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  1. sfernando

    Honda CRV 2018 vs Toyota Prado 2010 petrol

    Any other comments?
  2. Hi All, I am planning to go either of above options and i would like to know your advise of buying those 2 options. I have no idea to use for off road purposes, but i have concern about comfort, re sale value. Cheers
  3. sfernando

    Vehicle for 10 million

    So guys after all i have come up with below 2. Toyota rush 1.5 2018 - 8.1 million Honda CRV - 1.5 turbo Please suggest which one do you recommend.
  4. sfernando

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Guys how about below two options. Mitsubishi ellipse cross 2018 5 Seater Toyota rush 2018 7 Seater
  5. sfernando

    Vehicle for 10 million

    Hi All, I am looking to buy a vehicle and my budget is 10 million. These are the options I am looking into 1) Honda CRV Turbo 1.5 7 seater 2) Mithubishi montero 2013 diesel 3) Toyota Prado Petrol 120 Out of the above please suggest which vehicle i should go for considering after sale value, maintenance cost and comfort. I am not going to use them for off road and therefore please do not consider that.
  6. How about prado 120 petrol vs Honda crv 1.2 turbo which one do u recommend to buy considering re sale value, economy and comfort.
  7. Guys what about Honda crv 1.5l turbo 2018 vs Montero 3.2 l diesel 2013. Montero can get for 10 million. So which is more worth for money and have better resale.
  8. What about Suzuki vitara 1.4 l?
  9. How about Honda vessel vs Honda crv 1.5 turbo? Which is better?
  10. Age is not a big concern for me. But resale value Yes.
  11. Hi All, I am looking to buy a jeep. Less than 9 million is my budget. I am looking to keep a jeep for 2 years and sell. Please advise.
  12. sfernando

    Bajaj re 4s tuk vs bajaj cute - re 60

    Thanks. How about bajaj tuk tuk. Is it ok?
  13. sfernando

    Bajaj re 4s tuk vs bajaj cute - re 60

    I am planning to buy either of above 2. Please help me in deciding which one to go for. I will be using this as family vehicle plus ocassional hires as well. Thanks
  14. Hi all, I heard bajaj is planning to launch bajaj cute first quadracycle to Sri Lanka this month. Since I am planning to buy new bajaj tuk or this new car, I would like to know your opinions on this. How Wii be resale value? Would this car fit in to SL roads? Etcc.