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  1. Try Deens machang, on highlevel Road, buggers work is Superb!!!!!!!!!! Also there is a dude on Borupona Rd. Hes very very good as well, name is Shantha I think, he did some patch work for a seat I burnt, and trust me the owner of the car still doesnt know, Perfect JOB
  2. hey... Ive been a customer of Custom A/C, for as long as I can remember, their work is very good, I can actually vouch for it, over the years they have done a lot of work for me and my family and friends, Theres a guy called Nishantha there if you meet him he will definitely sort you out, hes one of the owner/ partners of the place its doen by two brothers. As far as I know they do custom work, they build mobile offices, restaurants, convert vans into ambulances that kinda thing, anyway bottom line, I would recomend them for your AC needs. also with your pully problem, i think it might be the bearing/ razor, shouldnt cost you a compressor!!!!! TC
  3. Hey Man, I can relate to that, I too have a heavy foot and tend to loose out on the economy side of things a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!! But still I dont think it can bring it down to 5KMPL, being a 96 model im presuming your van has a 3L engine with a auto box, that really doesnt pull well, so youve gotta step on it to make her go....... Just get the Injector pump and injectors serviced machang, that could do the engine a world of good, also if its an auto box, do the oil change on time, and try to do it manually without hooking it up to the machine, taking out the mesh and giving the sump a good clean up too could do you good. Im telling you out of experience the 96 should do around 10KMPL , cz my family used a 2000 model with the 5L engine and with dual AC we used to rake in abt 9KMPL on avg. Tc bro Cheers!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I dont think so my friend, the nano has been price marked at 975,000/= smackers, so if im spending that much id go for a used JAP cz theyd still be better, but yeah you were talking abt B/N bt still not Cheap. It also looks butt ugly, and my friends let me tell you that arent just 4 or 5 somewhere in Thotalanga or Peliyagoda I think i saw a yard full of such parisites oh sorry cars,, brought to SL.
  5. Nope Those hubcaps are from this car itself, the Prius and SAI hybrids come with a plastic hubcap on top of the original Alloy, beats me why? but im pretty sure its to give people who drive too close to the curb a second chance at saving there wheels. looks like someone wanted to find out, how fast his Prius could take him, I guess the driver lost control hit the post and ran into the paddy field, and the weakend post fell on the car after, what we seen in the pics is anyway after it is all moved around to get the passengers out na.
  6. if its a silver car, im guessing black with silver/grey accents, also the wheels in black, good choice, just make sure that they are a nice set to begin with, but if its possible get them powder coated or you would find it pealing off, afetr a little while especially if you go for a mat finish.
  7. Deens on havelock is good machang, did an awsome job on my fd3, very neat, looks original
  8. Hi Machang, Iv been to N'eliya quite a few times last year but the best road I found is this cut, you gotta go on the Awissawella Ginigathhena road, then turn off onto the ginigathhena Nawalapitiya road, head on to Gampala and then upto n'eliya on the usual cut, passing pussellawa and ramboda etc etc. very very GOOD road, very nice scenery, and peacefull been on that road almost 4 times Never ever encountered any traffic, provided you skip awissawella early. its a bit longer miles wise, but the peacefull and scenic drive make up for it. enjoy your trip bro
  9. I beg to differ, Whilst I agree that n16 does abt 9 the FB15 gives abt 11 in CMB my friend and on a run to Kalpitiya gave 14kmpl, I speak coz I used one, it was a rental mind you, and it did that well, of course the owner was very particular with the tune ups etc, he used to tke it back for the tune up every 4000KM anyway as suggested a diesel would be best, Corolla AE110 is a nice car usually if your lucky you might get a GA or GB version. Mitsubushi Galant 65- goes for abt 1.7 for a 99 BN version.
  10. just make sure your tire doesnt hit the mud gaurd on full lock, I doubt it though 10mm is negligible, make 14/165 dude, it will improve the cars appearence. a normal rim costs abt 1500 tops.
  11. Agree 100%, they go for cheap coz they aint cheap to keep. so watch out, you could get your car checked out though there is a specialist dude in ratmalana, behind or near WADSCO the watch guys! forget his name.
  12. You will find it in Delkanda for sure bro, its a clip on item, so just try and take it with ytou when you visit the places should make your search quicker and the colour matching easier.
  13. Machang I used to run a hyundai Sonata, Optima version, all the parts came stamped kia in that, all my maintenance was done by Auto Miraj in attidiya, further there is also a specialist garage run by a former foreman of the Hyundai or Kia company im not sure, in Pepiliyana, i forget the name now, its abt 150M down the boralasgamuwa rd on the right in this huge ass warehouse kinda thing, they will be able to sort you out. further for parts there is a place called Korean motor spares right at the end of Darley road, its on the same row of shops as the 3M tint place, towards the centre of the Maradana flyover ramp.
  14. Machang I think your problem could be a messed up gear box, your gear box is 14 years old now, and judging by your question, you like a car with a little bit of Go in it, so like another member suggested above, give your gearbox a bit of a service, dont use the ATF machine take it to your garage and ask them to, manually service it, by taking out all the oil, and washing the mesh etc with kero etc, re fill her and then take her through the gears, check if she responds when you switch the OD off on the go ( do you feel a sudden down shift) coz if im not mistaken your model doesnt have CVT or anything like that. also double check your engine work, check the recomended Nozzle preasure for your model, since some people make mistakes, I speak out of experience, nozzle are supposed to spray and not piss diesel in. If its your gearbox swap it for a manual or a reco auto box, trip tronic not available I believe for the 97 starlet. also think twice abt turbo charging her, like I said 14 years old bro, your only gonna kill that engine faster with a turbo. also word of advice, DO NOT dump additives into your engine, they only cause bigger problems further down the line. like someone suggested above go for the K&N airfilter, rip out the cat (if you have one) on your exhaust sytem, all that said she is a Diesel So dont expect petrol performance especially after 14 yrs.
  15. according to Toyota Lanka and Stafford, they will be importing Hybrids come December, just like the brands mentioned above, also going through last weeks #####, i saw an advert by a guy in Marawila who offers specialized services for Hybrids, it could be true or false. I also hear that, some specialist garage for Hybrids is being set up, the authenticity and reliability of the statement I cannot gaurantee, but this is what I heard from somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody totally into hybrids. It will NOT fail though, because there are somany hybrids out there that, many people are gonna step up to the plate and try to catch the business of being a hybrid maintenance specialist, there is money to be made, there is oppertunity, so There will always be a solution.
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