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  1. no traderes request this to increase there revenue and re-establish vehicle import mafia
  2. 100% agree with u. I feel sad because the opotunity to self import directly from auction (think reliable than from local dealer) is lost.
  3. According to Gov. sourses private vehicle importation is not allowed further. This is as a response to request made by vehicle importers association ( consist of major vehicle importers / sales owneres ). This is unethical decision by gov to increase the profit of limited no of people by restricting the chance of getting a good quality used vehicle to many ordinary people.
  4. Tax increase may follow soon, Gov servents permit scheme alrady cancelled.
  5. yes available, i have seen many in SL. as u know unlike in premio beige interior is bit uncommon in allion
  6. i think in sri lanka it fails due to the no much difference in the LPG and petrol price
  7. yes, i have seen a video demonstration at u tube regarding various traction/transmission systems, it nicely show this pivoting action. if i found it again will post link here.
  8. i also self imported vehicle through exporting agent S*--y In*nal, through there bidding system. process was very straight forword , no hassel just 3 weeks vehicle is in colombo port. clearing charges 18000/ = , Do bit of research before jump in to. I still believe (after reading this thread) self importing is the best method rather than go in to so called reputed dealeres.
  9. KMG

    Gps Query

    I was in Anuradhapura area around 3 y untill last month. My phone (nokia with ovi map) lock fine with sat. following few things might help u. when initiating (trying for sat lock ) go in to open space (no trees , buildings in very near proximity ( ie within circle of 10 - 15m ). keep phone in prone position (screen towards ground) on static object. avoid power saving modes. within min s you can get sat lock. After that keep phone any where you want, usually it will maintain its lock.
  10. there is a 5000USD increase in CIF value, ie previously 25000 USD, Now upto 30000 USD, but with aditional tax rate.
  11. as i know gov going to issue new permit scheme, all the pre work has done. will be better than previous one. and implement very soon, may be with this budget.
  12. went jaffna 2weeks back. through A9, (kandy to jaffna.) Although road is under construction able to manage by nzt 260, and 4 passengers.around 5 - 10 of distance from anuradhapura to muhamale under construction but, condition not so bad, from muhamale to jaffna ordinary road i e non carpet. no need to drive at night, even in the day no much traffic. enjoy the journy. (make sure to carry drinking water )
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