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  1. Thsnks for answer. But many people trying to tell me Mazda is better compared to Toyota as a car. But my question is not that. I'm not comparing Mazda to Toyota. Rather comparing how would be 2yr old Mazda and new Toyota in maintenance and what issues to expect in next 3yrs from 2yr old mazda compared to new Toyota.
  2. It was only 7.2M for a permit in 2016. Anyway, I bless our prime minister and pack of ministers and Yahapalanaya for that.
  3. Any idea about brand new import price of Mazda 6 for a permit?
  4. I saw several of 2016 cars for around 7Mil mark in local classifieds. Are you talking about brand new price? Thanks. Any recommendations to check used Mazda properly?
  5. Hi, I'm looking to upgrade my car and expecting vehicle permit (3.6M) soon. Compared to new 2019 Premio, how would be a 2~3 year used Mazda 6 2016 or above will stay trouble free for 3~4 years? I'm trying to find out what car problems I could possibly face due to using 2~3-year-old Mazda (compared to 2019 Premio) and What additional maintenance I might have to do other than regular services. I'm planning to keep this car for ~3 years until the next permit arrives. Is there any way to thoroughly check the condition of Mazda 6 2016 and above. (So that if/when I buy I wont get any hidden error codes in a month etc.) Expecting to use this car for about 20,000km/year. my budget is about 6.5M+permit value. Thanks in advance.
  6. abiman

    2018 Budget - Vehicle import duty

  7. abiman

    SLT ADSL data limit on old Home package

    No I did not notice any speed difference. It was always ~160MB per hour for the past 2 weeks when I used connection.
  8. abiman

    SLT ADSL data limit on old Home package

    Yes. For last 3years it was only for skype. Before that skype and some weekend use. Never used beyond 40GB. But now the devil is at home finally! I did calculation too and you are right. But for my usage pattern, 512kbps unmetered line is better. When I measured, I had about ~160MB up+down every hour.
  9. abiman

    SLT ADSL data limit on old Home package

    Thanks all for your comments. Following are things I have done and results up to now. I complained to SLT support. The lady said they cannot give me a complaint number because there is no problem with connection. I insisted that I'm not getting what I'm paid for and asked for a complaint number and got one after some arguments. Also, the lady told me to call the local SLT office and I did. The guy from the local office said he lifted speed limit for now (after talking to his superiors), but it might automatically apply soon. When I asked about the legal situation, he told me to contact TRC. He also told me that his directors say TRC approved limiting old connections. Then I contacted TRC. After several forwards, I reached Mr. Nishantha Palihawadana (011-2682573, The officer who approve tariffs as TRC told me) from TRC and he CLEARLY told me that they have NOT approved to change anything in old connections. The limits are approved only for newly approved packages. Except for the call center lady, all other people I talked about this matter are nice and easy to talk to. Since I have some time for fun now, I intend to follow this matter to see where it leads me.
  10. Hello, I have SLT ADSL home package bought about 10 years ago. At the time package was advertised as 512kbps down and 64kbps uplink. There was no data limit applied at the time. Today suddenly my speed was reduced to 64kbps downlink and when I called to complain, telecom told me, now there is a 40GB data limit on my connection. Clearly the original agreement didn't had such limit (there was no fair usage policy at the time). Can they one sidedly change agreement with customer to impose data limit? I know many people had this and similar connections at the time. Do you guys have any experience about this? is there any thing I can do to get what I originally paid for? Thanks.
  11. abiman

    Ford Laser - Re-Condition Gear Box

    My CE110 had similar issue and Nilwala fixed it. The cost was about 25k including Toyota ATF. They took 1 day to complete the task. After doing the work, the shifting problem was fixed. But later I heard some sound like metal parts hitting each other inside the GB. They fixed this problem for free. This was done about 3 years ago and up to now shifting seems OK. However, soon after the repair was done, I had to go aboard and for last 3 years car was used for less than 15000km. First day afternoon, they removed gear box and stopped work. I asked them the time they will start work next day and went there about a half hour early. But when I go there, they already done the repair and was half way assembling the GB again. That was the only thing happened to me that I don't like during the repair. If they told me that they would start work 6am, I will be there at that time. (there was no other work at that time too) They probably start early because they have to replace small parts and could not justify the charge. I felt that way during the conversations and body language for my questions during the assembly. (I had no problem with the charge and paying for the expertise they have. Just wanted to see everything myself because I'm mechanical engineer too.)
  12. abiman

    Dash Cam

    I measured over 50C inside the car when it was under direct sun for about 2hrs, while windscreen shades are in use. While driving, average temp inside will not exceed 25C. But unit might feel little more due to direct sun exposure. The problem is I have to park directly under the sun, almost every day, 9am to 5pm approx.
  13. abiman

    Dash Cam

    How safe is it to keep this unit inside a car? I measured the inside temperature of my car to exceed 50C. So when parked under direct sunlight lithium battery must be heating up. What about repeated exposure? Is there any fire risk due to operating environment temperature? Usual commercial devices are rated up to 70C operation. But can we really trust Chinese to keep this in mind?
  14. As far as I know Aqua is around 12~13mil JPY for auctioned cars in japan. (damaged due to accedents and repaired by SL people in Japan and sold. auction grade R). I think Aqua brand new goes around 20~21mil Yen (not sure) here. So does this mean I have to pay tax for 24mil yen, even if I buy for 12mil yen in japan? if I can afford brand new in japan, once imported to SL there is no difference in tax paid regardless of price in paid in Japan?
  15. abiman

    Import Personally Used Car From Japan

    Will DO. But I'm not allowed to work under my visa and I never sent money home. I just get scholarship money and using that for car.