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    To own a Toyota CR-41/42 o converted KR 41/42 To own a Honda Hornet :-D:-D:-D:-D
  1. chamaj

    Check Engine Is Indicated And Stopping Car

    I also had the same RPM prob in my Corona 170 and tune-up did work well..
  2. chamaj

    Carina At-170 - Help In A Few Repairs

    Try udara motors for that also. They also do the painting.I know them since 2003 coz my brother-in-law went there with his 1st car toyota 110.They r still maintaining my AT-170 corona (Auto) from 2008/11 (my 1st car) to date and I did full restoration done in 2013/11 from them.
  3. chamaj

    Import Of High Powered Motor Bikes

    And for information of u ppl....High powered motor cycles stil need the clearence from the ministry of defence.
  4. chamaj

    Import Of High Powered Motor Bikes

    It should be 3 years or less from the date of manufacture.......
  5. chamaj

    Ford Cortina Mk3 1970 Restoration Complete

    Good work mate....
  6. chamaj

    Buying The First Vehicle

    I can surely say that you'll only get to know about vehicles after you buying & using it. And don't listen to the people saying Original paint,No Accidents,Low Milege etc...stuff. Because it's very hard to find a car which is more than 10 years old without happening such thing. Make sure you'll go with reliable BASS to inspect your decided vehicle.Good luck with your 1st car.
  7. chamaj

    Radar/laser Detector

    May be.At that time my speed was arnd 105.I kept the speed low coz v hav early warnin mechanism here better than any radar detector system which is called HEADLIGHT WARNING SYSTEM.
  8. chamaj

    Best Car For 1.5 Million

    May be AE-110 corolla.I know that the car is bit old but still hav a good market in SL.
  9. chamaj

    Radar/laser Detector

    Earliar I used Whistler Pro-68SE model bought from Ebay and it indicated LASER in Southern & Katunayake expressways. Now I'm using Whistler CR-90 bought from Ebay as well and it indicated both LASER and Ka bands several times in both expressways. Cannot use both detectors at once coz of signal interference.
  10. chamaj

    Gps Navigation System ?

    I'm using Sala Prosat in my van and Navitel in my HTC sensation.Both are working fine for last 11 months.Dialog & Mobitel GPS has more options but the price is high compared to Sala.
  11. Does anyone know a good place around colombo to fix climate control A/C in my converted KR-42??It is converted to touch dual A\c but climate contrl is not working....And I also need a beige colour noah dash board (Dual Airbags,new model) with teak panels for speedo meter, dvd player and two front door switches of the same vehicle.If anyone knw a place pls leave a msg.... Your help in above matters r appreciated...
  12. chamaj

    Toyota Fuel Economy Survey

    Model: CORONA AT-170 Manufactured year: 1991 Engine Capacity : 1500cc Fuel type : Petrol (90) Transmission Type : AUTO Economy : (kmpl) city limits 8-9 Km/l With A/C (kmpl) Out stations 11-13 Km/l With A/C
  13. chamaj

    Toyota Townace Noah Import

    U can't imprt a 2002 vehicle.But wit a special permit u can import vehicles wich r older upto 10 yrs. but permit wil cost more than 5 laks.
  14. According 2 my knowledge, v don't hav original noah in SL or there r only 5-10 vans in Sl.Original noah comes wit CR 40 o CR 50 (diesel)chassis no and production was halted in 2001 in diesel CR model.In SL v hav cr 41-42 models(dx o gl) re-fitted wit noah used parts imported frm japan.
  15. chamaj

    Express-Way Updates

    In which areas these stray dogs mostly found??Just want 2 knw coz im going 2 travel with my baby boy hav 2 b extra cautious...