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  1. Reply to- cali's Because Quote dosen't work 1987 Porsche 959: 117ft 1987 Ferrari F40: 122ft 2010 Toyota Prius: 127ft 1987 Lamborghini Countach: 131ft. So the p-use is better worse than 23 yr old vehicles, We can't compare such an idiot of this era hopefuly u can compare u'r self with cavemen
  2. I'm no expert but This is a very serious issue, if there is metal dust in the oil. Don't fool around u'll completely ruin u'r car This must be due to the 1st mechanic reassembling the engine incorrectly. The usage of thicker oil will only reduce oil consumption but the problem will persist. I recommend u to take it to a proper mechanic without using it
  3. The 1st 3 are identical except for the badge, But I'd recommend the RAV4 it will be more spacious from the 3 but will be low in fuel economy, better yet is the Nissan X-Trail. But if u'r for the economy go for one of the above 3 and from those go for the 4wd what's the point of having an suv without 4x4
  4. This is because the santa fe user's manual recommends not to use fuel additives(additives are present in IOC xtra mile diesels) which will damage it's catalytic converter. The sorrento is a santafe with a different body so IMO you should adhere to what hyundai lanka says rather than the morons at kia Hyundai lanka are more consern about the vehicle and the customer than carplan
  5. Nano technology ah! Is this the external combustion technology used in the tata cars that went out in flames,
  6. Don't worry about the googled articles mate, This is sri lanka and u wouldn't find anything ultra low in Sulphur Sri Lankan super diesel is only slightly low in sulphur
  7. Yes the same CRDi engine is used by the hyundai santafe and the company advices not to use any thing other than super diesel. This is due to the high compression bla bla bla CRDi has so I think this should be applicable to jap direct injections too
  8. My cat sleeps on the spoiler of the car, He understands that as there is no need for extra down force in the Colombo traffic so the spoiler must be made for that.
  9. Would any of the treehugers who brag about the environmental savings here buy a hybrid or even know about one if the tax didn't decrease for them,
  10. This guy ought to cut his genitalia and put them to the washing machine to get them washed.
  11. This guy ought to cut his genitalia and put them to the washing machine to get them washed.
  12. Why settle for the next best thing, take a matchstick light it and point it to the piece of paper you call the permit till it catches fire. The next best way of ruining your permit is by buying an allion, vitz, march, for it. Edit- U'r name just reminded me of a better choice
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