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  1. RWD

    Montero Sport 2012

    ummm..are you sure you just don't need a new vehicle?
  2. RWD

    Honda Cars

    On this note my office has one of those electronic garages for parking complete with the lift and conveyer belt which moves the car into slots. Quite a few times the alarm goes off because the car thinks someone is trying to steal it when the conveyer platform starts moving! Have to say this is the only car which behaves this way and there are some very high end Euros at my office that don't have this issue! Not a big deal though. I don't bother locking it while its inside.
  3. RWD

    car wax

    I can vouch for meguires ultimate quick wax. My weekly ritual is using meguires gold class car wash on my ride and once every month or two I use UQW to boost the shine. Does a great job of keeping the paint looking good and water breading. Once a year and I do a proper detailing and this routine is more than enough to keep the car in top shape. Below shot is after applying UQW this weekend. Not the best of shots because the weather was pretty gloomy outside.
  4. RWD

    Japanese Car News

    can see this becoming very popular in SL with the 1.0 litre
  5. RWD

    Honda CIVIC 2018 Manual

    I've seen one manual complete with the orange package. But I would never want a daily drive manual in colombo especially on traffic days like today. The 7 speed cvt box isn't bad. A lot more responsive than the current boxes of the Nissan and Toyotas. And it should prove more robust that the DCT's in our conditions.
  6. RWD

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Well at the end of the day Mazda3 and Honda Accord are 2 different classes of cars. Despite the fact that these cars are all growing bigger than the previous generations the Mazda3 is a compact and Accord is a large family saloon. Test drive them both and see what suits your requirements. I love the look of the new 3 and as usual it punches well above its weight, but the back seat has always been cramped. Not the best if you have a growing family. The 1.5 skyactiv is offered in a few other Asian Markets as well- like Malaysia- and some reviewers say it feels slow- won't be an issue in our traffic I guess. Agreed that the ground clearance of the Mazda3 makes it better suited for our crappy roads but 140mm on the Accord is about the same as the new Civic and at 8000 kms I have never once scraped the ground- touchwood. Of course I am careful how I drive but the Accord has loads of space and has all the toys and should prove as reliable in the long run since you are buying brand new.
  7. RWD

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Phew those accords are loaded to the hilt. But considering Stafford is clueless about servicing and maintenance of the UK spec honda civics that have many of the similar features I'd do a bit more research. I have always found colonial to be a better agent and easier to work with.
  8. RWD

    Sporty sedan for permit

    What are the specs that colonial is offering on the 3? Remember the new 3's come with the previous gen skyactiv 1.5 which powered the mazda2. Hardly the best engine for this car considering the 2.0 skyactiv is the base engine for other markets and the new skyactiv x has just been released.
  9. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    Seems normal - I use the same brand. Changed in February and done a little over 4000 kms but in heavy traffic and Colombo running only. The indicator came on a few weeks ago and the countdown has begun. It says around 2000 kms left and dropping very rapidly. Remember the maintenance minder looks at other factors such as engine start stop cycles as well. I would still stick with synthetic because that's what the book recommends.
  10. you have to watch out on for cracked dashboards for mark x's in Sri Lanka. Common problem on the GRX 120's possibly because of our climate- not sure about the 130's. That 130 on the quick site looks a beaut- if only it was an S package rather than the premium and I had some spare change lying around I'd buy one in a heartbeat.
  11. RWD

    Honda Civic 2018

    @misnad The first time I got my car serviced at Stafford they used Wurth for a top up. A few months ago I picked up the original Coolant but didn't want to top up the reservoir tank because the book specifically says to drain and refill with the original. Now my reservoir is approaching the minimum level so I was going to take it to Stafford Maradana and ask them to drain and replace. I take it they are not following the manufacturer recommendation?
  12. RWD

    Stepping stone

    congratulations! that soul red paint is beautiful! please share the driving experience and more details...
  13. RWD

    Garage Floor Material

    Yes- for cheaper Chinese options there is a road just before the big R*cell showroom down Nawala Road. Go down about 100 meters and on the right hand side is a tile shop. They have good value. Cannoot remember the name of the shop. They had a small showroom and a warehouse.
  14. RWD

    Garage Floor Material

    +1 on homogeneous tiles. Its not too pricey. If you buy during Avurudhu and Christmas there are lot of sales. Had the same decision last year and went for them. If you really can't afford it buy some Chinese tiles. Still better than the other options.
  15. RWD

    Stepping stone

    strangely enough when I owned the Mazda3 and used the visit Colonial for services there were always loads of 6's in the body shops which had gone through very bad crashes. I am not talking about regular dents and dings, but high speed damage. I was surprised considering its not a really an out and out sports car and the kind of profile who buys these cars are hardly the boy racer types. I guess the 2.5 skyactiv is eager enough to want to give it some go and people get into trouble with their generally mediocre driving skills which are exposed at high speeds and state of our roads and traffic conditions. Colonial's body repairs were not the neatest and I am sure you will be able to spot the imperfections so do your research with the agents before you buy. I was looking for a used 6 myself last year, the 2.5 one but the asking prices were a bit too much and I was not satisfied with the condition of many of the cars that I saw. Agreed with what some of the other members said, the steering wheel, hand break and gear shift material wears out very fast so don't worry if those parts look a bit tired. Its more a material issue than owner neglect.