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  1. Snap! (Almost.) I had a lovely 2002 CS2 JDM lancer with CVT. monkeys at Auto Miraj poured normal AT fluid into the CVT and the gearbox seized. Had to replace the whole gear box. They also forced in an air filter way too big and cracked the air filter box. Aaaaaaarrrggghhhhh!!! Sorry I’ve been holding that in for a long time! I feel better now. Although I have slightly smashed my tablet. Wonderfully comfortable car, but I thought the 1.5 was a little bit sluggish. For that reason I would go for a CS3.
  2. You should pm a member here Harshansenadhir. http://autolanka.com/forums/profile/54-harshansenadhir/
  3. Just the coupe AFAIK. That was a beauty as well. Did any make it here to SL? I’ve never seen any.
  4. Yes, and the end of an era. A couple of years after heralded the beginning of the production of the ugliest cars to ever come out of France. I had a bsecond hand GI plated one in Manual. What a great car to drive with such an aggressive design. Loved it. Even though it’s French. *shudder*
  5. ShintaroX

    New Defender Design??

    Rather ugly, but I like it anyway. A bit like our eldest in that way, bless him. Just going by it’s looks, I wonder whether it will cannibalise sales from the discovery. Then again the new discovery 5 makes my eyeballs hurt...
  6. You mean we should buy first and then decide later!? I’ve been getting that the wrong way round my whole life. That’s probably why I’m such a miserable wretch.
  7. ShintaroX

    First Car - Cefiro 230/ 250 or ...

    Hi Bert! The model year makes a difference. My friend has a 2007 model and I have the newer facelifted one. The two cars are both automatics, but have different engines. We have almost identical commutes and he averages under 8km/l and I average 9km/l flat. (10.8 is a beautiful fantasy.) Naturally the highway portion will give you much better figures than I’ve given here. I averaged 17km/l on my last trip to Chilaw if that helps.
  8. ShintaroX

    SUV around 3.5mil

    Cherokee/ grand cherokee
  9. ShintaroX

    Quick Trivia 3

    Yup - what a beauty
  10. ShintaroX

    Quick Trivia 3

    Ok if you insist... what the the heck is this:
  11. ShintaroX

    Quick Trivia 3

    That was just a guess so I am going to pass - that was a good one sathyajithj99
  12. ShintaroX

    Quick Trivia 3

    Is it an Alpine? (Just a guess cos I don’t recognise a Renault there)