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  1. Yes, All parts were changed as a complete Body and running gear. Image attached of the XS Bulkhead. https://imageshack.com/i/pnHPdJ0Wj More Images to follow.
  2. As per RMV records This was a 1952 series and has had lots of changes to its Engine and the chassis was converted to Coil springs at some point.
  3. Hi Everyone Its been a while since I visited the forum, Hope everyone is well and sound. I have just Completed my PROJECT 3 which was a 32-xxxx Land Rover DEFENDER 110 300tdi in to a LAND ROVER DEFENDER 2014 PUMA 2.2 TDCI . Did this conversion by Using the same Chassis but all other parts including all genuine land rover NUT and BOLTS were used to complete the project. I was bit lucky that the chassis only had minor work. Cleaned it with high pressure jet washer and treated the bad areas and prepared it for a good paint. Attached few images of the same. https://imageshack.com/i/po1hDmaTj
  4. LOL. You guys are spot on. I have posted them via My son's you tube channel. I am VERY YOUNG at HEART. Young enough to complete few more Projects.
  5. Thank you Sampath. I am glad that i had a opportunity to give this Isuzu a new life. My self and any future buyers will enjoy the drive for years to come.
  6. Thank you Ever so much JFLanka. I do enjoy what i do. This was my 2nd Project and hoping for another one in future.
  7. Yet another Perfect Outcome. Thanks to all who contributed,Specially to my painter MARKEY and JOE for his Honest Hard work. Please click on the following link for the END RESULTS.
  8. Hi Splat. I have checked closely, Fuel consumption in between 11-12km per litter with Air Con. I will upload the Final Images tonight. Thank you for your interest,
  9. Thank you Muditha. Will upload the Final Images By 2moro
  10. isam Here are few images of the Interior Upgrade along with finished Body Work End Result of the Project will be uploaded with my Next Post.
  11. Hi guys More images of transforming the body work with new paint.Hope you guys will enjoy. More images to follow. Please click on the following video link
  12. Hi JC and isam You are spot on JC. Mine is 4JG2 and excellent pulling power and great in Fuel. And Yes isam , I have upgraded the complete interior with duel Air bag Dash,All door cards with wooden effect Trims,front seats with Arm rest and all 7 seats off a facelift trooper, Genuine rubber Mats,Genuine Tread plates and etc..... Will update images soon. Please Click on the following Slide Show for all images so far. Rest of the Upgrade Images to follow very soooooooooon.
  13. Thx JFL LOL. not sure what happened but Will try and correct the Images soon. While the Metal beater working on the body work, my painter was preparing the body work for the first layer. http://postimg.org/image/yumz1zi65/ http://postimg.org/image/4eh23uwn1/ http://postimg.org/image/iyy4yorlp/ http://postimg.org/image/6ycoxyk71/ http://postimg.org/image/3vbyul58d/ Click on the Video Link below too.
  14. Yes. Brand New imported by the Ministry of Livestock & Rural Community Development. Y.O.M. 1999
  15. Took the front End off, Bumper,Fenders, headlights and grill. Facelift parts were imported from the UK and my next step was to fix them temporarily to see the fitments. Took the complete Tatty Interior off the vehicle down to the bare Metal. Body was in excellent condition without any corrosions what so ever. I was lucky. HAVE LOOK AT THE IMAGES. http://postimg.org/gallery/21ukpg0fi/