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  1. They've also come a long way. Drive a Nissan Primera or X-Trail from the early 2000's which had CVT mated to 2.0 litre engines. Absolutely diabolical! Sounded like one of those old horrible sewing machines when you put your foot down. CVT's of today are much better- even the entry level ones.
  2. I hear you mate- but depreciation of the M6 has a lot to do with the relatively big engine. Its the same for any big displacement car in SL which is over a 2.0l apart from perhaps the big SUV's like the Montero, Prado and Landcruisers (well perhaps a few Mercs as well). That's always been the way its been and as the first owner you are always going to take a big hit. 2nd and 3rd owners will be better off and that's where the prices generally hold for a while. Your A6 is probably the 1.8T right?
  3. Also mark x and Crowns - atleast the first and second owners - were relative enthusiasts - as opposed to many CHR owners - and its widely in used for an A-B car by mainstreamers. No telling what corners have been cut on maintenance.
  4. I thaught it looked FUGLY on paper until I saw a few on the roads. From the front and side view it has a nice road presence. It's the back which is terribly Conservative like an old camry. Also agent offers only 1.5Tbut it comes with all the bells and whistles. Compared to the cramped interior of a x1 and CLA this is a much nicer place to be in. Also I agree with you on the new mazda3. Looks great but current price is close to 10mn and the only locally available spec is the 1.5 skyactiv from the previous generation which is 118hp. A friend of mine has one and I took it for a drive. While it loves to be revved it doesn't feel as punchy as the 1.0 turbo in my civic and doesn't feel as refined going over broken roads either. Could it be the switch to the torsion beam? Because I owned a previous gen mazda3 for 5 years and it handled better and felt smoother. But the interior and feel of the switchgear is absolutely gorgeous and feels like you are in an Euro unlike civic and corolla. Crisper steering too.
  5. Manufacturing defect or not compatible with our bad fuel? Very unlike Toyotas to have such a major issue at such a low mileage.
  6. I would pick the new Accord. Its a lot of car for your money compared to the x1 and CLA. Also with 3 years of free servicing its hassle free. It's quick enough and handles quite well for such a big car. I like the crv too but its so common.
  7. The moment the new lot ministers are elected there will most likely be the re-introduction of duty free permits which will give the industry a boost. We've seen this time and time again. No worries about outflows then.
  8. Fuga!!! Man I love the way the name just rolls of the tongue. The way they say it in those Japanese Commercials is so cool. Must be like driving a barge but looks so comfy.
  9. Just out of curiosity have you come across any GRX 130's in your hunt. Any idea what the asking price is on those? Very few around and its a newer car so less chance of abuse. I wouldn't mind getting one down the line as a second car when finances improve.
  10. I would go for nissan skyline v36 or mark x as well. Only issue is that both are rear wheel drive and have a centre hump which makes them more a 4 seater so 3 kids in the back won't be that comfortable - unless they are smaller. And finding cars that have not been molested are the issue for these two models. Not sure if a 2005-2007 Forestor would fit your budget. If so would be ideal.
  11. Agreed though it compromises air bag deployment.
  12. On the bright side the classic excuse of 'owner migrating' on classified ads when trying to flog off a car has been put on a back burner thanks to corona virus. 

    1. AVANTE


      You've seen lady driven, you've seen engineer owned, but have you seen:


    2. GK_007


      When you say Lady driven/Doctor owned I think the expectation is the prospective buyers to believe the car has been used very carefully. 

      My experience in most of the cases it can be quiet the opposite, no offence to lady drivers/Doctors :) 

  13. In general highway driving is less stressful on suspension, brakes and transmission. And if you got a mazda6 it's a very comfy highway cruiser. Go on regular roads and you have stop start traffic that does stress you and the car out. Wear and tear would theoretically be more. Is it worth it? Well that depends a lot on the driver. I would always take the expressway over regular roads as its safer. Don't have to worry about tuks and busses. I can put the car into cruise control and be more relaxed. Signs of old age!
  14. Where there any signs that your battery was dying? No warning lights from the car?
  15. if I were you I would go for a used CRV- a bit thirsty when you put your foot down but other than that's its a lot of car for your money.
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