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  1. Hey Schiffer, what time is this happening? In home town for the weekend and badly needed to see / hear the RBR in person cheers, K9m
  2. Bandaragama would be the 1st choice for me but let's decide based on the majority vote
  3. So he served in war torn areas just for the kicks I guess, you know like those 'Suddah' fellows who always go in search of adventures...
  4. Never expected this to happen: http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/14744-formula-1-2013/page-8#entry251617
  5. Hi Watchman, Been to that track and that is awesome. (I had the idea to suggest it earlier but figured since you guys have had meetups in Battaramulla before, to leave it to the preferred choice of many) Track: Much faster than battaramulla, well designed and very well maintained (Run by David Peiris Company and Mr. Peiris is often there to ensure that the standards are maintained) Karts: Similar to Battaramulla, there are many good ones with a few bad ones that are not that faster. We can ask them to even give out 80cc Karts (those things are flying) but since there's only few of them there they'll not give them out if we are running racing rounds where we compare lap times. All Karts have the safety mechanism that doesn't allow you to brake without taking the foot off the accelerator so we can't keep the foot hard down and drive with the brake as we do on the other track Distance: We can reach the circuit in 15 mins after leaving E01 from the 2nd exit so the total commute time (including the time to reach Kottawa) would be about 1 hour (on a sunday) Food: We'll have to take our own or arrange a party to provide food and of course the drinks There are no food stalls near by. (AFAIK) More details & images of the track: https://www.facebook.com/slkarting Yes, a CKE run is a lot of fun but I vote for this where we can hangout for longer and do a lot more.
  6. k9master

    Express-Way Updates

    +1. Completely agree with you. All of the fancy economic strategies (any strategies presented on anything more likely) have been nothing but mere pictures painted just to get through a few speeches, debates. No follow through till the time the next speech arrives at which point a whole new ridiculous picture is painted.
  7. k9master

    Express-Way Updates

    I wouldn't think twice and move back to Kandy. Have a house there which I can live much more peacefully than I do in colombo. The rent I pay and the fuel expenditure spent in colombo put together will be able to cover my commute from Kandy to Office in Dematagoda. Plus I start work around 6.am and off by 2.30pm so hope the traffic will be easy too. However, i don't think it will have a major impact on real estate prices. May be a short term dip in the city and the closer suburbs triggered by people moving away from the city but as the city develops the demand will be higher. Prices in distant suburbs will go higher as mentioned quoting the distance to the expressway entry point. Cheers, K9M
  8. I've not been a fan of F1 for a long enough to comment on "the sad state of F1 today". But If the Hulk doesn't secure a seat in a decent team next year, it's gonna be a pretty sad situation to anyone who like or follow the game. I really thought he would end up in Lotus but by the looks of it, its not gonna happen.
  9. Damn... very impressive. Adore and amazed at what the small car nuts do man... Reminds me of my Boss's son, who was 5 at the time, when he told a friend of his dad who was showing off his brand new R8 "You should have bought the V10, its much faster..."
  10. Yeah, I'm not saying that Prestige is innocent here but an incident I heard of reminded of me another side to the story. When one of my friends was in T*y*t* L*nk* getting his vehicle serviced he had heard a customer blasting everybody there telling that the company is ripping him off. TL wanted to rebuild an engine in a Hi-Lux that was sold B/N not even an year ago. Even my friend thought it was a scam and decided to help the guy out. He found that the mileage of the car was just above 100,000 so naturally he also took the customers side. After much drama, it tuned out that the Hi-Lux has not been serviced EVER... not even the 3 FOC services was done. The engine had done 100k+ with fluids that was poured in before the purchase and the engine had stalled in the middle of a journey and the cab had to be brought on a tow truck. The owner was still insisting TL that the repair should be covered under warranty and he would go to courts if not
  11. ROFL - Only thing missing from that video is the KMPL Obsession and the Resale value...
  12. Ya, Have the option to get one that can be swapped for the DVD Drive but I use an external one, the cheaper option.
  13. No Idea what the SSD is, came with the Laptop. Size is pretty Puny 128GB so run only the OS and the Programs off of it. Lightening fast though...
  14. On the subject of NFC, Does it work cross brand? I tried NFC on my Lumia with a Xperia and another LG with no results.
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