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  1. @Zinger , Considering the fact that you are looking for quite a new vehicle for your budget, unfortunately not many SUV's fit into your budget. As Crosswind pointed out Pajero Jr is a good choice but you will get pretty old one and maintenance could be a bit of a challenge with a old vehicle. If you have set up your mind to go for a Jimny, go for it. But i suggest you to buy 1300CC one and I don't really know whether it's available with the new arrivals to Sri Lanka. But If you prefer bit older Jimny, you will find 1300cc one easily. I really don't have a good idea about the 660 CC version as i have never driven that model. But for sure it will handle better in off road situation.
  2. Yes mate, of course i have driven. But not the 660 cc model available in Sri Lanka. I recently drove 1300 cc A/T model in Malaysia. I would say I personally didn't feel anything good in the vehicle. The space is very tight, Very hard acceleration is required to get up the speed that generate enormous engine noise.It's bonucy and uncomfortable and It has very basic interior. But as i said I agree that with 4WD it does ok while handling off road. Just what i felt personally. With that experience, I would imagine that 660cc engine won't do any good than a Wagon R. As OP is going to use the vehicle mostly on regular roads and expected to use occasional off road activities, my suggestion is to look for a vehicle that suits mainly for regular roads and occasional off road drives. For me Jimny is just a compact off road vehicle only.
  3. I would say Suzuki Jimny 2 door is very compact and ridiculously overpriced. I don't think you will get much more feel than a Wagon R except 4WD. If your budget is 4 million, I also agree with matroska's suggestion of Terios. You could even find bit older but decently used Rav4, Rush or Escudo for that budget.
  4. Yes. After your detailed explanation I have searched a lot on it. Anyway I found 1st Gen is within my budget with a decent look..Thanks and appreciate very much for the time you have spent to clear my doubts on Rav4 AWD system.
  5. Thanks mate. Read the whole thing which was so helpful in my hunt for a Rav4
  6. Thanks a lot mate. Yes you are right and I will look into technical matters you have mentioned once I finalize with a good one. Yes I'm looking for a first gen one which i find within my budget.
  7. Hi guys...After a broad search for a crossover SUV..Finally made up my mind to go for a Rav4. Since most of them ridiculously overpriced (being Toyota), I'm planning to go for an older one manufactured before year 2000. I found 2WD, AWD most of the time. But for my surprise yesterday I saw a RAV4 auto transmission manufactured in 1998, The owner claims that it's not AWD but it's real time 4WD. Does RAV4 came with real time 4WD? i have seen many CRVs with this function but not Rav4. Does anyone know about this? Thanks
  8. I think the bulb is having some loose connection. If there is a problem in the fuse, all gear indicator bulbs won't be displaying as i know. Since the bulb suddenly appeared again I would say that it's just a loose connection of that particular bulb as all the other lights working properly. Just my idea.
  9. No I'm not living in Malaysia. But i visit frequently for official purposes.why? any problem of using an small car in a country like that? While i was working there back in 2013 that was the only car available for me to use as all the other cars were distributed among the staffs who based in Malaysia. Though i felt it's small for my height it was a fun ride even on highways. Do you think I live in Malaysia to maintain a Kelisa? What a damn question is that?
  10. I agree with you 100% on this. I used a Kelisa too while in Malaysia and it's absolutely headache free car to maintain and of course fun to drive.
  11. Machan..I better not comment on that.
  12. According to what I have seen In Auto Lanka forums there are four types of people. 01. People who know the technical aspects and have enormous real driving experience with both Jap and Euro cars. 02. People who does not know much about technical things but have good experience of using different cars. 03. People who are not having experience in driving the cars but use google to good effect and reply like an expert. 04. People who grab what society generally talks and comment uselessly without knowing the facts.
  13. I'm no expert in technical aspects of cars. But I know that Nissan N16 which is having Twin Cam 16 valve engine always having a sensor issue on something called "MAF sensor" . which is positioned near to air filter. This sensor needs regular cleanups or else never ending engine jerk is there until it's cleaned , the jerk stops temporary and it comes back again within a month. I know this very well as My brother was having a hard time with this issue.
  14. The exact problem is ,as soon as you push the start button you shift the gears. Once you hit on the push button you have to wait a bit until the ready button become green. See your picture clearly indicates that you have shifted the gear to R but the ready button is off. That means car is not yet ready to move. The P shift mark is a warning for you to shift the gear to P and restart the car. Try this. I don't see any problem with your car.
  15. Your statement might be valid for Nepal, not to Sri Lanka..I also have seen many Tata vehicles in Kathmandu. Sri Lankans have rich taste about vehicle interiors than Indians.. So, no way that Sri Lankans would love Indian crappy interior.
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