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  1. Nilantha

    Tyre Prices

    Ceat not good in quality.
  2. Nilantha

    Tyre Prices

    Continental and Maxxis try. Good and cheap
  3. Nilantha

    Toyota Hiace

    never go to MAG. once i put to laugfs. my bill was around 16,000/- also waited around 5hours there. they also did same thing.
  4. Nilantha

    Toyota Hiace

    my KDH service cost as below Oil - 6L Delo Sport 10W 30 CI4 - 6000/- Oil filter Genuine Toyota :- 1100/- Wash vacuum and wax 2500/- Total 9,600/- why this MAG city people charge this much? 18,000/- what they do???? I wash every month and oil change every 5000km 5000km reach normally after 3 months Air Filter i use Genuine Toyota 4500/- Fuel Filter Genuine Toyota 2,100/- planning to change Fuel and Air filter every 15,000 km
  5. good products not come to super markets. because there profit margin is 40% from the selling price. so suppliers not put quality products to supermarkets. have any one tried air freshener called Bio ion?
  6. remove air in the break system.
  7. cheapest place is Madanayaka battery works in Panchikawatta. try to use Amaron or Panasonic with 5 years warranty, i use panasonic.
  8. have new ride. i got fuel figures like this Express way drive i got 16.8kmpl, i kept speed to 70-80kmph and got 10kmpl total drive 500km Starting from (top up diesel) Kegalle, Avissawella, Rathnapura, Balangoda, Kalthota, Duvili ealla, Samanalawewa, Belihul oya, Beragala, Haputhale, Nuwaraeliya Via Keppetipola, Gampola, Peradeniya, Kadugannawa, Kegalle, Warakapola, Nittambuwa, Colombo.(Top up Diesel) i got heavy traffic in Hapuhale Keppetipola rd due to mist and road construction and Peradeniya. all hills i climb up using 2nd gear and 3rd gear when climb down i used 2nd gear instead often use break some time i used 1st gear to climb up to reduce engine load all time Dual AC on but did ac off Haputhale, Keppetipola, Nuwaraeliya. (Use Natural AC ) I experienced super pickup when climb up Kalhota-samanalawewa rd, Belihul oya, Haputhale and haputhale to Nuwaraeliya via Keppetipola using 2nd and 3rd gear
  9. change the oil to 10w 40 and don't go to that service station again
  10. Nilantha

    Toyota Hiace

    Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited is bulb or fog light set?
  11. Nilantha

    Toyota Hiace

    KDH206 very difficult to take 10kmpl in traffic 6kmpl can
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