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  1. I am baffled by the cost of the gas. R1234yf costs 60K + for a full refill. Was there a leak in the condenser? Also nose cut panel- I assume that's the left fender. It didn't look damaged in the first pic and could have easily have been repaired if so?
  2. From my experience I have never been happy with any collision repairs done locally either.
  3. RWD

    [Civic 2018] One year later...

    why would you want to change the original gas? Was there a leak? Audio- yes there have been a few glitches but nothing too glaring. Screen went dark but was fixed after a reset and Bluetooth doesn't always connect. Pairing/unpairing fixed the issue. If you are having audio issues do a reset.
  4. RWD

    A**o F***e parts and service charges

    I've seen brand new agent imported cars looking tired after 50,000 kms in local conditions because of owner neglect and abuse. No matter how robust these vehicles are any vehicle will suffer after a few years on our roads if preventive maintenances and timely servicing is not done.
  5. RWD

    A**o F***e parts and service charges

    As someone who has been sending my cars to the aforementioned garage since 2003 I will say this. They are not cheap. But their mechanical work is excellent and they have very knowledgeable mechanics. I have maintained a bunch of my Japanese cars there from my Nissan Primera, V35 skyline, Mark X, Civic, Vezel etc. Their prices are on par with the agents but they have very good mechanics and Sajaad has a wealth of experience with his knowledge on racing and performance cars. Also they have a service package and they are the only garage I know who believes in preventive maintenance for local conditions. For example eveytime they service your car they remove and clean and de-grease the break pads and discs. Because of our dust and rain and traffic makes it very hard on the brakes. They also strongly recommend the 6 month mark for synthetic oil changes. De-carbonizing if you have a Direct injection engine every 2-3 years because of our fuel and driving habits. I know this is important because the Mark X really needed it. And of course conservative changes of stuff like ATF before manufacturer recommended intervals. Compare this to the agents who give your car a glorified car wash when you service and only change the oil. Or a bass who doesn't know any better at your local garage. I really don't know the prices of all the stuff you replaced. It seems on the high side. But if you have done your research and its on par with the agents and you are satisfied with the job done I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. RWD

    Vitz 2007 KSP90 3 cyl. 1000cc engine vibration story

    Nice to hear you got your issue sorted out. And +1 for a*to f****e. I have been getting my cars fixed by them for years and have always been satisfied with their mechanical work.
  7. RWD

    Suzuki Vitara 2019 SZT

    Props to your writing skills Oh year, the car isn't half bad either!
  8. the car is bullet proof. Its got the previous generation 1.6 mzr and the 4 speed automatic - this is a tried and tested engine and gearbox combo. Does not have fancy active sensing options and too much of tech so it can be easily serviced and maintained. So long as you find one that hasn't been abused you will have peace of mind for a very long time. I used one for 5 years (but I bought it brand new). Search the forum- have detailed my experiences many times.
  9. RWD

    Montero Sport 2012

    ummm..are you sure you just don't need a new vehicle?
  10. RWD

    Honda Cars

    On this note my office has one of those electronic garages for parking complete with the lift and conveyer belt which moves the car into slots. Quite a few times the alarm goes off because the car thinks someone is trying to steal it when the conveyer platform starts moving! Have to say this is the only car which behaves this way and there are some very high end Euros at my office that don't have this issue! Not a big deal though. I don't bother locking it while its inside.
  11. RWD

    car wax

    I can vouch for meguires ultimate quick wax. My weekly ritual is using meguires gold class car wash on my ride and once every month or two I use UQW to boost the shine. Does a great job of keeping the paint looking good and water breading. Once a year and I do a proper detailing and this routine is more than enough to keep the car in top shape. Below shot is after applying UQW this weekend. Not the best of shots because the weather was pretty gloomy outside.
  12. RWD

    Japanese Car News

    can see this becoming very popular in SL with the 1.0 litre
  13. RWD

    Honda CIVIC 2018 Manual

    I've seen one manual complete with the orange package. But I would never want a daily drive manual in colombo especially on traffic days like today. The 7 speed cvt box isn't bad. A lot more responsive than the current boxes of the Nissan and Toyotas. And it should prove more robust that the DCT's in our conditions.
  14. RWD

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Well at the end of the day Mazda3 and Honda Accord are 2 different classes of cars. Despite the fact that these cars are all growing bigger than the previous generations the Mazda3 is a compact and Accord is a large family saloon. Test drive them both and see what suits your requirements. I love the look of the new 3 and as usual it punches well above its weight, but the back seat has always been cramped. Not the best if you have a growing family. The 1.5 skyactiv is offered in a few other Asian Markets as well- like Malaysia- and some reviewers say it feels slow- won't be an issue in our traffic I guess. Agreed that the ground clearance of the Mazda3 makes it better suited for our crappy roads but 140mm on the Accord is about the same as the new Civic and at 8000 kms I have never once scraped the ground- touchwood. Of course I am careful how I drive but the Accord has loads of space and has all the toys and should prove as reliable in the long run since you are buying brand new.
  15. RWD

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Phew those accords are loaded to the hilt. But considering Stafford is clueless about servicing and maintenance of the UK spec honda civics that have many of the similar features I'd do a bit more research. I have always found colonial to be a better agent and easier to work with.