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  1. techlove


    What's the alternative coolant you used on it? And did it solve the problem?
  2. techlove


    What's wrong with Dexcool?
  3. techlove

    Driving License

    Heh heh heh ! You mean lasangna? Garfields favourite ? Same thing came to my mind man ! Hope the lady wouldn't get mad on you and me. You won't ,right Lasangna ...er... I mean Lasanga ?
  4. techlove

    Driving License

    Definitely not on E01 but if you got stuck in an expressway in a developed country,for an hour ,two ,three or more hours,playing with the clutch is something beyond a nightmare. I used to be a maniac manuel driver but after discovered the differance and auto boxes smooth power delivary,I never wanted to go back to manuels except for a little change may be.
  5. techlove

    Where To Invest?

    I've sent money from my NRFC to my oversease account many times with not much trouble.All Ihad to do was write a letter to the bank here,sayingl;''I need to transfer a sum of $$$ from my NRFC to my account in ####.Last time when I wanted to send 500 something they charged me $10 'coz I wanted to do it on the same day. If you don't have an NRFC ,try to find a friend who has one.AFAIK it's the most secured and legal way. About Western Union,ain't Peoples Bank do their forieghn transactions via them? That's what I thought all the time.
  6. techlove

    Performance Of Maintenance Free Battery

    I wanted to buy a fully sealed maintenance free battery for my car but couldn't find one,so I bought a maintenance free battery(not sealed) with removable caps as in a regular battery. Isn't it wrong to call such a battery "maintenance free"?
  7. techlove

    Abandoned Cars ?

    What a crime ! There must be a bigtime story behind this.
  8. techlove

    Car Air-Refreshner

    Yup ! These clip to ac vent things are no good.I used one like that and it left a spilled brake oil kinda damage on the dash board.
  9. techlove

    Euro Auto Transmission Repair Place

    RS Automotive at Kandana. Name is Rajeeve 077 732 0550 Have heard a lot of possitive comments about him.Once called him on the phone,sounds very proffessional and very friendly. Auto gear boxes are all what he does.
  10. techlove

    Any Body Expierienced With These Bikes ?

    037 499 2474 077 827 8191 If the above numbers not responding you may call the big man Mr.Upali Dasanayaka on 077 070 4595.
  11. techlove

    Any Body Expierienced With These Bikes ?

    Goldwing is located in Pannala.I think that's their first and only remaining location now.
  12. techlove

    David Todd?

    Thanx MD.
  13. techlove

    David Todd?

    Where is David Todd located? Any contact information?
  14. techlove

    406 Cooling Fan(S)

    Googled and got it ! Thanx again.