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  1. poscher

    Break Disc

    Brake disc are now every inexpensive. Genuine Brembo can be brought for around Rs.3000-7000 for most Jap cars, so its much better than facing old disc or buying used ones.
  2. extremely vague information but hope the prices come down, so can afford a non permit vehicle.
  3. poscher

    Tesla Model S In Sri Lanka :)

    Tesla is good, but surely isn't the best in Lanka when new Porsche Panemera E-Hybrid which has over 415bhp and currently available ex-stock.
  4. If you are not going to be off roading buy a Toyota Prado Petrol or a Montero deisel, cos the patrol you are looking at will be a basic spec and to add to that is relatively uncomfortable on carpet roads and slow when compared to the Prado and the montero. plus points for the patrol is that it definitely handles better on bends and will be more comfortable to drive on bad roads and most importantly it will last lot more years than both the prado and the monty. The off road aspect is not taken into consideration.
  5. poscher

    Brembo Caliper Covers

    A good article about fake Brembo covers http://www.orzperformance.com/tips/fake-brembo-brake-covers/
  6. poscher

    Body Permit

    I understand 32-, 61- and so one, but what about 325- cruiser which is also a body permit. the owner says that it can be converted to a EZ- number from the RMV are these legit?
  7. poscher

    Range Rover Vogue. 2005 - 2008

    I got a amazing price for a Pre-Facelift one that was in a really bad state, due to the low price I though I will use it as an project car. I was very unfortunate as the RR was used often by the owners to go to all the national parks in Sri Lanka, and condition of everything was not good. Even still I did a full facelift to a 2012 version which cost me more than a mil, did the suspension, gearbox, new ECU, every single trim part inside (the leather peels off easily and the plastics break specially on the seat edges), new paint job, and lots of little little things. But still it was not perfect so I gave it away to a very passionate owner who has spent millions more since then. Its a joy to drive, looks amazing, and does any offloading with ease, but on the downside the agents have no clue how to diagnose a fault, all electricals give faults, the engine overheats often, and to me it newer seemed the vehicle that I can trust on a long journey . Also note that its huge, both longer, wider than the Land Cruiser V8 Sahara!!! But if I have the money I will most definitely go for a new.
  8. poscher

    Range Rover Vogue. 2005 - 2008

    I have owned a range rover vogue, 2005 model facelift version. All I can say is that if you don't mind spending 2-3mil in the next couple of years stay away. But if you do have that kind of money there is notting like it, its an absolute beast of a vehicle when it works. I hate the people who bash these permit cars, true it has ruined the car market altogether, but it has given a level of beauty on the streets that we newer had. Also it has made the toyota lovers think about beamers.
  9. poscher

    Autolanka Funniest Moments

    I truly understand what you mean here. I kinda know this person, think he used to own a RX8 which he crashed recently!!
  10. poscher

    How Many Cars Are Too Many

    At my house there are 6 vehicles and 5 people, but I still would love to own a couple more. Trust me its newer ending expensive hobby!
  11. poscher

    Clutch Plate ,pressure Plate For Mazda 323 Bg

    Try Panchikawatha. D*L agents for Exedy, Se*ini Motors for PHC.Valeo, and R*hunu for Aisin and exedy. buy from the agents if you want it to guaranteed to get the genuine ones
  12. poscher

    Clutch Plate ,pressure Plate For Mazda 323 Bg

    Daikin and exedy are the same! others that are similar are Aisin clutch and PHC.Valeo they are all good, depends on which brand a person would prefer. Aisin is the more premier brand, PHC.Valeo been the cheaper alternative. All 3 of them are OEM brands.
  13. poscher

    Name The Car You Felt Easiest To Handle

    Not a sedan but a Hatchback/estate is the BMW X1 sdrive20d! if the Valeo front and rear bumper sensor along with reverse camera is fixed there are no issues parking the car or with the visibility, and there are very little blind spots. The car is small, only 4,457 mm long so driving in the city is great. The X1 is rear wheel drive and when traction control is turned off its tail happy, so its a lot of fun to drive in the rural roads. On broken roads it has the added advantage of the high ground clearance of 192mm and a comfortable ride. As to high speed cornering, it will handle better than many of the so called Japanese sports sedans! The only drawback the X1 has is that its heavy steering wheel, but can get used to it.
  14. poscher

    Evo Engine

    Thats what I was thinking as well, as there aren't any good Evo 9 or 8 for sale at the moment, and haven't seen one pop up in a long time. Since the chassis is different its always going to be a very difficult job to do. As you said the easiest to do is a Sti conversion, even a normal bugeye(ver7) impreza can be converted into hawkeye (ver 9) pretty easily.
  15. poscher

    Evo Engine

    what do any experts think of converting a lancer cedia to a Evo 9? or evo 7 body with a evo 9 engine?