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    Previous memories: Dai Charade (G101), Ford Laser (1983), Nissan Bluebird (ARX), Mitsubishi Lancer (Ck2), Toyota Corolla (KE72), Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Baleno, Honda Civic (Ek3)
  1. I drive a 2000 Ford Laser. Engine is 1500cc, made in Japan. Currently it has done close to 200k on the clock, rock solid car when think of its age and the mileage. Have traveled all parts of the country and still my daily driven ride
  2. Thanks mate.. will do this and see today... Cheers
  3. Yes Davy, exactly.. like a hissing noise.. The noise is very loud if i remove the air filter, but the engine stops immediately once i remove the intake ducts from the thorttle body. So couldn't figure out the exact culprit. The RPM is not stable in Idle (varies between 700-1000) is as same and it drives normally...except for the loud noise. Cheers.
  4. Hi guys This is with regard my 1999 Ford laser. I did a throttle body and Injector clean through L*ugh*s service center on Saturday, but since then car is making a big humming noise from the air intake, it gets worse in high reves (similar to a lorry). What could be the reason? Pls advice. Cheers.
  5. yes.. 8th gen Alto Kei (HA36)... take away @terrabytetango
  6. not exactly, but very very close....
  7. It is... ! Yes there is... just saw one on my way to office in Duplication road. Take the floor mate
  8. Ok, this shouldn't be too hard...
  9. Spot on mate.. take the floor
  10. Yes indeed... Floor is urs iRage
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