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  1. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    @kmeeg I would say older cars have better paint thickness, not sure if it's right but a guy working for used cars said so🤔 Considering the age that is a proper shine👍
  2. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Ahh been awhile.... so I would like to add something as well, use a clay bar. Some brands have various levels of clay bars from light, medium and heavy depending on the paint work. So I tried the clay bar kit from Maguire's which turned out to be an eye opener, specially the roof and then use a swirl remover which I have mentioned before the 3m stuff (yet to try a new brand, might try the Maguire's Scratch X2.0) and finally use a good wax, which ever brand you might prefer. To check if the paint needs a clay or wax, just touch your paint work with your hand to see if its soft, if NOT a proper claying will do wonders. will try to upload the images I have soon
  3. Muditha420

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    @kusumsirimachan, yes i used it for awhile and have comments of a owner of a Panda as well to judge it to be a pretty shitty car, even wiring isn't colour coded to ID which goes where as i clearly remember an electrician getting pissed while trying to connect a security system for a customer (this is not a makabaas electrician mind you), I do not know how ever in recent models they have improved this but when it came out it wasn't. I have not owned it i would rather eat or throw the money to charity rather than buying one as the one i reversed up that ramp was new (atleast from appearance). most cars you see on the road, unless brand new have degraded very badly in a short lifespan on that vehicle, even compared to a maruthi Alto which in looks atleast is in good nick where the paint hasn't worn or panels or fittings broken off. Yes, u need to use a car "well" to achieve results but u can't deny that its a poorly built and finished off
  4. Muditha420

    What are the micro panda's Faults ?

    What utter rubbish... tried to reverse a Panda out of Dominos pizza in Panadura due to the owner not being able to reverse up the ramp (i thought he was just a noob not being able to do so) Revved the nuts off of it to get up a small incline from the basement car park. stalled twice, 5th time was the charm though. if i did the same on my car would hv flown off into oncoming traffic and landed inside the P'dura base hospital. @Davy maybe CCP-SL stands for his name???
  5. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    LOL this before i said good bye to my bachelor life but still i try to do it by my self as much as possible, if not i follow ur trail @Supra_Natural
  6. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    NO mate... the front grill is a RFRB grill sort of an option that came with the Legacy B4 trim. there are several types of grills one with the badge as well. okay two questions which is a bit hard to explain but will try to "And how much swirl marks is the right time to do a polish" you can limit the swirl marks by using the two bucket wash method and using several micro fiber towels for lower parts of the car (below the door handle & continue around the car) upper part of the car and for the windows so that's 3 micro fiber towels and a wheel brush n towel for the rims (DO NOT use this same towel on the body work, brake dust will damage it). Loads of foam (soap) will help to loosen up the tough mud spray and road grim there by reducing the pressure you need to use to wipe it off and again reduce the scratches. there are small equipment's to measure the reflection of the paint work and there by doing the polish n waxing but i prefer to visually check (that's cheaper) and if the marks are bit more than my liking I'll start the work. Hope that answers your Q. "How many times would I be able to polish the car before I take the clear-coat off ?" this defers from car manufacturer as far as i read n understood mate, German car have a tougher coating so it will last several cuts with a machine, American cars have a better clear coat level than the German rivals and finally the Japs hv a thin layer compared with the 2 above. so for your question best to maintain what you have now in good condition with good products. i would say IF u hv to do a cut n polish with a machine 3 times would be Max BUT will depend on the clear-coat level and the person who does the cutting since if he's a bit too harsh will take the clear-coat or else the paint off (that's why best to take it to a reputed place when doing such things). I usually do a waxing once a month depending on if it rained or not, water beading level and the feel of the paint work (if its soft ur good, if not and feels rough a bit, time for a wax) sadly these days didn't hv anytime with house work n all but should start soon.
  7. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    LOL Debadged? IF you mean the number plates my usual wax n polish goes to an extreme of taking the plates off n doing the work... Thanks btw...
  8. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Autoglym is a good product with good result. since its a darker shade do a cut n polish n then use a good product. will bring out the shine much better. IF under sunlight ur getting too much of scratches n swirl marks best to do what i mentioned above coz even if u do buy a very expensive product it wont do any good. I hv done enough of research to empty my wallet in pursuit of happiness LOL First 2 images are about the swirl marks i mentioned before, one side done n the other without (swirl mark remover - 3M Swirl mark remover) and the Final result. (no machine used here just elbow grease & that 3M stuff is very strong)
  9. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    @Hyaenidaeguess u are one of the lucky chaps mate, unfortunately i hv tried Turtle Ice, Eagle one both turned out to be in the same boat. As your car is new chances are ur paint work offers the shine rather than the wax doing it, Yes the water beading retains as u said on both roughly a month but a paste wax last longer. On the paste front i hv tried 99Soft, AutoGlym, Maguiers & finally Chemical Guys of which the last one did it for me. Last 3 products are a bit expensive BUT if you do the prep work and follow certain procedures not only applying wax like claying as well, these 3 products will give a longer deeper colour and will last far longer 99Soft remarkably does a very good job (not the crap one i read somewhere) water beading a depth of shine also works well. @K.o.N.o.SIF your car is an old one with the paint on a dull colour, i would suggest a cut & polish from a good place and then get the car home, choose a good product and get the job done.
  10. Muditha420

    Car Polishing & waxing tips

    Spray waxes dont last as long as paste, its good if ur at a car meet n want that quick shine...again this would be a bad idea as u just drove ur car n fine dust can scratch the paint work. use the two bucket wash method to prep the car for polishing n wax. like mentioned above by @Twin Turbo how long it should be will be according to the wax brand or type u use, mostly few minutes n buff it off. Commonly we are used to applying wax and removing in circular motion but, i would suggest a up n down movement to avoid any fine swirl marks (also apply's to washing n soap)
  11. Muditha420

    Project R - March 2018 - Katukurunda Drags

    Well done mate and truly deserved Glad to see one living the dream and may u win more to come... hopefully i can cheer you next time around.
  12. Muditha420

    Car dvd lost at port

    Since its a new unit even in Japan its a bit expensive, was wondering if you can buy a new one. Dont know if its possible to get the front face only here unless u are fortunate enough to buy your own one sad scene though. Not something u want to see once u import a car here.
  13. As a precaution i would hv done it when i bought the car since i dont hv proof if it was done before without any service records etc. who knows if the mileage was altered. just be on the safe side and get it replaced while ur engine is intact. why push it?
  14. Muditha420

    Engine Life span

    A good set of maintenance practices and good driving without thrashing your car will most likely increase the life span of the engine but again will depend on many reasons. electronics will most likely degrade but again you cannot say when n where this can happen. I saw awhile back a Subaru Impreza Southern highway patrol car logging in 500k ODO at the Agents