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    Legacy STI 2007
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    AVO Intercooler Upgrade, All the STI bits that came standard
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    Upgrade dump pipe, centre pipe and tune & reflash.
  1. Hi guys, On the look out for a car again, after an TRJ120 Prado, Auto 2.7 TX or TX-L spec. so far haven't had much luck with the car sales, especially ones in decent condition. If anyone hears or knows of one can you please let me know? Cheers Chris
  2. MSP0RT5

    Toyota Fortuner

    Can't comment on long term use, but I test drove a couple when I was looking for a SUV about 2 months ago. I was very impressed with the ride and power. The engine is better suited to it than the Prado. We recently took the inlaws prado (07 model with the 2.7) to Habarana and with 6 people on board it really struggled with the overtaking etc. The Fortuner seemed well built - to Toyota standards, and no rattles etc. Leather trim etc fitted well. Very (very!) quiet inside! The one downside for us though was the huge extra seats. While this is great meaning you could squeeze in some smallish adults in the back, it meant that your luggage room is severly compromised even when the seats are in their hanging position. It would've been better if they folded flat into the floor. For the asking price (they seem to start at low 7's for a 2-3 year old model), I didn't see value as such.
  3. MSP0RT5

    Sri Lankan Driving License

    I'm in the same situ. Just got the application forms, need to get an SL licence based on my aussie one. What's the situ with the Dr's, can you use any GP or are there "official" RMV ones?
  4. Haha.. done deal! You should write ads I'm still in two minds. The GDI has everything I want. If I want a V6, I want the 2003 model which means about 1.2m more for the vehicle. The depreciation should be the same on both. So is it worth paying more upfront for it?? Thoughts?
  5. From my looking around I think you're right. I had a look at the XL7 but it's looking a bit dated (inside and out). Was doing some reading on the Third Gen Pajero / Montero. didn't realise it was designed by Pinafarina! The GDI engine technology is still used in Japan it seems and Volvo & Hyundai actually licensed the technology of Mitsu for use in their cars as well. It seems the issue might lie with SL fuel however as with the GDI induction process, the fuel octane & quality plays a major role in it's operation. But I would assume that the same fuel quality would also affect other domestic vehicles such as the B4 mentioned in another thread (although the EJ20TT doesn't employ GDI, but would be tuned for the 95-98 octane fuel I mean). My budget has been creeping from 5 to 6, and today was thinking 6.5!! haha.. But ideally the less the better (as always). Thanks for the responses. xXx do you know of any mech's that looking after the GDI engines?
  6. How many K's has it done fuzzo, and is it a daily driver? On the road today I noticed several GDI's running around now, most in the H/J reg's, so I guess they're still plenty about and must be reasonably reliable if that's the case? (or people just can't sell em... ) But really for under 5m, it seems pretty good value for everything you get, especially the SE.
  7. MSP0RT5

    Peugeot 4007

    Definately ugly, although the inside looked class, could only see it through tinted windows as the guy refused to open it.. Saw it at indra traders today. For the price you could probably buy 2 outlanders too! They want 17m!! The guy wouldn't even tell me the price first off. Then said can I see your business card first.. nice..
  8. I agree about the smooth ride. I was in the Harrier this afternoon and it's very car like! We have a Prado TX at home too (home being my inlaws - we just got back from Melbourne, so about to move into our own place), and yes ride quality is chalk and cheese against a montero. Most prado's seem to be in the 7.2+ range, and I really want to restrict myself to 5.5-6mill or so. I took a fortuner for a driver as well, and it drove nicely, very quiet etc, but found the luggage space a bit restricted with the extra seats folded up on the sides, and also they were asking 7.8m! Any other suggestions? Will keep hunting on the Monteros. I loved the way the GDI drove though, and it goes surprisingly well for something of that weight!! However, if it's going to give me issues (and will no doubt affect resale) I'd rather not touch it, even if it is cheaper than the local models.
  9. The spare car which is being sold is in fact a harrier 2003 240G. But we need a 7 seater with 3 kids plus usually carting around someone or the other. Don't want to spend extra for the Prado, as Montero seems to offer decent value for money in it's price segment. Are there any non-agent Pajero specialists around (ie. a Milr*y type person for Mitsu )?
  10. Hi Guys, Have looked at one of these super exceed pajero's (YOM late 2000) has the 3.5 GDI with the 5 speed tiptronic. Done about 55k, and interior/exterior is in remarkable condition for it's age. It's been in SL since 2003, so 5 years on still looking great. I've test driven it twice over some very bumpy roads etc and no squeaks/rattles and engine pulls like a dream. A few people however has cautioned me over the GDI motors - and fuel problems in particular. Is there anything to be worried about, and what sort of prices are these going for nowadays? The 01+ locally (UML) delivered V6 version of the same thing goes for mid 5's. Is it worth spending a bit extra on a home delivered model? I need to make a decision fairly quick.. as the vehicle we were using (spare family car) has just been sold! Thanks Chris
  11. MSP0RT5

    Toyota Harrier / Lexus Parts

    Thanks Fuzzo, I'll let him know. He was trying to source it from KL initially, but kept hitting dead ends as you really need someone on the ground there to run around and find it. I was thinking of asking M*lroy to look for one on one of this own supply trips to SG as well.
  12. MSP0RT5

    Toyota Harrier / Lexus Parts

    Hi Guys, My BIL's 2003 Harrier is off the road at the moment - so issue with the diff and Toyota Lanka quoted him some 5 lakhs to fix it. They told him if he could source the part independently that it would be less than 1/5th of that to fit it! Where would be the best place to try? This is the details he gave me: Year of Manufacture - 2003 Model - MCU 35 RAW AGKW - MCU 35 REUR GCC Name of the part - Transfer Assembly Part Number - 36 100 – 480 42 Toyota Lanka had suggested Singapore, but it would be a needle in a haystack at this point! Any tips to other workshops with experts in the Harriers would be appreciated! Thx Chris
  13. MSP0RT5


    definately mate, with the $ the way it is. i think i only paid 160usd in early 2008 and that was when the aud was 89 or something as well. best would be to try HK or China. i'm not sure how well the usb overlays respond. but it might be the most economical option at the moment. alternatively, a logitech dinovo mini bt kb/mouse thingy.. but they're not cheap either!
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    This is the one I got: http://cgi.ebay.com/Double-DIN-Lilliput-EB...1QQcmdZViewItem
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    iSam, Came across this on one of the podcasts, worth having a look! http://www.geekmyride.org/wiki/index.php/Jon's_RX-8 here's some links i collected at the time too: http://delicious.com/chriskan/carpc