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  1. Had the same feel about Vezel performance. Any idea about this DCT issue few talking about. ?
  2. Hi All, Planing to buy Vezel X manufactured on 2014 June. Reason Quite good Fuel consumption, better looking Ground clearance Compact vehicle for 4 people Worried - Recalls happens time to time. 2013 October 24 - fit 2013 December 20 - fit 2014 Feb 10 -fit/vezel When I check with few Vezel experts(local ones :| , Cause its the only possible thing for me) . 1.They told about issue relate with DCT. Looks to be factory fault. Replacement will cost +400000/.But my concern was a). Software update should solve this? b). 2014 June should be on safe side? As last one 2014 Feb. 2. In ability to climb hills. Cannot believe as , How can a Honda vehicle cannot do this when Indian 600cc does it. I am planning to do a vehicle check at local agents. Can't they find whether my software is updated or any equipment need to replace? Anyway , since I am reading lot on this forum , your thoughts and experienced will be quite valuable. BTW contact few people own the vehicle, none had this much of serious issues.
  3. Finally, I was able to get rid of the sound after the AC compressor change. Technician told me once you replace need to reset the alternator. He didn't share me much details, this is what he told.
  4. Better you check this ASAP. Similar thing happen to me. I continue my rides for sometime with noise. Mechanic said if I took the car to repair on very early stage I do not need to replace the AC compressor. Rather he can repair the AC compressor. So check it soon as possible. You can save some $$
  5. Replaced the AC compressor, filter also change as mechanic recommends. Cost was 80k. Place was near to Pelawatha Food city. Can't recommend as still giving a noise/vibrate when car just started or on very low acceleration(So this weekend I need to go to a garage), and during repair they made some scratch mark on body as well. Noise may not relate with AC. Anyway now the AC is working fine.
  6. Car cooling normally. But making noise. I will try to do a system check. Issue is after doing system check technician recommend this. Any idea how often you have to change compressor? He said something like Corolla 141 compressor is troublesome. BTW first time I heard this. having 85k mileage on my Corolla 141. Thanks for the help. (y) Still you can recommend a place. Will be very helpful.
  7. Thanks a lot for the info. Will check further. They said the compressor is brand new-55k condenser PACO-13k Thailand.
  8. Hi Guys, Few days back there was noise coming and after checked, technician told need to replace 1 idle and adjustments razors. Issue is hard find it, one adjustment razor found (Malaysian one). During that time we further checked and the AC technician told to replace the AC compressor as well. 1. Could you suggest me a place to buy the parts, razors and ac compressor. 2. I checked with one place and they told me 55k for the AC compressor and 13k for condenser. Suggest me to change compressor with condenser. Are these values reasonable? 3. Could you suggest me good repair shop Car - corolla 141, 2008 Mileage - 85k
  9. Thanks man. True. Thinking the same. Or to buy a Kawasaki D-tracker for a ride . BTW do you know what is the fuel consumption for FD1/4?
  10. Thanks for your inputs. Well. It does 9-10 in Colombo and 12-14 in outstation. Maximum I have experienced was 16km/l once(ealry morning going to Bandarawela). Cost was like 1200 per day. And my one is Japan manufactured. If this is the case keeping the 141 is one of the options as 10% fuelage comes with 5-6 laks higher price. And I think the resale value is around 29-31 for 141.
  11. thanks all, always nice to see your thoughts rather just keep it with me.
  12. Hi, I want to upgrade my corolla 141 to a car with following features. 1. Good resale value. This is why I was thinking to go for Toyota. 2. Daily usage like 70-75Km. Travelling to Colombo daily for working 3. Good fuel consumption - 4. Least defects low maintenance. 4. Budget - 4million -2008-2010 premio/Allion, -Axio(non-hybrid). -Honda Civic(non-hybrid, like the car but again resale value is a problem) -Suggest me any car model Not so limited, but this is what comes to my mind. Axio is the least like, as similar to what I have now, but will be still consider as seems fuel consumption is quite good as what I heard. Not so fan of hybrid vehicles coz of second hand market, complexity. And real calculation seems suggest me non-hybrid is more value for money under these circumstances. Problem - When ever I talk to a owner they always giving me high hopes of what they own. And if Axio, Allion, Premio users can share there fuel consumption (real ones) highly appreciated. Thanks.
  13. 1. Driving comfortabiltiy - good 2. Performance - good 3. fuel consumption - 9-10 city 12-16 outstation(with AC), well all depend on your driving, the way accelerate and brake. 4. maintenance cost - less. service 5. re-saleabilty - Good. 6. general known defects of 141 2007/2008 model - Not known. I have been using for 4 years and so far no issues. 2008 model I wanna upgrade, only reason may be want to have more fuel economy but except hybrids not sure which one I should go for. One thing I know by experience is don't ever fall for Doc used/agent maintained, find a good car with carefully used and owner has a good knowledge about the car. Good luck.
  14. I owned 141 for last two years. These are the facts I know by experienced. And you can count on me. Toyota 141-2008 LX black biege onterior, Made in Japan 1599CC Fuelage - city (9 -11), It base on how you drive. The more you use breaking and acceleration means less fuelage (simple logic). Outstation (11-14) , try to keep rpm under 2000 then you can have 14km/l. My home town is Bandarawela figures are mainly base on that. For me - looks good, very reliable, perfectly match with my needs. I haven't done any engine tuneup. But I came across this. I change my ATF on 2013-April as it not looks good(even by the time I bought its not looks so good, but I have a bill which says it changes ATF change very recently). So I was worried and I called and ask from T.Y.T.A lanka, they confirm its a true bill as they have done the ATF change. Thats the main reason why I wait this much long. But clearly it wasn't change. And one of my cousin had a similar incident with mazda (familiar) car and ended up in replacing the engine. Simply this is nothing to do with 141, but just wanna share these type of things happens. Very few people say the truth. For most they have the best car on the market. As a buyer don;t just listen find more and more details and come to conclusion (google it). But believe me its very hard in Sri Lanka. Don't just fall in to things like, agents maintained , Doctor owned, ...etc Friend has Vios made in Thailand. He says 11-12 in city and 12-14 in outstation. One of my very close friend bought axio, He told me this. City its like 10-12, Outstation >12. He sold it back as he bought it for rent. People was saying lot but it didn't deliver what he was expecting. But clearly it does more fuel than 141. knowledge is like climbing a mountain, the more you climb the more you see Good luck
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