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  1. JohnGalt

    Express-Way Updates

    Machang, you know whether we have plans to set speed check traps from air crafts on E01?
  2. How can you put a rule like that?! Then what about all the comments that grumpy old English fart make that people amorously speak about?
  3. JohnGalt

    Turbo Engines

    Also, do a google search for "turbocharger". You can find out a lot of info.
  4. It was the correct kit AFAIK. Can't remember whether it was genuine. Baas fellow got the kit by comparing the packing :-) Think it was around 3500 bucks.
  5. Don, once a mechanic suggested that I "service" the carburettor by getting the repair kit on an EE96. Then he went on to keep the old jets as according to him the new jets are not the right size. When you usually install the repair kit, do you replace all the parts with the new jets etc...? Specially in an older car like the EE96?
  6. Silghtly OT but has anyone noticed the free flowing alcohol & smokes the underage fellows enjoy at dance clubs around Colombo? No ID check etc... And all the police can see is the fellow on the tuk carrying some smokes. Hell, I've been refused a beer more than once in other parts of the world 'cos I forgot to bring my ID
  7. Weird as it may, saw an Ashok Leyland Bus going to Galle side. Seemed to be only driver and conductor.
  8. Huh?! Me being using "AL members" qualify this whole thing as an official AL thing? I used it as a representative term to mean anyone actively participating in the forums and looking for parking. Or not! Also, if you're not getting NPP's drift on this thread, that's not my problem. Get an effing Ice Palam on your nether before you portray me as begging for a parking place for an official event or summat. Sheeesh.
  9. Hi Sylvi, Is it possible to arrange parking space for AL members at your building on the race day?
  10. Does Google navigation works as well? Where you get to hear turn left here turn right there etc...?
  11. Not necessary. Enable 3G and use assisted GPS. Gives faster/accurate results.
  12. Machang, also try Akuregoda road. It's rather a narrow road you have to take from Pelawatta junction near NDB bank.
  13. Haha is this about a fist fight in the next meetup? As jesus said once, patta sira!
  14. Can you please keep your citizen journalism to groundviews.org? Auto forum here. kthxbai
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