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  1. CyRaX

    ## Post Whoring - Part 3 ##

    Check out this channel, you wont regret it. " VINwiki"
  2. CyRaX

    Odometer fraud - Real Story

    Sold a Vezel a few weeks back, the car had 76,000 plus kilometers when it was bought by a buy and seller and about a week back I got a call from the new owner who bought it from the person I sold it to. Apparently the car now has 35,000 kms. Really feel sorry for the new owner.
  3. CyRaX

    Fast compact car

    Crosswind, It's been a while mate! Yes true, as long as you can source the parts when needed. Had the chance the test ride it sometime back, that was one heck of a fun car to drive.
  4. CyRaX

    Fast compact car

    You might wanna check out the Citron DS3 that's for sale in Kohuwela given that you're willing to a bit over 5Mil
  5. CyRaX

    Happy B'day Schiffer

    Wish you a very happy birthday machan, sorry for the late wishes, but hope you have an awesome year ahead
  6. CyRaX

    Happy Birthday Cyrax

  7. CyRaX

    Happy Birthday Cyrax

    Thanks alot guys
  8. CyRaX

    Happy Birthday Cyrax

    <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote'data-author="Schiffer" data-cid="258540" data-time="1394868332"><p> Happy Birthday machan.<br /> dont even see you much on AL these days O.o</p></blockquote> Thanks a lot bro I know, been stuck with work and lectures, hopefully after the 31st, I'll be able to become more active thanks again machan
  9. CyRaX

    Happy Birthday Cyrax

    Thanks a lot guys eventhough I've not been active for a long time I always come online at about 7 to check on Komi's Teg, datsun threads and on the Capri and the new Carina thread, it has become more of a morning ritual Again thanks a lot guys,
  10. CyRaX

    Project R

    Komi saw you near kirulapana.What's the black patch on the trunk?
  11. CyRaX

    Happy Birthday Supra _ Natural

    Many Happy returns of the day Supra Have an awesome one
  12. CyRaX

    Cnr 2013!!!!!

    Apparently there had been a big fight for second place in the slgt even, but all what we saw was the lead car -.-
  13. CyRaX

    Cnr 2013!!!!!

    The commentators were great this time, they even invented new models the manufacturers wouldnt have even thought of, like " thats the evolution version of the subaru" Ane ape gong harak tike
  14. CyRaX

    Rip Paul Walker

    R.I.P Paul Walker.....
  15. CyRaX

    New Helmet Law

    Now what the F*k am I supposed to do with my full face! Plant flowers?