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  1. I am sure you can source a brand new rack at a lesser cost from outside. Agents charge a hefty premium on parts. Have you tried Hybrid Hub? My Mum maintains her 2016 Vezel there but I am not sure of their pricing.
  2. Lol what is so strange is that they import the car themselves- atleast the 1.5 variant and have a subsidiary that sells the 1.0. Plus they offer warranties but yet completely go against manufacturer recommendations on the basics. I doubt they will take much action beyond this because the average car owner will be happy to drop their vehicle off at a service and put up with the quality of their shoddy work.
  3. Oh no. First the Mark X and now this. Have always had a soft spot for the GS. There are a couple of the new gens around town and they look so neat with that F sport trim.
  4. Lol really! Must check it out!
  5. With all the buzz around the Corona Virus thought this will be an interesting topic. Let's remember the amount of germs our steering wheel and gearshift potentially have. Sure we may clean the car once a week and use dashboard cleaners and leather treatments but are those really getting rid of germs? Anything you guys use in particular? I'm conscious about not ruining the leather so don't think putting soap and water is the answer.
  6. Centre tach was on JDM imports and 2.5 sky activ models only I think
  7. you have to drive the car for a few km's at 40 km/h or over for the system to properly re-calibrate itself.
  8. Lovely steering and certainly better than the dated looking stock one. But try to replace the infinity badge with Nissan to keep things consistent. Tissa electricals on Darley Road used to maintain my v35. Used to have constant issues with power windows failing which was an inherent problem with that generation. Contrary to the other crooks in that area its an enclosed garage that had a very helpful bunch of electricians but then again it was a long time ago.
  9. Perhaps there were more. But a few were lost in major crashes in the early stages of ownership as drivers got carried away with the skyline badge and thaught they were Paul Walker rather than treating the car like a lexus style comfy cruiser. Not sure about 350GT's though I vaguely recall a V36 350Gt at a car sale opposite odel kohuwala many years ago.
  10. Is it the blue one? Think there were only 2 300 gt's that made it to the country. Another option for you would be to leave the car at a good garage like auto force that would help source the parts for you but it may take some time. I did the full suspension rebuild there. Please post a few pics of your car when time permits.
  11. Welcome to the forum. I owned a v35 many years ago and I always managed to find suspension parts at pioneer motors at panchikawatte. But I have no idea if they are still available though. How is the car treating you? That V6 must be terrific to drive on expressways. It always managed to put a smile on my face.
  12. how strange didn't the tire pressure alert go off? Anyway sounds like a harrowing experience especially considering the trauma you went through with your accident a few months ago! I would always replace two tires at the same time but that's just me being OCD about my car. If finances are tight go ahead and replace one, check your alignment and do the other once you have some spare cash.
  13. I believe the issue was with the front bumper mounts failing - so it shouldn't be an expensive fix.
  14. don't own one but a colleague of mine purchased the car in 2015 brand new (hatchback) and has been using it ever since. Its now done close to 50,000kms. According to her no known issues apart from the infamous front suspension rattles which popped up quite early. This was a manufacturer defect on the first batch of Mazda3's and Mazda 2's and the agent would have replaced it under warranty if the owner complained about it. The car does around 8 km/l in town and can make do with oil changes every 10,000 kms. The Sky-Activ Engine hasn't had any issues and in the Mazda2 is more than adequate to push the tiny car around. Recently the check engine light came on and it required an injector clean up. She imported it from Colonial Motors and they have all the parts and take care of all the servicing so you should have no issues on maintenance. The car has a really cramped rear seats so not the best for shuttling full size adults long distance but fine if you have smaller children. Even if you are taking it out of town there is good enough ground clearance and its a comfortable cruiser. So long as you can find an agent maintained car with a solid service history- like most of these cars do have- you should have many trouble free km's. Good luck.
  15. Sorry to hear about that but as others have said that's a good deal. I paid a total of 130k for the condenser and r1234yf last year! Where is your Ac shop?
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