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  1. Maradana workshop maintained my Mum's Honda Insight for 7 years from the day it was baught it unregistered. During that time they happily ticked off all the maintenance items in the car as fine, but all they did was do the car wash and oil change at the service. When the car was sold it had done over 85,000 kms. Suspension was gone, brake pads were shot, the CVT box was slipping and the battery wasn't in a good state. How they can say that a car that's run 85,000 kms in SL conditions (by a lady- no offense to lady drivers on Women's day but my 65 year old dear Mum's eyesight wasn't the best) doesn't need any running repairs They never proposed to replace any wear and tear items. If I had the time I would have got the service done elsewhere but my schedule was too packed to look after Mum's car as well. But I would never recommend them to anyone!
  2. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Oh no. Its open to anyone. The place is Autof*rce Kohuwala. Have done repair work on them in the past and they have been excellent. Believe they work on a lot of high performance cars for racing etc Bottom line is they have experienced mechanics doing the service on your car rather than people who have been estate workers. Only drawback is its a small place and they don't do the lube and car wash so they send the vehicle out for that and so it takes more time.
  3. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    you gotta feel for those poor souls who don't know any better and who end up using blends and non manufacturer recommended oils for their civics all in the name of having the tag agent maintained in the record book. In a few years once the cars have done several tens of thousands of km's and its time to move to their 2nd and 3rd owners is when all the fun will start.
  4. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    So I did a 5000 km service at a private garage on my 2018 Civic. Used Mobil 5w-30 fully synthetic and they did a really thorough job with the service and inspection. They also removed the brake pads and cleaned them- didn't realize how much brake dust had accumulated at such a small mileage. Anyway I think my time at Stafford is done. It was nice to have proper mechanics inspect your car instead of paying for a glorified car wash.
  5. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Noticed it in mine as well. It only happens sometimes and I have learnt to live with it
  6. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    thanks. 5000km oil changes on fully synthetic seems very excessive so I too would just stick to the maintenance minder. It would be interesting to know what the recommended intervals would be on the car's gearbox oil changes given some of the CVT issues on the other models. On the parts, well I am sure with the no of Civics on our roads there will be ample spares available by many direct importers.
  7. Look for a Forster XT. Holds its value fairly well and the symmetrical AWD is more than capable for some mild off roading.
  8. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    @misnad what was the outcome? My service soon notification just popped on. Oil life still says 3000 kms though and the car has done around 3500. Wanted to go with Mobil 5w-30 fully synthetic
  9. RWD

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    Nothing to be confused about it is all down to personal preference. Both cars have identical specs. The only thing is I do not think the sedan comes with adaptive dampers like the top spec hatch. Some people prefer the looks of the sedan more but I needed the versatility of the Hatch with its cargo space.
  10. RWD

    Honda Civic Sedan 2019

    I have a 2018 hatchback and myself and quite a few others have written about the 1.0 turbo and how it pulls extensively in a few other posts. Anyway to answer your questions. 1. I have only driven to kandy once and never felt the 1.0 struggling. Drop it to S use the paddle shifters and it has ample torque to get up and go. This was with 4 people in the car and luggage. Of course 2 of them were little kids so if you have a young family no issue. On the expressway the car is a nice cosy cruiser and is much more refined option than the mazda3 for example. 2. Don't know about that. The 1.0 turbo hatchback is built in honda 's plant in Swindon and exported all over the world. Don't know about the sedan. Did you check honda UK website? 3. No reports of failure but the car costs a bit more to service and run because of the turbo. There were lots of cars sold because of the good pricing with our duty structure so naturally you will see more on the second hand market. It was the same with the vezels.
  11. RWD

    [Civic 2018] A look at the interior

    News to me. Didin't know there were heated mirrors
  12. RWD

    Any experience with colonial motors

    never had any issues with them for 4 + years when they did servicing and basic maintenance of my mazda3. Having said that is was very basic work as it was a brand new car. What is your car? Being the agent of course they wouldn't have used engines.
  13. Nice review. Have the same colour in EX Tech trim. One of the better colours for this car for sure. Waiting for more updates!
  14. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Well I have not had an oil change on my car yet but on the topic of fuel economy have you tried doing a manual measurement? Mine too moves around in the 13-14l/100 range. The EXT is loaded to the hilt and is probably heavier than the SR versions so I don't think you can expect better fuel consumption in colombo traffic. Let us know about the oil once you consult Stafford. Since they bring down the same car and offer a warranty you would think they would know what the best oil would be in our conditions.
  15. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Nice write up @Insedious I too have done 1700 kms now. Some observations. 1. Fuel consumption has stablized at around 8.5km/l in the urban crawl from nawala to colpetty. 2. Stafford did the service. Did not change anything at 1300 kms. 3. There is ample power for day to day driving in colombo but this weekend I have to do a kandy trip so it will be interesting to see how she pulls up the hills. 4. Electrics are sometimes glitchy. Bluetooth doesn't always connect. Auto breaking system kicks in abruptly when the sun shines directly on the sensor. Auto headlight leveling once got confused in a storm. But these are all minor niggles. Speakers have broken in and sound a lot better though it lacks bass big time. 4. There is a slight miss similar to what another poster had described when accelerating. But that's because our fuel isn't the best. Doesn't always happen though so not a big deal. 5. Ride and handling are superb and always puts a smile on your face. Leather seats are comfy and supportive. No regrets about buying and even though the back of the hatch looks hideous I still prefer this to the sedan.