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  1. Extremely sorry that I took so long to come back. I got it done from Stafford at minimum fuss. No waiting. Cost was less than 10K. As per them, every 40,000kms, you have to change it and when you reach 38,000 Kms, the system will indicate it.
  2. Thanks a lot for the replies guys. I checked with Auto Miraj today when I serviced the car. They had Honda CVTF available and the cost they said is about 10,500/- for the job. However the guy whos doing the electronic part wasnt there today. So I think the best option is going to the Agents. Anyway I will have to pay them a visit on Monday as the Auto Miraj guys managed to break one of the wheel studs at the service..
  3. I got an error on my Insight's display screen (in Japanese) and I think I need to change my HMMF (Honda Multi Matic Fluid) Need advice.. can I just use normal CVT oil? If not where can I get it done except for the agents? Thanks
  4. Dshan

    Viva Elite

    My Viva does about 10 in the city.. its a 1000cc standard auto, less than one month old and have done about 1200 kms.. one of the guys said after the 1st service, the figurs might improve.. give it a little time n see..
  5. Dshan

    Viva Elite Price?

    anyone know the new price?
  6. Dshan

    Perodua Viva Elite

    Its a really good car for the buck u spend. Only thing is you have to wait for about 3 or 4 months to get ur ride.. dont know about the availability of spare parts...
  7. Dshan

    Micro Panda Geely Lc 1.3

    this actually looks good for a chinese hatch. But geelys looks older than they actually are, after a couple of years...
  8. Dshan

    Tata Nano

    yeah but for many ppl in sl, this would be the only option if they are to buy a brand new car..
  9. Wow thanks brother this is very very informative even for others... thanks a lot!!!
  10. Friends, Im going to buy a car and Im interested in a Hyundai Tiburon and a Suzuki Swift Sports Edition.. I have no idea about the Tiburon just fancy its looks.. Need some expert advices.. What do you guys think?