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  1. What about range rover evoque 2013 model when compared with Montero 2013?
  2. Any recommends over Prado? I can stretch bit towards 10 million
  3. Hi All, Below are my options. Montero 2013 diesel Prado 120 petrol 2700 model Prado 120 diesel model Please suggest your idea to pick a vehicle of the above. Comfort, second hand value, maintainance are the key factors for me.
  4. Does Montero require super diesel or can pump normal?
  5. In your view which one is better 2013 or 2006.
  6. Just for a thought 2006 Monty Vs 2013 which one would you recommend to buy when considering an update from vezzel rs 2016.
  7. Guys, considering above 2 vehicle which one you recommend to buy?
  8. Just wondering Mithubishi Elipse Cross would be a better option over Montero.
  9. In case if I find Prado petrol one 2010-2011 which one do u recommend to buy?
  10. For Montero can use normal diesel or need to use super diesel?
  11. Hi Guys, I am looking to buy a SUV and my budget is around 10 million. I am thinking about the above two option. Please suggest which vehicle I should go for considering after sale value, performance, ride comfort (front seat mainly) and easier to find spare parts Montero 2013 diesel 3.2 Sorento 2014/2015 diesel 2.4 If you think some other vehicle for this budget suggest that too. I have seen some Chinese once Glory 508 just wondering will it be another option to consider. Thanks
  12. Can find spare parts easily for montero?
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