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  1. Guys my pajero s 4wd indicators in the dash started flickering intermittently .but the system is working fine..appreciate any advice on what causes this , before the mechanics start with thousand and one reasons..thanks in advance...
  2. flyboy320

    Shifting While In Low Range

    guys is it safe / ok to shift while your in low range when using 4x4 , specially when u need torque and speed at the same time.. i was under the impression the low range was ideal only for 1st and reverse only...appreciate ur thoughts and comments..
  3. flyboy320

    Shifting While In Low Range

    well either mud or sand what im wondering , is there any negative impact on the transmission in doing so.. i knw running in low range for a long time can screw up ur trans..but i havent really tried shifting while i was in lowrange
  4. flyboy320

    Shifting While In Low Range

    guys any thoughts on the above post...appreciate ut knowhow...
  5. guys just heard the new budget has proposed reduced tax for vehicle imports for srilankans working abroad , anyone got any info on this
  6. flyboy320

    Tax Reduction For Srilankans Abroad

    I guess they ll bring the ifs and but s to deter car sale guys trying to screw the system by using this permit scheme..anyways it's a good step in the right direction for foreign workers....
  7. guys can anyone pls recommend a place to buy original spare parts for 4DR6 turbo engine, ive got a J53 with the same engine in it and would like to get original spare parts ,as i feel an engine repair is coming on. will they still be available with the agents as these engines are a bit old now .. appreciate ur thoughts and comments
  8. flyboy320

    Mitsubishi 4Dr5 J44 Restoration

    awsome work buddy.. fellow jeep lover here...have u taken it off road already....
  9. hey guys.. good day to everyone..im cooking up a project to modify a ford escort mk1 or mk2 , and i wanna put a jap motor in it , preferably with a turbo. since its a rear wheel drive car i would like to get some advise and know how , about an engine , and any tips will be highly appreciated.. thanks in advance
  10. flyboy320

    Whats The Best Engine For A Ford Escort

    thanks alot evryone for the very helpful insights and thoughts and advice's..appreciate it , will come back here for more when i start the project , which hopefully will be in couple of months..
  11. flyboy320

    Whats The Best Engine For A Ford Escort

    thtas great carboy if u can PM me the details , ill contact the guy , yeah i know what u mean keeping the factory spec , but i would really like to do it up cuz ,that car screams modification .. (lol at least for me) ive seen some proper done up ones and they look damn sexy . the hard part will be finding a 2 door mk1. theres plenty of 4 doors around but its just not the same.
  12. flyboy320

    Whats The Best Engine For A Ford Escort

    of course i know what a escort mexico is my friend , i know my share of history about escorts , looool , its practically impossible to find an engine like that in SL , and if ur lucky u might find one in UK for about 7000 pounds , (just for the engine ) so do u think its viable to bring it down to Sl . knowing about cars and being practical is two different things.
  13. flyboy320

    Whats The Best Engine For A Ford Escort

    i checked out the engines that devinda has mentioned , both of them looks really good . the question is will it be possible to find them in SL with the tranny, intact.. and what abt the modifications to the rear axel and the brakes..
  14. flyboy320

    Mitsubishi L400 - Speedo Sensor

    hey hard hat , just a question mate .. since you own a L400 space gear , how is the vehicle.. ive been very interested in 4wd space gear , but evryone is discouraging me from buying one ,giving many reasons , but ive done my research on the net , and seen some videos ,, and i dont understand why people in SL are not fond of the L400.. any personal opinions or suggestions.. cuz im very tempted to buy one...
  15. flyboy320

    Mitsubishi Space Gear 4Wd

    guys im thinkin about buying a 4wd space gear ... did some reading and seems a pretty decent vehicle .. anyone got any experience with one , and any pro s and con s are appreciated before i make my decision ...thanks guys
  16. flyboy320

    Mitsubishi Space Gear 4Wd

    I just wanted a reliable 7 seater , with off road capabilities , not that ill be doing extreme off roading with it. I don't wanna go for a tipical 4wd VAN , if u have a suggestion for any other vehicle , I'd really appreciate it (my budget is 3.2 mil)
  17. flyboy320

    Mitsubishi Space Gear 4Wd

    i think its pretty good off road too....some videos on utube are amazing.. but as u said spare parts might be a problem..maybe thats why not much of them are around....
  18. Guys I'm having problems with a 04 swift , it has developed Problem in down shifting . Whenever it needs to down shift specially from 4th to 3rd and 3rd to 2nd it takes a long time and the engine revs to the max before it finally changes , and I started getting a an intermittent check engine indication. Showed the car to many mechanics but no luck so far . I'm thinking of taking it to the dealers for a check up, but any advise y'all can provide regarding this is highly appriciated. Cheers
  19. flyboy320

    Suzuki Swift Transmission Problem

    thanks nzer , ill try to sort it out , as soon as im back in SL , hope it doesent give any other problems till then..
  20. flyboy320

    Suzuki Swift Transmission Problem

    well they have taken the car for a trans oil change , and the EXPERT who did it has only changed the oil and not the filter , saying there's no requirement to change the filter , the car has about 90000 km on it and i think this is the first time the oil was changed. im not in the country at the moment so cant do much about it. i think trans oil and filter should be changed evry 40000 or so...do u think changing filter might help this.... appreciate ur opinion.
  21. flyboy320

    2004 Suzuki Swift Transmission Issue

    guys ive got a problem with my 04 swift , it has a problem downshifting , specially going uphill , im worried this might lead to bigger problems so wanna get this fixed quick. its putting a lot of strain on the engine and a slap on the fuel consumption too. anyone who can advise on what the cause might be , really appreciate it.. cheers
  22. flyboy320

    A/t Or M/t Tyres In Sl

    Guys, what are the brands available in SL for all terrain or mud terrain tires , other than well known BFG or Dunlop , im in need of a quick tire change and the BFG and Dunlop are little tight on the wallet right now. any info on this and the prices are really appreciated. cheers
  23. check this out guys http://www.sundayobserver.lk/2011/06/05/new03.asp it seems the car is cheaper than the book ... daamn...
  24. guys is this video genuine .. looks to me it is .. so there is a GTR in sl ... damn ..whos the lucky owner ...
  25. flyboy320

    Nissan Gtr ( Is This Video Genuine )

    lol sorry guys i really didnt know ..my bad..