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  1. Thanks for answers and suggestions. Actually I was looking for a good excuse not to paste parking sticker on my windshield. I prefer to leave my job title at the workplace gate.
  2. Hello, How about front windshield? Stickers like doctor signs, school signs, lawyer signs pasted (usually on top left of windshield), is it legal? If not legal, can someone point me to a document saying that. Thanks
  3. Thanks for information. Im not automotive guy so dont know about that. The secondary ignition waveforms I know requires sampling rate beyond 10kHz to see damped oscillations at the end of burn cycle. But I dont think even at that rate The HV spike is observable. 1ms sample rate probably mess up burn line observation too. Possible sampling rate of Arduino doesnt matter. It should run other code to work with each sample. (send to computer? ). What matters is sample rate we can achieve with all other processing. (which is far better in platforms I suggested) Anyway I thought Nyquist can explain all these easily. But it seems like I was wrong.
  4. Noisy or otherwise, you must sample faster than Nyquist, dont you think? If ur sampling rate is low, you will probably wont see ignition HV and what comes out will be noise. So to see whether he only got noise or he missed real HV signal, first he must make sure he sampled fast enough (i.e.considering Nyquist) , isnt it?
  5. I think Arduino cannot sample fast enough. Probably ur sampling frequency is bellow Nyquist frequency and that is why u get noisy signal. Why dont u try to use oscilloscope fist, to find out required sampling rate and evaluate whether ur arduino can meet it? For effective signal reproduction, I usually use 20x nyquist sample rate. You can try STM32F4 or C2000 for faster sampling, processing and required robustness in a car.
  6. Thanks. Will try that
  7. I saw rat problem here and now I have CAT problem. Only one visible here. But there are 4 of them. Any suggestion to keep them away? Did anyone had cat damage to cars?
  8. Curfew and work at home showed that the honda maintenance minder counts not only down, but also up. Mine went from 170 to 200 days.
  9. I used K&N air filter for my CE110 for last 7~8 years without any problem. Used it for more than 130k km. Cleaned when it seems dirty. Didn't notice any performance change, however the car is of year 1997, hence no real performance too. Filter is now showing degradation signs with rubber molded parts. Im now looking to replace that with similar filter. Also I had to pay close attention during services as service guys wants to clean it the same way they do for paper filter, or just throw it away and replace with paper filter.
  10. Already did that (many times but about a month ago) and thats how I decided/wanted to go with 5w30.
  11. Hello all, I have an Update: The service minder counted down to 17days and A and B services requested. So I went to service today 02/14 at stafford as now odo is 6500km and worries me. The car manual and oil cap requests ACEA C2 grade oil. However stafford doesn't offer it. Further I wanted Mobil 1 5W-30 ESP, (which is C2) which they dont have. Also Strafford didnt let me bring oil from outside too. They got mobil 1 advanced fuel economy which is ACEA A1/B1. So for now I decided to go with that. How bad this will be particulate filter? As I see many civics here with same 1.0T engine, they must be using non C2 graded oil too. I have to decide wether to go there again with A1/B1 oil based on advice from here. And the service advisor told me the particulate filter is inside fuel tank too 😃🤓
  12. Hi, It is 6070km on odo now and maintenance minder says 19 more days remaining. My original estimate was wrong about when I will hit 0 days. I almost thought the counter was stuck when it was not dropping days (from 21days remaining) for last ~500km. But it dropped 2 days today after 235km ride yesterday (175km on E01) Im worried now as I keep less than 5000km service for my ce110 using mobil mx 15w-40. Do you guys think to change your advice with current condition? Thanks
  13. Thanks. I was following that already.
  14. Hello, My car (Civic 2019/feb manufactured 1.0T sedan, brought brand new in oct2019, imported from uk, made in turkey) now got 4800km on the clock after using for past 3 months. The maintenance minder says I have 26 more days to service and according to how maintenance minder counts, I think it can clock over 6000km before reaching 0 days. 60% of 4800km was in express ways. Didn't use it much in traffic (less than 50km, normal traffic, less than 10km reasonable traffic) so far and probably will not have to. However used it for short distance rides (~2 to 3 km, about 200 times) 1. Should I go for 1st service now or should I wait for maintenance minder to reach 0, which will happen by early February. 2. After 1st service should i wait for next service minder to reach 0 or better to do it early, when about 30 days remaining? Im asking this because Im not sure whether the maintenance minder can account for higher temperature and driving conditions of sri lanka. Thanks
  15. I sold our permit to buy this. No lux tax 2 months ago. I saw indian version too. I was planning to lift suspension 😥 if GC was too bad. Not sure this is acceptable with hatch bcs it has adaptive suspension and sedan does not. However adaptive suspension system in civic seems to be pretty basic. Talk to stafford too. They told me they are going to import civics from feb 2020. That will be 1.5T version according to them at the time. However it will be missing lot related to Honda sensing package and for me that was unacceptable. since you are considering corolla, are u looking for stick shift?
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