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  1. Top Gear Srilanka GTA Galle Road lmao. :D
  2. it's look really good mate btw where was this picture is taken?.
  3. hey Charith first of all congratulations with your car it's look good. and how much that strut bar cost you with fixing?.
  4. nexus

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    that is a toyota prius first generation model.
  5. nexus

    Suzuki Swift Jeep

    that topic have been discussed in depth do search fella you can find what you looking for. btw hear is a one http://forum.autolanka.com/topic/11596-swift-2004/?hl=%2Bsuzuki+%2Bswift+%2Bjeep
  6. nexus

    Honda Es8

    civic FD2 all so have the same McPherson suspension setup as the previous gen but the handling is improved over ES series.
  7. nexus

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    count me in too to the team hachi-roku. that AE86 looks awesome.
  8. just add some kasippu or walas thel with 90 octane it will give you the boost you need to beat that cefiro a33.
  9. nexus

    Honda Es8

    first of all what ABS is do is improve braking in bad weather gravel mud etc basically what it will do is it stop the car from pulls to one side under braking i don't know who told you that with ABS handling is very good but ABS can be very helpful some times but it will not improve the handling. and if you have previously driven EG8 and EK3 you will be disappointed with the handling of the ES8 because honda change the suspension setup of the seventh generation civics over previous gen(double wishbone to MacPherson strut) and spare parts are cost more than EK3 and hard to find in places like kandy but if you are in CMB that's a not a problem any ways good luck fella.
  10. nexus

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    i wonder they will give you actual feces in return.
  11. nicely done mahesh it's looking good mate good job +1 to DIY. btw is that a toy or teddy bear puppy i see in the background.
  12. nexus

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    talking about a glass cannon i'm going to unleash my all around terribleness with mortar fire mortar panda.
  13. nexus

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    when you put it that way yeah it's a bad job.
  14. nexus

    Post Whoring - Part 2

    how can that job be bad. very appropriate name.
  15. just mix some kasippu with 90 octane it will give you more than 100 octane boost and 10 more kmpl. btw be careful with what kasippu you use. you need to find properly filtered kasippu to this trick to work.
  16. hey komi if you can PM me both of them too.
  17. not all of us are lucky as that peri.
  18. nice work Schiffer +1 and very good step by step writeup after seen this i want to flush and refill the radiator coolant my self. btw when i trying to do this and things went horribly wrong i'm going to haunt you. :P
  19. try silva motor house in tennekumbura or try charlton auto parts in peradeniya one of them must have it.
  20. i too recommend his place to do the tune up i never heard any complaint for that place so far.
  21. so there is a nissan leaf for sale in AL i wonder how it fares in SL conditions

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    2. maheshw


      saw one advertised on yesterday hit adz.

    3. Crosswind


      more importantly, how would be the owner's electricity bill???

    4. nexus


      @Gummybr i wonder about it too

      @maheshw it might be the same car

      @Cross it's going to cost lot more in electricity to run this thing than running a similar petrol car

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