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    Average savings rate

    Hi Guys / girls, this topic is not directly related to automotive, but does has an impact on your automotive desires. As you know the latest data show that the average savings ratio of Sri Lankan households have fallen to about 22.9%. However, in reality, with the level of income disparity in the country, the reality within the middle and upper middle class can be very different. as part of a research I'm doing for my thesis, I would like to do small reseasch on the following areas from a cluster of indivuals you are passionate about motor cars, a more significant investment area, especially in the local context 1. What is your target savings rate for a month (after paying debt)? 2. How often a year do you actually achieve it? 3 With personal gearing levels, what sort of savings target should one have at ages; 30,40 & 50 ( as a multiple of their monthly income) 4. What do you believe an ideal personal gearing ratio should be (monthly debt installments as % of net income) 5. Do you prioratkze savings levels when deciding how much to spend on a large investment? In this case a car? Essentially, would you decide to grow your savings and delay upgrading of your car against social pressures? 6. Would you spend a significant part of your savings (assuming no debt and availability of reasonable residual savings) to buy a second car / classic car or any such investment that you are passionate about? This passionate spend could be even a Long trip abroad or whatever that you are very passionate about i would greatly appreciate some feedback on the above if it's not too personal Admins, pls advise if this post violates any forum laws
  2. I am in the process of restoring a vw 1302 and a Morris minor. The original bumpers of both these cars are damaged beyond repair. Could someone advise me on a place / person who could fabricate bumpers for classic cars with stainless steel? I was thinking of copper before, but saw a thread that suggested it would be too expensive
  3. Eurofan

    Fixing Reverse Sensors

    Thanks. Will check Rexton car audio first.
  4. Eurofan

    Fixing Reverse Sensors

    Thanks guys. Will probably go to Pet#o or Arabian motors for the job if so
  5. Eurofan

    Fixing Reverse Sensors

    Guys, Could any one recommend a good place that would be able to fit on a customer supplied reverse sensor kit on to a car? I bought a reverse sensor kit on ebay for around LKR 2,000 (as opposed to 8,000 LKR charged by most places) and need to know a reputable place that i could get it fitted on. FYI: My DYI skills are poor Cheers
  6. Eurofan

    Vehicle Valeting Products

    Guys, Do you have any idea where i can buy the following products in SL 1. Clay bars 2. Wax / polish applicator pads (i knw some chinese waxes come with them, but im looking for microfiber pads) 3. Meguiars products Appreciate all support Eurofan
  7. Hey guys Any advise if the above Honda models in the country, both brand new and recon can run on 90 octane? Rgds
  8. Eurofan

    Transferring Permit Cars

    Thanks for the replies. Isn't a letter anyway needed from the owner giving consent for the transfer or is it just when transferring permit vehicles? Also, does anyone know if I should submit the registration plates with the document and pay for the new plates? if so how much does it usually cost? Cheers
  9. Hey, I need some advise. I have seen for a 2008 corolla 141 imported brand new under the permit scheme. The car comes with the red dash on the registration plate. I need your advise on two matters; 1. The registration book says can't transfer for 5 years, but i was told there was a gazzette passed allowing transfers to be done within 3 years. What is the true story? 2. When i buy it off the first owner, would i get a new registration plate sans the red dash Thanks in advance.
  10. Eurofan

    Atf Longevity

    Thanks for the reply guys. two more things? Does ATF gets bad with age or mileage? Is a complete removal of ATF and replacement is warranted or just a full drain and replacement?
  11. Eurofan

    Atf Longevity

    Guys, Just need to some advise on changing ATF What is the general frequency for changing ATF. I drive a 2004 E46 320D with about 45,000 KM. It states the car is equipped with lifetime oil. However, BMW now recommends changing at 100,000 miles (According to US forums / sites). I spoke to the expert in Kelaniya and was informed that there is no need to change until something is wrong with the box, as there are vehicles with has done over 150,000 KM with the original fluid. So some advise i need is; 1. My car has only 45,000 KM, but the oil is 8 years old. Does ATF oil age? and should i change it right now? 2. What is the general ATF change frequency in modern Jap gearboxes? i heard that the new gearboxes come with a synthetic ATF that has to be changed every 70,000 KM? Thanks in advance
  12. Guys, Is there any good mechanics, work shops that any of you could recommend, who has the expertise to undertake complete overhauls of Transmissions / torque converters and valve body's of european cars? Mainly ZF and GM boxes Some advise would greatly be appreciated. Hope this does not violate any forum rules