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  1. Transmission Fix

    I think the higher thickness of the transmission fix helps with the slipping. But only time will tell if it's a permanent fix.
  2. The screenshot you have put is a double din player. Din size refers to the height of the unit.
  3. I thought i shouldn't bother replying to this since you clearly have no idea what you are talking about, but then i didnt want anyone else reading this thread to get the wrong idea. No Kenwood, Pioneer and other major manufacturers dont have players with android OS ! They use Android auto and it cannot work as a standalone os like the ones found in Chinese android head units. The main difference is that you cant use android apps without actually connecting your phone in android auto. https://www.androidcentral.com/android-auto-basics On Chinese headunits you can And android auto does not support "VLC" like you have said, these are the apps supported for now; https://play.google.com/store/apps/collection/promotion_3001303_android_auto_all
  4. What? What player you use is irrelevant, the digital to analog processors (DAC) on these can't even come close to the ones in good brands like kenwood or pioneer. That's why these are so cheap, audio quality is crap
  5. Mazda Axela

    Nope the BL series JDM cars (axela) came with CVT afaik.
  6. Transmission Fix

    Yes i used x 1r and it actually worked for about 2 weeks. However it was not a permanent fix and i had to go for a gearbox repair. Mine also started slipping even when cold. I guess the average lifetime of the gearbox is around 150k Worth a shot though, only 2k or so. Mostly battery related stuff like jumper cables, battery water etc. Lucas agents is Browns btw (subsidiary called klevenberg)
  7. Transmission Fix

    You can x 1 r transmission treatment from online retailers
  8. Mazda Axela

    When you accelerate on full throttle does the rpm go up and down or does it keep the revs at a higher rpm like 5000? Have a look at this and check
  9. I Need Mazda Body Parts

    Yes very helpful, I'm sure he is still looking for body parts after 7 years of posting this.
  10. Transmission slips/jerks when hot

  11. Need help, regarding an Issue

    Are you sure there is no other place to do a proper scan and get a report?
  12. Need help, regarding an Issue

    Like Davy pointed out the error codes come in a standard format, Pxxxx (x for numbers) for ecu related codes and Cxxxx for chasis and abs codes. If the abs control unit failed then at best it would says "error reading abs dtc" or something simmilar. Seems this guy is just bullsh**ing. Most greese monkey type Sri lankan mechanics have a very hard time actually diagnosing error codes, what they do is change all the sensors until something works. Are you in a position to take the vehicle to some bigger town and get it scanned? Maybe places like kurunegala or kandy will have better qualified people.
  13. Mini-suv under 2.5 mil.

    Isn't the nomad based on the cami platform? I was under the impression that the model was built under license or is it just a close copy?
  14. gear problem

    When was the last time you changed Atf? A weak or malfunctioning tps could cause the symptoms you are describing. I think the first thing you should do is to get the car scanned without wondering in the dark. Specifically look for throttle position voltage at idle and throttle position % for the readings.