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  1. You could Swap Either a D15B, D16Z6 or if you are looking for power B16A (SIR engine). But for economy try to find a D15B2 with 3 stage VTEC.
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New year . Happy Motoring
  3. It could be the Strut top mounts or else the front cross bar as suggested by john cooper .Before replacing the rack get a 2nd opinion. I would advise you to get it checked by the agents.
  4. kelum_wj

    E36 Engine Swap

    If you need more power you could get a port and polish done while the head is being rebuilt. Also you could opt for performance cams with performance valve springs.
  5. kelum_wj

    E36 Engine Swap

    Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. As suggested by the other members use it for sometime till a repair comes up.Doing an engine swap cause of an engine head rebuild isn't feasible. On the other hand if budget isnt a constrain get down an M50 or an M52 that would make the car a lot more fun to drive.
  6. 1 You will have to buy 2 sets of speakers. If you go for Components in front you will have a total of 6 speakers. The tweeters can be mounted on the dash or the doors 2 Main consideration is the clarity and quality you are expecting and the amount you are willing to spend. If you will have to consider the brand name, Watts RMS, and whether 2 way or 3 way. I would suggest a set of component speakers for the front. You could buy a set of Infinity or JBL components for less than 18K. 3 If you have a good set of 6X9s you wouldn't actually need a Sub unless you are a Bass freak. But if you really need a Sub a 10" or a 12" would do. And one is enough if you wont play it outdoors. 4 An Amplifier amplifies the sound signal generated by the Head unit resulting in a more powerful and clear signal. Most of the High end speakers are designed to be driven by amplifiers. Most of the modern Head units has around 50W R.M.S per channel and provides good music till about 50% of its total volume without much distortions. But if you are looking for high quality music invest on a 4 channel amplifier as suggested by Komi. Listen to different brands by playing different types of music and select the one which makes u r ears happy
  7. If you want more light 4300K is the best. This temperature has the highest lumens output and wouldn't be an issue when driving in bad weather too. If you want it to be a bit more bluish go for something between 6000-8000K. They would have a bluish tint but will have a lesser output than the 4300K ones. The visibility in bad weather woudn't be great in the 8000K ones so better stick to 6000K bulbs. Try to buy a brand like BOSCH or Philips as they would last longer than the cheap bulbs. HID bulbs never conk off but will loose output over time.
  8. It depends on the upgrade. If you are going for a 6 pot you'll definitely need to upgrade the master pump because extra fluid would be needed to push the extra pistons resulting in longer pedal travel. But for a 4 pot the difference in more or less negligible yet it depends on the car, the piston size of the calipers and the piston size of the master cylinder. If the stock master cylinder has a big piston then you needn't worry much if you are going for 4 pots but would be different if you are going for 6 pots and they are rarely being used on a daily driven car. Hope it cleared your doubt
  9. Brakes It's one of the most important systems in the car. A failure in this system could cost lives ,therefore one must make the car stop faster if it's being made to go faster. Most of us only think about the 0-100kmph time but 100-0 time too is very important. The major areas of improvement are the brake pads, calipers and discs. Brake pads The brake pads are important in any car equipped with disc brakes. A good quality set of brake pads could make things stop well but a better set would bring things to a halt faster. What I refer to as a better set is a performance set of brake pads. These brake pads use rubber with special qualities used to improve braking. Most of the performance brake pads provide a better bite over the stock ones. Also they are more resistant to heat and will result in lesser chances of brake fading. Brake discs The more area of contact means better stopping, therefore bigger discs would result in shorter braking distance. Slotted discs and Drilled discs cools faster because they dissipate heat better than a solid disc but the latter is prone to cracking .Mostly these are for the looks factor. Brake Caliper Performance calipers is a good upgrade because they provide more brake force on the disc due to the increased no. of pistons. Normally an upgrade to a 4 pot set would be adequate but would have to go further in race applications. Rear Disc conversion This is a great thing to do if parts are available freely. It would improve the stability during hard breaking . The flaw in drum brakes is that they get heated quickly under continuous hard use which would result in the brakes fading. If there is a big difference in brake forces between the front and the rear wheels the car wouldn't feel stable under hard braking. Braided steel hoses The braided steel hoses improve the pedal feel which improves the response. Since the expansion due to the increase in temperature of steel is lesser than that of rubber the alteration of fluid pressure is minimal due to the increase in pressure. This improves the response and wouldn't fade even if the fluid temperature increases greatly. - END-
  10. Transmission The transmission system delivers the power of the engine to the wheels. A stock setup on a high powered motor would lead to loss of power ,therefore the correct combination of components should be used based on the application and the conditions. The main components of the transmission system are the gearbox,flywheel,Clutch and pressure plate. Gearbox This area needs changing only if one is planing to do a high powered build or else a conversion/ race application. Would be most probably a waste of money on a car with subtle modifications. For those who think of changing the gearbox an LSD box with Dual synchro would be ideal because dual synchro would hold up to high rev shifting and the LSD will make sure that power is generated evenly enabling the owner to keep all the power down to the wheels. For race application a close ratio box would be ideal because it provides better acceleration through the gears but the term defined as "Close" would vary between manufacturers. Clutch and Pressure plate The clutch transfers the engine power to the transmission. A slipping clutch would result in loss of power. When considering a clutch upgrade drivability should be taken into account. A Racing clutch would keep the power down when shifting at the redline yet would be a real headache to drive in the stop and go conditions. Also the pedal pressure increases with the use of a performance pressure plate cause a performance pressure plate uses more force to engage the clutch that results in minimal slippage. There are many types of clutches in the market other than the stock replacement ones others are graded as Heavy Duty, Stage 1, Stage 2 or else as Street ,Street/Race and Race. The latter being the more aggressive type and is not advisable to use in a daily driven car. A good Street or heavy duty clutch would be the wiser choice considering the level of traffic we experience daily Flywheel A most common fly wheel modification is the lightening of the fly wheel. A lightened fly wheel provides better acceleration due to the decreased moment of inertia. But if its too light it would affect engine braking which is necessary in a daily driven car. Also if its the stock fly wheel that is being lightened the strength of the fly wheel could be hindered by the removal of mass. Also it should be balanced properly once lightened.
  11. 1 Could recommend WEPR 2 Would close somewhere between 25-45k (Depends on pipe diameter) 3 Might be not. Could take a day depending on the place u get it done 4 Can be a bolt on no modifications if it's stock diameter 5 Hidden factors like what? Btw whats the point of doing this? Are u planing to go for a bigger pipe diameter?
  12. Handling "Power is nothing without control". In order to utilize the maximum power the handling department should be improved. The improvements would be based on the requirements,chassis strength and the suspension setup of the car. The basic principle of attaining better handling is lowering the center of gravity which could be done by either lowering springs or Coil overs. The tires too play an important role in handling because they are the things which keep us connected with the road. So lets see what changes could be made Tires Tires govern at least 50% of the handling department. Good tires could improve braking, traction, cornering and ride quality. The quality of rubber, thread pattern, traction rating etc should be taken into consideration when choosing a tire. A tire with soft rubber would provide better grip and braking and also would improve handling but it would be prone to punctures and will wear out easily and for tires with hard rubber it's the other way around. Low profile tires would improve the looks and handling at the cost of ride quality therefore they should be chosen wisely Lowering springs Lowering springs is the cheapest way to lower the car yet it's not the perfect measure cause the lowering springs reduce the suspension travel and would result in a very stiff bone jarring ride on stock shock absorbers But it would improve cornering and the looks and also will provide more traction during a hard launch. Coil over kit Coil over kit consist of sports shock absorber which has adjustable dampening and coil springs with adjustable ride height. This is the perfect setup for someone looking for perfect handling without compromising ride quality greatly. Yet coil overs are very expensive when compared to the lowering springs but would be the ideal setup specially for our roads. Strut bar A strut bar could be used to strengthen the chassis and to reduce body roll. This connects the two strut towers which would provide additional reinforcement and will reduce chassis flexing during hard cornering. It also improves the vehicle stability while speeding. There are 3 types of strut bars, they are 2 point, 3 point and 4 point namely. The commonly used ones are the 2 point and the 3 point strut bars. The 3 point provides additional stiffness by connecting the strut tower to the body of the car. Lower tie bar / Sub frame brace This is used to connect the two lower arm mounting points. It strengthens the subrame and would result in better cornering. The main disadvantage is the reduction of ground clearance and could lead to damage of the sub frame if it hits and object at a high speed Suspension bushes Suspension bushes could be replaced with either polyurethane or hard rubber. Polyurethane could be too stiff for a daily driven car therefore hard rubber is what is recommend. Start off by replacing the front sway bar bushes with Polyurethane / Hard rubber ones if one needs improvement go ahead and replace the rest but not advisable on a daily driven car as it could hinder ride quality.
  13. Fuel System It is one of the most important systems in an engine.Modifying it could lead to more power and better throttle response at the cost of mileage.The basic components that could be modified are the Fuel pump, Fuel pressure regulator, Fuel rails and the Injectors. Adjustable Fuel pressure Regulator This component could be used to adjust the fuel pressure in the fuel lines as required. An increase in pressure would lead to better flow specially at a demanding instance (Full throttle). Also it could be used to alter the drop in fuel pressure incurred when opting for higher capacity injectors. This could solve the delay in throttle response which could result in using higher capacity injectors with the stock fuel pump. Very high pressure is not recommended on stock fuel lines. The forced induction engines should have rising rate fuel pressure regulators to vary with boost. Using it on a NA car would lead to the mixture running rich. Injectors The injectors doesn't need changing unless it's being used for a high compression NA motor or else a Forced Induction motor running on high boost. When choosing injectors the spray pattern and the impedance should be taken in to account. The point to change the injectors is when fuel starvage occurs. So it isn't advisable on a daily driven car as the full potential will not be taken use most of the time. Fuel Rail A performance fuel rail will lead to better fuel flow and fuel atomization. Will also improve the throttle response and will lead to a gain in full throttle. The interior of a performance fuel rail is smoother than a stock one which improves flow but some fuel rails have a very large difference in internal diameter to that of the stock one. So this could cause a drop in fuel pressure so the internal diameter should be considered when selecting one. Fuel Pump An uprated fuel pump will definitely lead to better flow. This this upgrade is required only if you are running an aftermarket engine management with higher capacity injectors. When selecting a fuel pump the flow rate should be taken into consideration. The flow rate is measured in liters per hour. Also some of the aftermarket fuel pumps are noisier than the stock ones this too should be taken into account if its a daily driven car. Most of the fuel system modifications are interrelated with each other. Therefore one should select the best combination considering the application. In my point of view for a daily driven car a good quality adjustable fuel pressure regulator would be more than enough to meet the demands.
  14. Iridium is stronger than platinum and also lesser resistance than platinum. So Iridium has better conductivity and longevity than platinum. But considering the price difference i would suggest platinums
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