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  1. abiman

    Honda CRV Thailand Vs JDM

    What are the chances of agents warranty is applicable in a trouble of new vehicle? When I asked about Civic 1.0T, stafford {their subsidiary} told me it is engine, gearbox and suspention only for 2 year, 40k km. Do you know any place to look at statistics of different manufacturers, vehicles, markets etc?
  2. abiman

    Purchasing a new car.

    No budget this year according to cabinet decisions.
  3. abiman

    Best option for duty concession permit

    Civic 1.0T UK version is around 7.3M price. Both hatch and Sedan available. Cheaper to sell permit as tax for this is only about 2m. Mazda 3 is 1850000JPY + 500000LKR + tax (approx tax is 1950000 for permit) from agent
  4. abiman

    To buy

    Toyota CE110 (diesel) current market is around 2m. For me for last 9 years average cost per km was about Rs15 including everything (fuel, full insurance, license, all repairs, tyre, services etc) (over 50% express way driving) Never once stranded for 140000 km I used. Not even flat tyre. Did repair gearbox, fuel injectors and fair share of running repairs. Not touched engine. But probably must do in next 30000km
  5. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Checked out A5 and it is 9.2M for a permit from the agent with 2yr warranty. It is 15cm short and 2cm thin compared to Accord. The agent suggests that depreciation of 2M in 3years from full duty paid price assuming current duty schedule.
  6. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Audi A5 is 13.8M upwards from agent. Didnt checked it yet by visiting showroom. But will do soon enough. I looked at CLA from a car sale, not agent and it was 9M for permit too.
  7. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Mazda 3 sedan from colonial is 1.5l and says it is from Japan. But japan mazda site has only hatch backs and no 1.5l too. So agent getting special mazda 3 sedan from japan? The details given to me by agent says county of origin as japan. Also the 3 has 165mm ground clearance, which seems to be excellent. My current ce110 has only about 150mm and every now and then It tastes ground. What is not sure for me is whether it actually has 150mm as i changed shock absorbers about 7 years ago. It is tempting to forget about resale value and go for accord to experience that once in life, but now noticed ground clearance is only about 140mm and car is much wider too.
  8. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    I got attached one. Thay gave me an old print since I was in a hurry. But everything is accurate except for the date.
  9. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Attached all details I received. Hope this is not against the rules here.
  10. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    I checked with colonial motors about mazda 3 sedan 1.5l 2019 and their price CIF is 1.82m JPY. From japan honda website, Honda Civic sedan 1.5t costs little over 3.1m JPY with honda sensing option. Does this mean Im loosing a lot if I go for Mazda 3 sedan? Many recommend mazda for driving fun. Mazda 3 doesn't seem to have paddle shift and Honda seems to have more advanced cruse control. Also honda seems to offer much more power.
  11. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Yes They go bad and thanks for advice too. This is one of the reasons I want to buy brand new, not from an auction. Atleast I can make sure that everything works as intended. I also noticed that the things getting bigger and your comment encourage me to look at bigger options. So I decided to seriously look at Civic 1.5, Accord, A5 and CLA. Provided that I do timely maintenance, ride ~8000km/yr but not located near sea, do not wash the ride a lot ( once in ~6wks ), how many years I can realistically expect from tech of above cars. I have no experience about that. So any idea would be appreciated. I checked the stafford for accord and price is 9M+Permit. But the car is made in Thailand. Stafford says it is same quality as JDM but born in Thailand. Can this become problem after 3 years (or 5years max). Specially I cant afford to buy a car worh 12.6m and sell it for less than 8.5M in 3 years.
  12. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Sedans seems elegant to me. Dont like hatch back or suvs. Im almost 6ft and if I fit in comfortably rest of space is manageable as this is 75% solo ride. Fuel figures doesnt matter. 7km/l is enough. Sporty and tech is what im after. I want compact sedan because it makes easy to park legally on side of roads without bothering others when necessary. Im happy to walk half a mile so that I can legally park.
  13. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Thanks. And thanka a lot to taking time to write such detaild answer. This clarify many things I was looking into and did not knew
  14. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    If I visit japan, does auction companies let me personally inspect vehicles? Maybe I can meet some of my friends and find a car too when it is time. If it is 1m JPY less, this is well worth. If I personally visit, lets say 3wks, do you think I can find good car there?
  15. abiman

    Sporty sedan for permit

    Thanks. That is new info for me. Any auction site I can check? I checked brand new prices from honda japan and price is around 3.2mJPY with some options like honda sensing included. Is there anyway to verify mileage from an auction car and To make sure not an accident repaired car? Ive been in Japan for some time and didnt notice people changing cars after little run like ~10K kms.