY 1.642 Mil. When we going to pay for that car, the auction system had increased the price again. So I dropped it. Next I found a good car with mileage less than 1000 KM, 2017 Mazda Axela Sports. I won it for JPY 1.595 Mil. I think it does not has 360 camera :(. Now it's on way from Japan :). The funny thing is I saw lately the car I was going to buy for 1.642 Mil was sold for 1.61 Mil few days back. @Supra_Natural Thanks a lot for convincing me to Mazda from Ford and your great guidance given me. Also Thanks a lot @iRage, @RWD for your valuable comments.
  15. How about Hyundai i10? About 3.4 Mil @ the agents if I remember correctly. You will find very good ratings if you google. Also I have seen number of i10's at the road now a days.
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