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  1. There are about 5 hybrid models but all with same chassis number, thus same tax value. I was told tax was around 4.4Mn and could come down to about 3.4Mn if you have a tax payers permit. But please verify from a clearing agent. Tax amount is dependant on the exchange rates as well.
  2. Agreed with that, don't play with your parent's money. May be a 4AGE 20V powered Carina GT or a Corolla 110 GT for less than 2mn. For a little more you can fetch a Corolla Runx, 1.8VVTL-i, 6 forward....
  4. I'm also using DUNLOP 245/40 ZR 18 MAXX/SPLM703. Grip is fine but had a bad experience with the side walls (May be cos mine are stretched a bit). How is the noise level of the victras? Some tyre noises are so much disturbing on certain roads.
  5. Congrats madmax! That indeed is a dream car. That would be the only reason if I'm to work outside SL...911 Turbo. Insufficient funds to pay the taxes plus no place to drive such a car in SL.
  6. I see your car every day on my way to work near Rajagiriya. Was wondering whats happenning. Now its clear. Why not remove all the accessories first. There is enough space there. With the weight of the car I think the 1JZ matches well. My 2cts.
  7. As far as scan is concern it was done at the agent and no sensor or any DTC codes found. Seems it is a common issue on Toyota CVTs. There are people who repair these as well. But it costs about Rs 75K for a repair. I managed to find a GB for little less than the mkt price, but the 260, 141 gear boxes are in the range of 225K if it fails. Most of them get repaired for lesser cost. These are some of the infor I got from few mechanics. So finally replaced my GB last friday and keeping fingers crossed for this week to see whether the problem is sorted. Generally parts guys give you 7 days return policy/ warranty. Well if anyone wants Vitz manual is available at http://microimageonline.com/forums/showthread.php?4232-YARIS-REPAIR-TECH-TSB-FILES Thank you for all of your inputs.
  8. Yeah, they accept returns if the Gearbox doesnt work....but the oil itself is about Rs10K if you change it with the GB. Drove the car to Katunayake in the morning, there was a slight slipping in the first 20min during hard accel, but when you lift off it engages again. Also not when in 'S' or 'B' mode. After 20-25min there were no slipping how evermuch I try to accel. Downloaded a service manual for the CVT. Must read it before changing the gearbox. So many sensors for a GB.
  9. Last night I took the car for a drive and noticed that there is a slipping during hard acceleration in "D" mode. And it was also an intermittent thing popping up. And also not much apparent or haldy any slipping in "S" mode and "B" mode in the gear selector. No issues in reverse gear, but one Toyota technician has told that once the reverse gear starts slipping you wont be able to move the car at all. My father has checked for gearboxes around Wijerama, Nugegoda area. It seems the CVT gearboxes for Vitz is a fast moving item for the recondition parts shops. The price ranges from Rs 95,000 to 110,000. Looks like time to start searching for a good gearbox.
  10. Yes, we are talking about CVT oil...
  11. Thanks for the feedback.... I guess what iRage is trying to explain is pictographically presented by below, http://www.pakwheels.com/forums/d-i-y-projects/168298-transmission-oil-change-toyota-vitz-belta-passo-toyota-k410-transmission It was 30K km when I bought the car and changed the oil at 40K km. Now its 82K km when I changed the oil at the Toyota agent. Since its the agent I guess they might've done a proper job. Not sure though... I wish this is an electronic thing, but I don't understand most of them as well. Please keep ideas rolling as it would help me to capture all possible root causes.
  12. Recently I experienced a hiccup while driving our Vitz which is a 1000cc (KSP90). Then I called a known mechanic and recommend to change the CVT oil and do a calibration. I did so and it was pulling well after the oil change. But after about one week the problem has come up again and some times the gear is not engaging even though you are in "D" mode. After sending back to the agent, they are not able to rectify and possible gearbox replacement was recommended. Your experince and advise for a solution is welcome.
  13. I'm not an expert, but had similar problem in my 7AGE 20v, and was sorted after replacing the fuel pump. My understanding is that VVTL should be an issue only at high rpm. At low rpms anyways OCV is closed. Just my 2cs.
  14. Rachitha

    My New Ride

    Z.u.L, congrats on your new ride. Looks like u'll upgrade to drilled discs like in your prof pic. Keep us posted on your car. Is it with 19" rims?
  15. In this case, my brother did the last service at A*W and he also replaced the oxygen sensor. So the odometer value must be recorded at A*W.. There is no point in troubling the advertiser, this is quite a common practice in SL to change the mileage. I hope that the new buyer will at least come across this thread and be aware of his new car.
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