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    What's The Fastest You Have Gone?

    Speed: 155Km/h Machine: Nissan Sunny (trad) Mods: None Road: Baseline rd What prevented you from going further: End of road.
  2. lasithawicks

    Autolanka Fail Awards

    with the added weight.. this must be doing around 6-7 kmpl.. lol
  3. lasithawicks

    Shock Absorber Test Results

    test with passenger side rear shock. (removing rear ones will be the easier than front ones) if it's not returning when you press with your hands. time for a new set.
  4. lasithawicks

    Tyre Prices

    Not over inlated. abt 26-27.
  5. lasithawicks

    Tyre Prices

    Guys, once I bought Kumho solus 165/70/14 for vios (all 4 tyres). very bad feeling. feels rock hard on shocks. and even after using it for abt 10,000km, not even a single thread wornout. (good in that way) but on my friends vios (with good year - indonesian) felt like a super saloon.
  6. lasithawicks

    Perodua Viva Spare Parts Avilability

    Janatha Motor Spares Co., Telephone. 011 2422823 / 0713190234
  7. lasithawicks

    Auto Glass Cleaner Vs Windshield Washer Fluid

    Guys, I'm a Armorall user (windscreen wash) for last couple of years. but recently I was looing for it and couldnt find it anywhere (Arpico, keels or food city). anyone know who's the dealer for armorall?
  8. lasithawicks

    Elite Viva Fuel Consumption

    Hi Sampath, I've read somewhere that the IOC Euro III is RON91 not RON93.
  9. lasithawicks

    Elite Viva Fuel Consumption

    Auto.. No not like that.. PSI is PSI... but the manufacturer has stated for 29 for better roads i guess.. not the crappy colombo roads..
  10. lasithawicks

    2011 Perodua Viva Speaker Size

    it's 6.5inch... fixed JBLs all around and threw away the crappy stock ones..
  11. lasithawicks

    Elite Viva Fuel Consumption

    Hi Shane10, Im also using a 2011 Viva Elite. and using nitrogen from day one. I usually pump 25PSI. but once i tried about 28PSI, it's too bumpy and not so comfortable too. then again swiched back to 25. any of you guys on Nitrogen? and whats the PSI? anyway on fuel, I do pump 95Oct. cos on 90Oct there's a knock. and it does around 11-12Kmpl on Kandana - Colombo.(usually heavy traffic on office hours) Btw, anyone know a 3rd party who imports perodua spares?
  12. lasithawicks

    2011 Perodua Viva Speaker Size

    few (actually about 2 or 3) threads say that all speakers are 6inch... wondering whether i cud fix a rockford 6.5 inch to that?
  13. lasithawicks

    2011 Perodua Viva Speaker Size

    Hey thanks buddy... if you could find out exact size.. please share...
  14. lasithawicks

    2011 Perodua Viva Speaker Size

    abt 2 months I guess..
  15. lasithawicks

    2011 Perodua Viva Speaker Size

    15.95 lks