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  1. RWD

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    Yes 0 mileage and no signs the car was involved any crashes or anything. I find it hard to believe there was debris damage locally. I did a couple of expressway runs but the car is primarily driven in bumper to bumper Colombo traffic and its not like we hit very high speeds in Sri Lanka. I too drive like a grandma and never exceed the speed limit. I have escalated it to my importer but it came with a limited warranty so I have my doubts they will assist. But there is no way a condenser should pack up so early. The AC repair guys said a whole bunch of Civics have come in recently for the same problems so it sounds like a QC issue.
  2. RWD

    Japanese Car News

    Well to be fair the 4GR V6 and that aisin (of my memory serves me right) gearbox was way ahead of its time for a Japanese car launched in 2005. The S package even came with electric dampers and some specs came with auto park. So it was a very sophisticated proposition at the time considering that it wasnt really a part of its luxo barge lineup. Agreed it now looks dated with all the Dct gearboxes and the small capacity turbos, hybrids and electrics but you are right - I was waiting to see if they would drop in the same engine that was used in the IS200T in the newer Mark X's. That may have given it a fresh lease of life. Can't beat the responsiveness of that V6 though! What a motor.
  3. RWD

    2017 Civic Air Conditioning

    Chiming in here the AC in my 2018 Civic Hatch stopped cooling as well. Turned out the condenser had massive leaks in multiple places. Car had only done 5000 Kms. Got a new condenser and had to refill R1234yf gas. Total cost 130K!! Seems to be an inherent problem with inferior materials used on the condenser. A quick search says that this is a common issue. Also as the car is low to the ground and has a front grille that has large openings the condenser can be prone to debris damage. May be worthwhile for anyone buying a new civic to get this checked out before taking delivery from your importer.
  4. RWD

    Japanese Car News

    Sad to see the end of the mark x. I guess this was always on the cards with volumes for this car on a downward spiral since each new generation. I owned a 2005 GRX 120 250G S package and it remains the best car I have ever owned. You don't see too many on SL roads now(wonder where all of them went?) but in S package trim it still looks neat and hasn't aged with its simple classic RWD design with a long bonnet. Definitely looks better than the GRX 130 which resembles the Camry way too closely for my liking. I saw plenty of cars in Singapore but lot of them are riced up. Heard they have a big active membership there and in Malaysia.
  5. + 1 on Mazda's and their reliability. The newer ones in particular seem to be very solid. The only issue I have heard concerns the I-stop which drains the battery because of our traffic. That's only on the 2.5 versions. Colonial simple disables the system on the cars here.
  6. 18.5 to buy a 6 on a permit eh? Phew- if that's the case I'd put my money down on a used 2016 6. They go for around 8.5 mil or so. Get the 2.5 litre one- has a lot more oomph than the 2.0 litre ones and a lot more toys and it has a better looking front grille. Most of these cars must still be maintained at Colonial so you could always get it checked there.
  7. RWD

    Nissan Skyline

    plenty of information on these forums here if you search. But I'd advice you against buying one unless you have very deep pockets and the time and patience to keep this in top shape. Mind you I owned one more than 10 years ago and even then finding parts and keeping it tip top condition was a challenge so just imagine how the state of these cars would be now.
  8. RWD

    Tips of Maintaining a Black Car

    is the red paint the soul red from the current Mazda3?
  9. RWD

    Tips of Maintaining a Black Car

    Welcome to the perils of owning a black car in SL. Looks sweet for about 10 mins after washing but a day or two later looks like it has a thick layer of dust regardless of it has been driven or not. Best advice I can give you is get a proper wax done. If you are that fussy about keeping the paint in top shape pick up a bottle of Meguiars Ultimate Quik Detailer which can be used even every day to lift dust and contaminants off the paint without washing. Gives it a show car shine whenever you take it out and as it is a spray detailer it only takes a few minutes to do.
  10. Maradana workshop maintained my Mum's Honda Insight for 7 years from the day it was baught it unregistered. During that time they happily ticked off all the maintenance items in the car as fine, but all they did was do the car wash and oil change at the service. When the car was sold it had done over 85,000 kms. Suspension was gone, brake pads were shot, the CVT box was slipping and the battery wasn't in a good state. How they can say that a car that's run 85,000 kms in SL conditions (by a lady- no offense to lady drivers on Women's day but my 65 year old dear Mum's eyesight wasn't the best) doesn't need any running repairs They never proposed to replace any wear and tear items. If I had the time I would have got the service done elsewhere but my schedule was too packed to look after Mum's car as well. But I would never recommend them to anyone!
  11. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Oh no. Its open to anyone. The place is Autof*rce Kohuwala. Have done repair work on them in the past and they have been excellent. Believe they work on a lot of high performance cars for racing etc Bottom line is they have experienced mechanics doing the service on your car rather than people who have been estate workers. Only drawback is its a small place and they don't do the lube and car wash so they send the vehicle out for that and so it takes more time.
  12. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    you gotta feel for those poor souls who don't know any better and who end up using blends and non manufacturer recommended oils for their civics all in the name of having the tag agent maintained in the record book. In a few years once the cars have done several tens of thousands of km's and its time to move to their 2nd and 3rd owners is when all the fun will start.
  13. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    So I did a 5000 km service at a private garage on my 2018 Civic. Used Mobil 5w-30 fully synthetic and they did a really thorough job with the service and inspection. They also removed the brake pads and cleaned them- didn't realize how much brake dust had accumulated at such a small mileage. Anyway I think my time at Stafford is done. It was nice to have proper mechanics inspect your car instead of paying for a glorified car wash.
  14. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Noticed it in mine as well. It only happens sometimes and I have learnt to live with it
  15. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    thanks. 5000km oil changes on fully synthetic seems very excessive so I too would just stick to the maintenance minder. It would be interesting to know what the recommended intervals would be on the car's gearbox oil changes given some of the CVT issues on the other models. On the parts, well I am sure with the no of Civics on our roads there will be ample spares available by many direct importers.